Dalton Highway Tackling Alaska’s Most Dangerous Road 2022

Dalton Highway Tackling Alaska’s: Alaska Route 11, aka the James Dalton Highway, has an impressive reputation. 

It is located high up in the state of winter and is the subject of numerous articles and reports of hazardous snowy driving conditions. 

Dalton Highway Tackling

There is also a romantic, thrilling aspect that draws off-roaders who want to traverse the frozen desert all up to and across the Arctic Ocean.

What is it that makes Dalton Highway one of the most dangerous roads? And how do you get around it safely? It is located in a remote and extremely harsh environment This 414-mile highway is among the most isolated routes you’ll ever experience however it is an amazing driving feat to gain access to, too. This is a must-read guide to traverse the Dalton Highway.

Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway Key Facts

Dalton Highway Dalton Highway runs directly parallel to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline the pipeline for oil was constructed in the mid-to-late 70s and is one of the biggest in the world. 

It’s 414 miles long (which is, oddly enough is precisely 666 kilometers) and only runs through three towns that have extremely low populations: Coldfoot (population 10), Wiseman (population 22) as well as Deadhorse (population 25 with seasonal residents coming in based on the oil production).

Deadhorse is the final destination of the road and is a township predominantly dedicated to oil and gas operations within Prudhoe Bay. 

It does however attract tourists who travel to the area from Fairbanks to view an amazing view of the Arctic Ocean and the amazing wildlife.

Herds of caribous waterfowl, birds, caribou and Arctic Hares, foxes, and even grizzlies are observed in this area!

In the event that you drive along the Dalton Highway is concerned, isolation is the keyword to keep in mind. It’s unlikely that you’ll fill the tank three times:

E.L Paton Yukon River Bridge (mile 56), Coldfoot, and Deadhorse gas stations. It’s likely that there won’t be anyone in the deserted surrounding!

Be prepared to travel over the Dalton Highway in a Jeep for the most comfort. It’s mostly a gravel road that is frequently frozen and dangerous to drive on. 

This has made the road a frequent guest in shows such as World’s Most Dangerous Roads and the classic Ice Road Truckers. It’s actually tracks that go through the highway often, transporting different items. 

They must always have headlights on and be cautious on the slopes that are steeper (up to 12percent).

Dalton Highway Key Facts

Off-Road Tips and Tips

If you’re planning to travel on the Dalton Highway, the main points to be aware of are:

  • A pleasant car with excellent grip and low levels of consumption
  • Ability to drive in difficult weather conditions, such as poor visibility and snowstorms
  • Capability to cope with slippery, icy conditions
  • Be comfortable in your own personal space (or the company of anyone who rides alongside you!)
  • Watch out for huge potholes and damage to roads caused by extreme weather conditions
  • Be careful when driving past trucks that may remove stones and direct their energy towards your windscreen.

A great way to get ready for one of the best ways to prepare for Dalton Highway is to watch the television shows it’s included in. They’ll give you an idea of the magnitude of the surrounding area and how they impact the way you drive.

Based on the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management There are a few guidelines for Dalton Highway:

  • The big trucks get the benefit of using the right
  • Always keep your headlights in order to get the best visibility.
  • Keep your headlights as well as taillights in good condition at all times.
  • Keep to the right side.
  • Do not stop at bridges or hills
  • Slow down as you approach other vehicles.

It is important to remember it was constructed specifically for trucks, so it’s not ideal for people who are just looking to relax!

Off-Road Tips and Advice

Conditions for Driving on Dalton Highway

A lot of trucks travel Dalton Highway. Many trucks use Dalton Highway daily despite the remote location, so you’re never on your own. 

It is important to keep an adequate amount of water, food as well as a first-aid kit in your vehicle always. 

If you experience an issue with your vehicle or a breakdown you have, the nearest medical facilities are located at the end of Fairbanks and Deadhorse and are a good option!

Weather is the most significant problem in the Dalton Highway, as extreme temperatures and low visibility can combine to make it difficult to ensure security for any road crossing. 

Furthermore, the highway passes through areas where the coldest temperature in the US has been observed.

It is possible to expect to see temperatures of as little as 50 F (10 C) in the summer months and considerably lower than those in winter.

To stay up-to-date regarding closures, conditions and temporary closures keep an eye on updates right here and on this page.

In addition, the weather can make Dalton Highway in Alaska often more difficult than the majority. 

Weather-related issues can be extremely cold or just a lack of sightlines, Dalton Highway has lots of weather-related obstacles to confront.

The weather can also affect the road’s condition in a significant way. This isn’t just about potholes that may appear in unexpected ways due to the fluctuating temperatures. 

In summer, the roadway is coated with calcium chloride to keep dust at bay and makes it extremely slippery and greasy when it’s raining. Heavy summer rain will make it difficult to drive on the hills as the Roller Coaster!

 Rugged Off-Road Adventure

The conclusion: Dalton Highway – a Lonely and Rugged Off-Road Adventure

With its challenging terrain and lonely scenery, Dalton Highway is a great off-road test to tackle when you’re looking for your soul or are looking to take on challenging weather conditions as well as driving challenges. 

