Fox Valley Off Road Illinois Guide & Review 2022

Fox Valley Off Road Illinois: One of the most popular off-road parks located in Illinois and well-known across the nation, Fox Valley Off-Road is among the top places for ATV and dirt bike riders. 

Fox Valley Off Road Illinois

If you’re looking for trails that are well-maintained that offer the perfect mix of views, difficulty, and excellent staff, Fox Valley definitely delivers that and more.

How is Fox Valley Off Road Park like? And what do the riders feel about the Illinois trails that you can see here?

Learn the details on Fox Valley Off-Road, its offroad trails and how they compare with similar ATV trail systems in Illinois, and what you can expect to see on the trails.

Fox Valley Off Road

Fox Valley Off-Road: Basic Facts

Let’s begin with the essential important facts to know. Fox Valley Off-Road Park is located in Ottawa, Illinois, and can be reached via Interstate 80 and then take Route 23 towards Ottawa.

Directions to the park are available on the park’s website and an extremely helpful map.

They’re accessible on specific days, but these may change according to the race or event scheduled. 

At present, you can ride on Wednesdays between 12 and 7 pm, on Fridays between 12-6 pm on Saturdays, and Sundays between 9-5. Park hours are also available on public holidays Mondays. This is announced on the park’s homepage as well as its Facebook page.

To use the trails of Fox Valley Off Road Park You must be acquiescing to specific rules, including:

  • You need to fill out a liability form that is available on the internet.
  • There are no passengers allowed (so there’s no double riding)
  • There are no vehicles other than motorbikes or 4-wheel ATVs are allowed to be ridden in the park.
  • There’s no mud-riding in the park and, if you do get caught in the mud the park’s staff will free you from the mud for the very first time. But, you’ll have to become stuck a third time (paying $25 to be removed) after which you’ll be removed from the park after the third time you’ve been hit. This is due to the fact that they want to stop mud-riding altogether.
  • It is important to be aware of the noise in this area as well. All machines should be equipped with a silencer that works and also a DB gauge to monitor the level of noise within the parks.
  • There is no alcohol allowed.
  • Riders must wear helmets, goggles, shoes, and long pants. There aren’t any tennis (soft) shoes permitted.

It could appear to be brimming with limitations, but it illustrates that they are taking guests’ and riders’ security very seriously. This creates Fox Valley Off-Road an especially family-friendly place.

The Trails

Moving towards the main point about the trails themselves are among the top ATV tracks in Illinois. 

At present, the trails that are maintained measure around 12 miles in length, and aren’t clearly designated. They’re also multi-directional, therefore, you shouldn’t assume that you’re only riding one way.

Alongside in addition to the ATV trails, there’s an ultra cross-track and a pee-wee track, and a field that is fenced off for beginners to practice. 

The park is ideal for all levels of riding and the perfect place to take youngsters who wish to improve their off-roading abilities.

In general, you can expect dry and smooth riding in this area as the terrain is composed of mostly gravelly, dry creek beds and single-track through the woods. There are some technical climbs and descents too.

Why You Should Visit Fox Valley Off-Road

Off-roaders who love having fun with the entire family in a safe and relaxing environment will enjoy Fox Valley. 

The park is focused on environmental safety, safety, and strict rules for access and who is allowed to ride. They also ensure that everyone is included and enjoys a good time.

If your children are looking to try off-roading The pee-wee track is a great way to keep children entertained. The fact is that every generation of riders will find something to do on Fox Valley that makes it an ideal destination among off-road parks in Illinois.

The trails, they’re very well-maintained and provide a variety of excitement and challenges. If you’re looking to have enjoyable, but without a lot of hassle, then this could be the place for you.

Special Events

If you’re considering a trip to Fox Valley Off Road Park It is important to be aware of is the schedule of races and other special events that is regularly updated during the entire year. 

The park will not be open to riders on these days, but, of course, it’s still possible to watch the races and witness the skills of some competitors.

