Hidden Falls Adventure Park Marble Falls, TX Guide & Review ❤️️ 2022

Hidden Falls Adventure Park: If you’re seeking a park for families which offers a relaxed atmosphere with excellent riding for everyone If so, then you’ll enjoy Hidden Falls Adventure Park. 

It is located in Texas and boasts of itself as “the premier off-road adventure park” in the state of Texas, Hidden Falls strikes the right balance between safety and fun and accessibility to off-roading for everyone and creates an ideal place for all the family.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

How do you find the trails in Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX, and what are the most important aspects to be aware of prior to your visit? This review and guide will answer the main questions you may have about Hidden Falls Adventure Park and offer some suggestions on what to do when you’re close to or at Hidden Falls.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Essential Information About Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Beginning with the fundamentals: Hidden Falls can be located just a few kilometers from Marble Falls which is a wonderful place to visit in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in its individual. It is possible to take advantage of the many restaurants, shops, and gas stations within the city prior to heading to the park, ensuring that you’re well-stocked.

It’s easy to access the area since it’s only an hour away from Austin and about one and a half hours distance from San Antonio.

Opening Times

Hidden Falls is normally open between Thursday and Sunday, as is as follows:

  • 9 am to 5 pm on Thursdays
  • 9 am to 9 pm on Fridays
  • 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays
  • 8 am to 2 pm on Sundays

It is recommended to visit the park’s Facebook page or their updates on the website especially during periods of severe weather. This is because they’ll inform visitors when the park will be closed due to harsh conditions.

Checking In

The first thing you’ll see the moment you arrive in the Hidden Falls Adventure Park is the reception desk.

Here, you’ll be met by friendly staff who will discuss the level of your riding and expectations for your time at the park. They’ll guide you to the area where you can set up, take off, and prepare to hit the trails.

There’s a Hidden Falls Adventure Park map that staff will be happy to provide If you’ve not already downloaded it from the website They’ll also provide advice on the most suitable trails to search for if you’re looking for an exact amount of riding.

Camping and Accommodation

Camping and Accommodation

There are many options available to stay in the hotel within Hidden Falls. There is the Starlite Motel.

Starlite Motel offers rooms with bunk beds, bathrooms with private baths with showers that can sleep, three people. It is essential to bring the towels you use, however, the hotel is quite nice.

For campers, there are basic camping spots, RV campsites, and a modern campground that has water and electricity outlets, as well as everyone’s favorite:

Zip’s House. This home-based rental offers stunning panoramas of Texas Hill Country It can accommodate five guests in a queen-sized bed, and an additional bunk bed that can be able to accommodate three. 

The home is charmingly decorated with rustic wood accents and comes with a private bathroom and kitchen. This is the ideal choice for a long-term stay in luxury!

Make reservations online right here.

What Can You Ride?

The most important thing to consider is what kind of vehicles you can ride around the park, obviously. 

Hidden Falls welcomes ATVs, UTVS as well as 4×4 vehicles as well as dirt bikes. The trails are clearly marked for every vehicle, and you’ll have mixed-use trails and exclusive use trails.

If you’re riding an ATV it is a requirement to wear the helmet all at all times. Anyone who rides a UTV or side-by-side vehicle equipped with roll cages is able, however, not a requirement for wearing helmets. 

For those who ride ATVs or UTVs, costs start at just $25 per day for use of the entire park trail system.

Dirt bikers are welcome in the park, under the same price arrangement and are able to share some trails with UTVs or ATVs. There are some incredible single-track trails that are all theirs.

Also, Hidden Falls Adventure Park offers plenty of space reserved for 4×4 enthusiasts, meaning you are able to bring any kind of vehicle from stock to fully modified, to participate in the adventure. 

There will be some direction at the reception desk on what to do based on what the specifications of your vehicle are, and also an extensive map.

Review of Hidden Falls Adventure Park Trails

Hidden Falls Adventure Park Trails

If you ride through Hidden Falls, you have access to some of the finest off-roading accessible in Texas and are located in one of the most beautiful spots in the state:

The Texas Hill Country. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy many unique views at the summit of hills and benefit from more than 2200 acres of natural wilderness managed by the park, which is suitable for camping and riding.

The trails are not only very well maintained They’re also well-marked and you can depend on the staff at the park to provide you with helpful recommendations on where to ride, based on your experience, level, and your vehicle. 

You’ll be greeted by warm and friendly people who seem to want you to have the most enjoyable experience at their park.

Based on the time of the season it is, you can expect to take in a stunning array of wildflowers, trees, and diverse terrain, which includes steep ascents along with rocky sections and dirt. 

You could be lost for hours or go easy, take the more advanced sections and take a break for a picnic then continue. 

With the many options for accommodation available on-site, you’re able to take advantage of the outdoors and ride as well. 

Be aware that if you’re bringing guests along all of them must purchase a riding permit (so you can’t claim they’re camping but not riding).

Hidden Falls Rentals and Guided Tours

As with all top destinations for outdoor activities, Hidden Falls benefits from other services on-site offered by third-party companies. 

From renting cars to the opportunity to take a guided tour or get coaching, here are a few additional services that you can anticipate.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park Rentals

If you don’t have a vehicle that you can explore the trails do not worry, because there’s a local option. 

