Dirt Bike Riding NJ Top 4 Tracks & Trails in New Jersey 2022

Dirt Bike Riding NJ: New Jersey isn’t just about bustling cities and gorgeous beaches It’s also a fantastic place to go dirt biking. 

With well-designed tracks and regular celebrations, New Jersey attracts many off-road enthusiasts all year round. So, where do you go for dirt biking in NJ?

Dirt Bike Riding NJ

NJ Field of Dreams has four tracks, three of which are for the motocross track and one for the supercross. 

The facility is well-maintained and has a great staff. It also has Old Bridge Township Raceway Park which is a fun riding area with numerous obstacles.

These are some of the top trails for dirt bikes within NJ:

  1. NJ Field of Dreams
  2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
  3. Ready To Ride
  4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Are you interested in the more adventurous aspect of Garden State? Make sure you are prepared for dirt biking as New Jersey has some excellent places to go dirt biking. 

Keep reading as we discuss some of the most thrilling dirt bike riding trails NJ offers for you. Let’s take a look at the trails for dirt bikes NJ offers in greater detail.

Dirt Bike Riding NJ: Top 4 Trails in New Jersey

1. NJ Field of Dreams

Dirt Bike Riding NJ

A 100-acre estate located in New Jersey, the NJ Field of Dreams is brimming with dirt bike trails. 

There are three tracks for motocross that are suitable for motorcycles all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Side-by-Side (SxS) automobiles.

There are also supercross tracks, but only for motorcycles and not for vehicles that have greater than 2 wheels. Eight races are held on the grounds every year.

One instance of a major event that an establishment could create could be Wildwood Race on the Beach in October 2018. The event focused on classic motocross racing.

Because spectators are an essential requirement at big events, the location has enough bleachers available for all. 

The venue also has loudspeakers that ensure that everything is in order by announcing important information, such as schedules and track conditions. In addition, there are ambulances, emergency personnel, and warning lights for security.

The greatest part? In contrast to most dirt bike trails in NJ, The one in this area includes trails specifically designed to be used for trail riding. 

They’re long enough to allow longer than 25 mins of exploring the outdoors. They are not limited to ATVs but also bikes.

In the month of August, at most 25000 riders have taken to the track for training or racing. It’s not at all surprising given the range of events available for beginner and experienced riders.


In terms of its other amenities, this spot includes showers that make sense in the light it is dirt track as well as the intensive activities. 

There is also the possibility of a place to completely clean and dry your dirt bikes following an entire day of riding the trails. 

Its washing station was specifically developed for you by Sebastian Tortelli, a world-famous MX racer to provide ease of use.

It is also a surprise to find campsites equipped with electrical systems that permit trailers to make use of heaters or air conditioners. Naturally, the campground charges campers each day until they have finished their stay.

Unfortunately, due to some reason, the crew who are in charge of the tracks is prone to pour in too much water often, which results in dirty surfaces. If you’re looking to rent a dirt bike you’ll be disappointed. 

There’s no way to rent ATVs at the place. It’s an excellent option for bikers who are looking to test other types of vehicles.

2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

The park was dubbed”the Madison Township Raceway Park when it first opened its doors for public use in it was The Old Bridge Township Raceway Park was a venue that was known for its races or contests held in New Jersey.

It was initially an area of 380 acres however, it grew to include at least 500 acres to accommodate various activities such as the drag race, Motorcross, and go-karting.

Through the years there have been modifications. Most notable was the demise of the dragstrip. 

It was turned into a venue for outdoor events instead. For those who are interested, the drift track, go-karts, and motocross tracks are accessible.

Loam is utilized on the motocross track in order to ensure that the surface is smooth enough to allow dirt motorcycles. 

It also features a slight angle to allow for drainage when needed. It is regularly maintained to ensure the bowls, whoops, as well as other aspects on the track.

The sections are also designed to be balanced. Straight sections are used to help speed up the run while obstacles take on diverse forms, like banks, ditches, and ledges.

The place can be expensive, however. One can pay nearly $100 in one day due to the gate or track and camping costs, not to mention the cost of food.

3. Ready To Ride

Ready To Ride

Kids should have fun on dirt tracks too. There’s a finite number of locations in the U.S. that allow that. There is one, fortunately, in New Jersey, and it’s known as”the Ready To Ride park.

Ideal for all the family, this facility accepts vehicles like go-karts, dirt bikes, and ATVs of all ages. It’s also the safest of the bunch since it doesn’t allow racing.

To ensure the safety of everyone and comfort, here are the rules for the park:

  • Every person should wear a helmet, goggles, long-sleeved clothing with a secure waist, gloves, and work boots for the best safety from top to the toe.
  • Vehicles that emit sounds exceeding 92 decibels are not allowed in any way.
  • Make use of the trail markers as a reference.
  • Make sure you don’t go off the trail when you bike.
  • Always carry your membership certificate.
  • A maximum number of people for each vehicle should be kept in mind.
  • Do not travel on your own.
  • Full supervision is essential for children.
  • Children younger than six aren’t permitted on trails or tracks.

Remember that this area is exclusively restricted to members. You don’t need to sign up annually since the park offers passes valid for a single day.