It is common to have only a couple of events per month, but there are more during the summer months So make sure to look this up on this site to be sure you are not disappointed when you aren’t permitted to enter the park.

Other Great Off-Road Parks in Illinois

Other Great Off Road Parks in Illinois

If you’re planning to visit Illinois or happen to be a resident you’ll be a short distance from great spots to take your ATV, or dirt bike along great trails. 

In addition to Fox Valley, Off-Road Park Here are three other parks we would recommend.

Hillbillie Offroad Ranch

For those who are who want to ride muddy as Fox Valley, Hillbillie Offroad Ranch is located within Jerseyville, IL. They have an RV campsite on the premises, and visitors can enjoy riding on some fantastic trails throughout the weekend. 

There are also occasions when they have live music, and provide a great environment for hanging out with your friends or creating new friends. 

There are more than 40 miles of trails and two huge pits for mud, as well as an area of 17 acres that includes a mud plex, ramps as well as tire pit telephone pole sections as well as many other places to have fun.

Furthermore, Hillbillie organizes some fantastic events, from the Spring Mudfest to kick off the season of riding in May through the 4th July weekend Bashes and rallies all through the summer.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain

Recently acquired from the new owner, this off-road park is accessible throughout the year in Marseilles, IL, with winter and summer-specific hours. There are trails to suit all levels, as well as some jumps as well as an MX track. 

tires and boulders to test your skills on and much more. The park is open only for ATVs, UTV, and dirt bikes (so there are no vehicles like Jeeps).

Along with the trails that are open to those who own their own vehicles, the Cliffs also run UTV-guided tours which allow you to have the opportunity to drive a Yamaha Wolverine or Viking and follow a qualified guide throughout the woods for an hour. 

It’s an ideal chance for people who are just starting out as driving lessons are included prior to the tour.

Rocky Glen OHV Park

It is located within Rockford, IL, the park is spread over 120 acres, and has twenty miles of trail, as well as three trails for dirt bikes, ATVs, quads, and various other four-wheel OHV. 

The trails are fun with obstacles and jumps that cater to all types of riders, from novice to the more experienced.

It is possible to ride in Rocky Glen Fridays through to Mondays. You can rent the entire park for special events starting from Tuesday through Thursday by calling the park directly.

Riding in Illinois – Fox Valley Off-Road And More

The ATV tracks within Illinois are as varied in the same way as Illinois itself with plenty of options among the numerous ATV and OHV ATV trails with well-organized routes and friendly staff. 

It’s also a fantastic off-roading experience in general. The majority of venues offer family-friendly settings and big events in the summer, and the chance for children to get involved and learn new abilities. 

The riding experience in the Fox Valley Off Road Park can be a blast as you can observe in the video below. the video is below.

If you’re ever in Illinois Give this park a go before heading to one of our other top spots to spend a memorable few days exploring the trails.

Where can I ride a dirtbike in Illinois?

Fox Valley Off Road is a top choice for dirt bike riding in Illinois.

12 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Illinois
  1. Fox Valley Off Road. …
  2. Rocky Glen OHV Park. …
  3. Joliet Motorsports MX Park. …
  4. Little Egypt Off Road. …
  5. Williams Hill Pass. …
  6. Atkinson Motorsports Park.

Where can I drive my ATV in Illinois?

The Best ATV & UTV Parks and Trails in Illinois
  1. Mill Creek Park. …
  2. Sunset Ridge MX. …
  3. South Fork Dirt Riders. …
  4. Byron Motorsports Park. …
  5. The Bike Barn. …
  6. Hillbillie Ranch. …
  7. Lincoln Trail Motosports. …
  8. Muddy Waters MX.

Can you ride ATV in Illinois?

In all cases, it’s illegal to use an ATV on any road or roadway throughout Illinois. There is only one exception when an ATV driver is crossing directly at 90 deg

What is an OHV sticker in Illinois?