Hill Country Adventure Rentals offer dirt bike and ATVs that are located within the park, at Hidden Falls. 

They are open during the exact same hours as the access to the park The rental shop makes it easy for obtaining your vehicle ready to go into the riding.

Events and Guided Tours

If you’re in search of an event that is special like the bachelor party of your dreams or a birthday party, or you’re seeking a good introduction to offroad riding, Hidden Falls Adventure Park will connect you with some great guides. They’re often operated through Hill Country Adventure Rentals, which is why it’s a good idea to contact the company first.

Useful Tips

Useful Tips

Here are some more quick ideas to keep in mind when visiting Hidden Falls:

  • They won’t allow the use of accommodation or events in the event that you intend to go off-road. Be aware of this when you’re taking family members who don’t want to ride in the first place, since they’ll have to purchase the day pass, regardless of.
  • On the weekends of Friday and Saturday, Hidden Falls allow riding until midnight. You can enjoy the excitement of the night!
  • There aren’t any water amenities specifically designed for fishing or swimming like other parks.
  • The trails will be closed if there’s a flash flood warning that is issued locally. visit their Facebook page or call them prior to heading out if you are unsure.
  • There’s no gas station within the park or near. The nearest gas station is located in Marble Falls seven miles away. You should be sure to bring a spare in case you plan to stay a bit longer.

Conclusion: Off-roading on Some of Texas’ Finest Trails

It’s difficult to come across a more ideal spot to go off-roading than Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX. 

From the warm welcome and the vast assistance and advice offered by the staff to the top-quality riding with a variety of vehicles like dirt bikes, ATVs as well as 4x4s. It’s the ideal place to spend an enjoyable weekend riding in The Texan wilderness.

Where are the falls at Hidden Falls Park?

Explore the woods in search of the hidden waterfall fed by a spring. It lies under Mississippi River Boulevard. There Are plenty of grassy areas and picnic areas in Hidden Falls Regional Park, as well as the possibility of getting close to the river’s edge on a tranquil sandy beach.

How big is Hidden Falls Adventure Park?

2,200 acres

Make sure you’re prepared and go for a trip to Hidden Falls Adventure Park, with over 22,000 acres of off-road paradise nestled in the stunning Texas Hill Country!

Where can I go off roading in San Antonio?

Top 10 Off-Road Trails that are the Best within San Antonio, TX

  • Take advantage of your time with Mountain ATV Adventures & Tours. 50.5 mi. …
  • Brackenridge Park. 3.3 mi. …
  • Friedrich Wilderness Park. 12.1 mi. …
  • Paradise Canyon. 23.4 mi. …
  • Comanche Lookout Park. 10.8 mi. …
  • Government Canyon State Natural Area. 15.5 mi. …
  • Guadalupe Canoe Livery. 25.8 mi. …
  • Landa Park. 27.3 mi.

How long is the hike to Hidden Falls in Curt Gowdy?


It’s a good one —- it’s located in a state park, and is not too far from Cheyenne & Laramie but you are in the secluded Wild West of Wyoming! The hike is not challenging, but it’s not too strenuous. Up to the falls and the falls are impressive and an excellent way to end the three-mile hike.

How long is Hidden Falls hike Auburn?

15.2 mile

Hidden Falls Trail Loop is a 15.2-mile highly-trafficked loop trail located close to Auburn, California that features the waterfall and is rated as moderate. It offers a range of options for activities and is accessible all year round.

How big is Hidden Falls Adventure Park?

2,200 acres

Get ready and head out for a visit to Hidden Falls Adventure Park, with over 2000 acres of off-road bliss in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country!

Are dogs allowed at Hidden Falls Adventure Park?

Are you dog-friendly? We love dogs! It is possible to bring your pet; however, if it’s not in your car, it should be leashed. It is your responsibility to wash up when your dog is gone

Hidden Falls Adventure Park FAQ

1. Are dogs allowed at Hidden Falls Adventure Park?

We love dogs! You are welcome to take your dog with you and take it with you, however, when you don’t have it in your car, it should be leashed. You’ll be required to tidy up when your dog is gone.

2. Where are the falls at Hidden Falls Park?

Explore the woods in search of the hidden waterfall, which is fed by a spring. It lies under Mississippi River Boulevard. There are plenty of grassy areas and picnic spots within Hidden Falls Regional Park, as well as the possibility of getting near the river’s edge on a tranquil sandy beach.

3. Are there falls at Hidden Falls?

A very well-known parks trail, the hike up to Hidden Falls allows for spectacular views of Jenny Lake and Jackson Hole and the 100-foot waterfall that cascades down a waterfall. People can choose to stroll along the lake’s southern shoreline or use the private shuttle boat to travel across the lake and cut down their hike.

4. Do you need reservations for Hidden Falls?

The requirement for reservations to the park is for all weekends, days with high use as well as on holidays marked by a holiday. You’ll have to purchase your parking permit prior to your visit.

5. Where are the Hidden Falls in St Paul?

Crosby Farm and Hidden Falls Regional Park are located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River in St. Paul. Hidden Falls begins 7 miles north of the point where the Mississippi joins the Minnesota River and continues south until Crosby Farm Park.

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