The fees or charges are expensive, but. This includes the fee for orientation and registration and not only the annual membership or the one-day pass.

This park doesn’t provide rentals of vehicles, either. Visitors and members of the park must take their ATVs with them, dirt bikes, or go-karts.

4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Not only to dirtbikes and ATVs The Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park is also a good place to take snowmobiles too. 

It will however require you to submit several documents or records, including evidence of insurance identity, proof of insurance, and Motor Vehicle Commission registration.

The site was transformed several times for various reasons before becoming an off-road area. In 2007, it was no longer only a motocross track it became an outdoor paintball field.

It’s a great place to ride and the terrain is ideally suitable for riding offroad. It’s not challenging enough for some professionals however it is perfect for both experienced and novice riders.

This park is less regulated than the previous one However, it’s still quite strict, with the following rules:

  • Make sure you wear a helmet that is specifically made specifically for motorcyclists.
  • Wear goggles specifically designed specifically for off-roaders in the event that your helmet does not have protection for your face.
  • Protect your skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants that are full length.
  • Wear shoes that are higher than your ankles. Tie them securely.
  • Wear knee pads and gloves.

Conclusion – Dirt Bike Riding NJ

Although New Jersey doesn’t exactly have numerous trails for dirt bike riders due to its heavily urbanized landscape, it is home to the most Motocross tracks in these areas. These are the best tracks for dirtbikes in NJ:

  1. NJ Field of Dreams
  2. Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
  3. Ready To Ride
  4. Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Each place is unique and has its own appeal. For instance, the NJ Field of Dreams has looped trails, which are surrounded by motocross tracks. 

Additionally, The Old Bridge Township Raceway Park offers a high-quality obstacle course designed for dirtbikes. 

The park as part of the selection, Ready To Ride, is designed for families, while it is the Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park is a fun winter getaway.

Is is legal to ride dirt bikes in New Jersey?

“NOTE Dirt bikes can only be only used on private property. They are not titled or registered. Insurance is an option.”

What state has the best dirt bike tracks?

The Five Best Places to Ride Dirt Bikes in the US
  • Sand Dunes: Dumont Dunes OHV Area, California. …
  • Sandstone: Moab, Utah. …
  • Forest: The Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. …
  • Private Park: Arizona Cycle Park, Arizona. …
  • Desert: The Mojave Road, California and Nevada.
Where can I ride a dirtbike in NJ?
Dirt Bike Riding NJ: Top 4 Tracks & Trails in New Jersey
  • NJ Field of Dreams.
  • Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.
  • Ready To Ride.
  • Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park

Can I make my dirt bike street legal in NJ?

The first rule is that you have an NJ TITLE to register it; without registration, the bike will not be legally street legal.

Which state sells the most dirt bikes?

In 2020, California reported the highest number of registered motorcycles for commercial and private use across the United States. Not just are California among the U.S. state with the most motorcycles; it’s one of the states with the highest population in the U.S. overall, representing approximately 11% of the nation’s total population.

Can you ride a dirtbike on the road?

You can ride your bicycle on tracks, roads, or rough areas. There are a variety of methods and mechanics that are required to ride bikes on various surfaces. While both dirt motorcycles and bicycles are two-wheeled, there’s a massive distinction between them when you ride on dirt roads and the street.

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike in NJ?

Low-speed electric bicycles must comply with the same rules as traditional bicycles. This means that there is no need to obtain a registration or license. However, drivers must continue to follow all regulations that govern vehicles, like adhering to traffic signals and following the directions of traffic.

Can you ride ATVs in Wharton State Forest?

Can I take my ATV to these routes? No. ATVs aren’t allowed on any land managed through State Park Service. State Park Service.

Can cops chase dirt bikes in NJ?

Police officers have to consider public safety first, then particulars of the situation before deciding to begin the pursuit. The police officers are allowed to stop these bikes or, at a minimum, be close enough to identify the person riding them possibly.

Dirt Bike Riding NJ FAQ

1. Is it illegal to ride dirt bikes in NJ?

ATVs as well as Dirt Bike usage are not permitted at all New Jersey state parks and Forests No exceptions.

2. Can you ride a dirt bike on the street in NJ?

Bottom line: You require the DOT approved taillight, headlight (includes brake lamp) as well as a license plate and light for your license plate at least. It is possible to argue the need for turn signals as the people with antique bikes that have modern plates, as your bike was not designed to use them.

3. Can cops chase dirt bikes in NJ?

Naturally, many people are wondering why the police aren’t able to follow these riders around and ticket the culprit and then take away the bike. … Police officers are allowed to take steps to stop these motorcycles or at the very least be close enough to be able to identify the person riding it.

4. Do I need a motorcycle license for a 150cc scooter in NJ?

Motorized scooters are regarded as motor vehicles, which means you have to be at the age of 16 and have the Class E driver’s permit or a license that is solely for motorcycles. The holders of learners’ permits are not permitted to operate motorized scooters.

5. Do you need a license to ride an electric bike in NJ?

Low-speed electric bicycles have to follow the same rules as traditional bicycles. This means that there is no requirement to register or obtain a license. However, the riders are required to follow all rules that govern vehicles, like adhering to traffic signals and following the traffic’s direction.

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