Illinois law now requires the annually renewed OHV Usage Stamp to be purchased and prominently displayed on the front of off-highway vehicles, which includes ATVs (ATVs) and off-highway motorcycles as well as other motor-driven recreational vehicles that are capable of traveling cross-country on natural terrains.

Do you need a license to drive an ATV in Illinois?

Generally, ATVs bought after January 1, 1998, must be registered; however, there is no obligation to report them in Illinois. Illinois laws require drivers of these vehicles on the roads to possess an active driver’s license.

Are Black River Falls ATV trails open?

The ATV trail system is accessible to UTVs from May 15 until October 15. UTVs are not permitted on the trail system between December 15 through March 15.

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV in Illinois?

NA – Illinois permits ATVs to be used on public and private land without any age limit. If the vehicle is used legally on public roads, the driver has to be sixteen years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

How do I get a title for my ATV in Illinois?

Title applications can be obtained from your Secretary of State’s local Services Facility for Drivers Services Facility or by calling 217-782-6306… The cost for the title is $30.00. Additional information can be found on the website of the Secretary of State at

Are the Jackson County ATV trails open?

Jackson County Trails for ATVs are OPEN! Please note that UTVs aren’t permitted on our trails during winter. Jackson County does have a 28-degree temperature limit.

Are Clark County ATV trails open?

Clark County UTV Trails are accessible to the public as planned, with the next segment being closed. Beaver Road is located between intersections #5 and #6. Riders are reminded of the need to stay on the trail, follow all signs that are closed, and ride safely as the conditions are damp in specific locations.

Do I need a title for a trailer in Illinois?

Items that need to be registered or titled by the Illinois agency include, but are not limited to the motor vehicle (e.g., vehicles, trucks, vans, and buses) as well as watercraft, motorcycles, and aircraft (e.g., aircraft helicopters, helicopters, hot air balloons, gliders, and so on) motor homes, trailers snowmobiles, mobile homes and vehicles that are all-terrain ( …

Are Chippewa County ATV trails open?

This Chippewa County ATV Trail is usually open to ATV, and UTV rides from 1 May until November 15th every year; except emergencies, the County might close the trail and install a gate. Be aware since you don’t know what’s coming around the next bend or up the next hill along this two-way trail!

Fox Valley Off Road Illinois FAQ

1. What is an OHV sticker in Illinois? 

Illinois law now requires an annually renewed OHV Usage Stamp to be bought and prominently displayed on the front of vehicles off the highway such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) off-highway motorbikes as well as other motor-driven recreational vehicles that are capable of traveling cross-country in natural terrain.

2. Why is Southern Illinois Little Egypt?

Southern Illinois has been for a long time known as “Little Egypt.” The nickname could be the result of the customs of the early colonists of Northern Illinois who traveled to Southern Illinois to buy grain following a string of disastrous weather and dry spells.  In Egypt the king was regarded as a god of the living.

3. Are ATV streets legal in Illinois?

In the majority of cases, it’s illegal to use an ATV while on any roadway, street, or highway within Illinois. … Additionally A rider is only permitted to traverse a divided highway when it is in contact with a public street, road, or highway.

4. Can you drive side by side on the road in Illinois?

Are you able to operate the ATV and UTV within the Street in Illinois? It is true that you cannot operate an ATV and UTV on any road, street, or highway throughout Illinois. … When crossing the street you must stop at a complete stop, and yield the right of way to anyone walking or driving a vehicle.

5. What does a red sticker on a dirt bike mean?

It is the Red Sticker is for motorcycles and ATVs with model years 2003 and up that do not comply with the emission standards set in the California Air Resources Board. If the vehicle’s registration number is 3 or C at the 8th position on the vehicle identification number and it is not able to comply with the emission standards.

6. Are creeks public property in Illinois?

The whole length and area in Illinois including all backwater lakes, sloughs, and sloughs that are accessible to the main body of water in normal flows or stages are accessible to the public, except to a certain head of navigation, as specified.

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