The most effective way to prepare yourself for taking on along the Dalton Highway is to get an SUV that is well-stocked with all the necessary supplies, and then get ready for the stunning silence. 

On the way, you’ll get to be treated to stunning scenery and unique wildlife encounters. You’ll also have been ready for tough climbs, and deal with natural disasters that could afflict even the most experienced truck drivers.

Complete the 666-km stretch in the Arctic is worthwhile, however, make sure you be prepared!

Why is the Dalton Highway so dangerous?

The most remote road on the planet has serious risks and challenges. It can be hazardous because the road is only a gravel roadway, with a glare of zero massive potholes and severe Arctic conditions.

What is the deadliest road in Alaska?

Most Dangerous Alaska Roads
  • #1 – Dalton Highway. This road has earned the reputation of being the “loneliest road in America” because there are so few places to stop along the 414-mile-long road. …
  • #2 – Seward Highway. …
  • #3 – Sterling Highway.

How rough is the Dalton Highway?

The highway was constructed in 1974 to aid the pipeline’s construction – it is utilized by truckers who transport items to oilfield workers in Deadhorse. It’s a long and challenging road: steep and slick at times and muddier in other places, as well as trucks that occasionally throw gravel and rocks onto your windshield.

Is it safe to drive the Dalton Highway?

You can drive it on your own, in any vehicle, as you’re ready for a flat tire and any other issues that may arise on remote gravel roads.

Is the Dalton Highway an ice road?

Dalton Highway Conditions and Traveling Information

Being near the Arctic Ocean means that the road is subject to freezing or ice over. Still, Dalton Highway Dalton Highway sees more traffic in winter, with around 160 trucks navigating the highway every day during summer and 250 daily trucks in the winter months.

What is the speed limit on the Dalton highway?

50 MPH

The speed limit for Dalton Highway is 50 MPH (80km/h), its entire length. Keep your headlights on all the time!

Can you camp along the Alaska Highway?

It is a Park It in a Park

The Alaskan Highway passes through six provincial parks in British Columbia. Local park campgrounds offer standard amenities like spacious gravel campsites that are equipped with picnic tables, as well as barbecue pits. There is no electrical hookup.

Can you drive the Dalton Highway in Alaska?

You’ll be able to boast about driving on this remote road–the Dalton is the highest elevation in Alaska. It also traverses across the Arctic Circle and is the only road that crosses the Yukon River. NOTE: Not all rental car providers allow the use of gravel roads, so make sure to check before your trip if you are planning to rent a car to go on this journey.

Can you drive the Dalton Highway in the summer?

It is operated and maintained through The State of Alaska and is accessible to the public all year round.

What is the speed limit on the Alaska Highway?

50mph to 65mph

Is there a speed limit for the Alaska Highway? The speed limit for the Alaska Highway ranges from 50mph to 65mph. In the Canadian section, speed limits vary between 50mph (80 km/h) to 60mph (100 km/h). In Alaska, the speed limit is 55mph (90 km/h) to 65mph (105 km/h).

Can I drive to the Arctic Circle in Alaska?

To reach Alaska itself via automobile is feasible through various methods; however, to get an Arctic Circle proper, you must travel on the Alaska Highway, which links British Columbia to Delta Junction, Alaska, outside of Fairbanks.

Is it safe to drive the Alaska Highway?

It’s pretty safe to travel this winter and summer; However, it’s essential to be prepared. With limited stops, drivers must be ready for any emergency.


1. When is the best time to use the Dalton Highway?
The road is available all year but some sections may be closed due to construction taking place on the highway or due to inclement weather. Go to the DOT Alaska website to see any changes.

2. Do I require special permits to use Dalton Highway? Dalton Highway?
It is accessible to all who have an active driving permit. We highly recommend driving in the vehicle of your choice, a Jeep, or another sturdy off-road car with ample storage space to store supplies and an efficient fuel efficiency ratio.

3. Do you know of any historic places of interest along the Dalton Highway?
Yes. There are active gold mining sites close to Livengood and have been operating for decades. There are other interesting places like the most northern saloon of North America, in Coldfoot. When driving on the Dalton Highway you’ll be traversing all of the Yukon River, the Brooks Range, and The Arctic Circle.

Additionally, there are numerous points to be ticked off on the way and were named by truck drivers who travel on the roads. They include the Bluffs as well as the Shelf and the Taps and the oil spill Hill, Avalanche Alley, Gobblers Knob, Two and a Half Mile, Beaver Slide, and the Roller Coaster.

4. How can I find an accurate map of the services on Dalton Highway?
The HTML0 map is among the top maps that show pumps, stops, as well as other important information regarding the route.
5. Where can I stay for the night on Dalton Highway?
The only place we’d recommend stopping at is Coldfoot approximately halfway. There’s a chance to find accommodation as well as places to eat and drink prior to tackling the second part of the trip.
6. What is it that makes the Dalton Highway so dangerous?
One of the riskiest aspects of Dalton Highway is how remote it is, and the distance you’ll be from shelter and assistance in the event that something goes wrong while driving along.

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