Honda 700XX Top Speed, Specs, and Review 2022

Honda 700XX: The 2008 release of the Honda 700XX signified the Japanese manufacturer’s entry into the world of big-bore all-terrain vehicles. 

Honda’s entry featured a brand-new engine and an original chassis that was a hit with the off-roading world. 

Honda 700XX

It might be one of Honda’s fleets that were short-lived but it was definitely an innovative step towards that direction. Let this article inform you on how this four-wheeler was a perfect example of this.

In 2008, The Honda 700XX goes down in history as the sport ATV “King of the Hill.” Its top-quality engine and exclusive chain drive system revolutionized ATV sports performance as well as comfort and handling. It’s still the top option to ride on dunes and two tracks and deserts.

Amazing ergonomics, superb style, and reliability make up the appeal of the Honda 700XX. 

Its launch set the standard for flexibility and performance that are unmatched until today. Check out this guide will help you understand this model Honda 700XX and more.

Honda 700XX Top Speed

“The King of the Hill

In 2008, the Honda 700XX is a high-performance 686cc sport ATV that is Honda’s entry into the big-bore scene. 

It was manufactured from 2008 to 2009 the Honda “King of the Hill” featured the heart of XR650R and was the biggest-diameter single-cylinder Honda ever produced in mass production. 

One of its major features was a central chain drive system which allowed for double A-arms as well as longer shafts for axles. 

This made a more stable tire contact patch and reliable handling even when driving straight lines, in uneven terrain, or corners (despite the lack of straight axles).

A good bottom control to transition between loops is evident in the car. Additionally, the 700XX kept its operating temperature constant even in the most extreme weather conditions thanks to an efficient cooling system. 

Other outstanding characteristics included in the Honda 700XX include Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM FI) with a 44mm throttle body (for great cold-weather starting and consistent performance even at high altitudes) perfectly-fitting handlebars and a top-of-the-line drivetrain and suspension.

Though it was delayed by seven years it was Honda 700XX that was unquestionably a strong competitor to the Raptor which launched the big-bore segment. 

Honda was confident about the specifications and design of the 700XX and made sure that the new models sold with a transferable, one-year limited warranty. 

The community of riders appreciated what the car provided and couldn’t be happier. Honda 700XX was an extremely popular vehicle. Honda 700XX rapidly gained a following shortly after its debut.

Top Speed

Its Honda 700XX‘s maximum speed is 86 mph. With modifications, like a sprocket with 15t the speed can be increased to 95 or 94 speeds.

2008 Honda 700XX Specs

2008 Honda 700XX Specs

  • Engine This model is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine which installs transversely, thereby reducing the overall weight. It has a bore-stroke proportion of 102 x 84 millimeters (4.02 3.31 inches). 3.31 inches). The engine’s displacement measures 686.4 cubic centimeters.
  • It is operated through PGM-FI or Programmable Injection with the 44-mm throttle body, and a compression ratio of 10.0:1. The capacity of the fuel tank of the tank is 3.01 US gallons/11.4 liters, with a 3.6-liter (0.95-US gallon) reserve. The quad uses the forced pressure dry-sump fluid system for lubrication and an oil-based Urethane-foam air filtering system.
  • drivetrain The power source is an unchanging mesh, manual transmission with five speeds, including reverse. It comes with a left-foot operated multi-plate wet-type clutch system that operates via cable, and an O-ring sealed 520-drive heavy-duty chain. The initial reduction of the chain is 2.027 (75/37) and there is a final decrease of 0.378 (14/37).
  • The pattern for gear shifting is R-1-N-2-3-4. A counterbalancer driven by gears reduces engine vibration, resulting in an easy, relaxing journey.
  • Ignition The device has a full transistorized ignition with an electronic advance, a push-button electric starter motor, and an auxiliary mechanical recoil-backup. A 120-CCA 12V (Cold Crank Amp) battery is the power source for this charging mechanism.
  •  Spark plugs compatible in conjunction with Honda 700XX include the NGKZFR7F-11 as well as the KJ22CR-L.
  • The lubrication Capacity of the oil when the filter is not changed can be 1.8 US quarts/1.7 liters. After filter changes, the oil capacity can be 1.9 US quarts/1.8 liters. When the filter is removed, it will be 2.5 US quarts/2.4 liters. To get the most performance, you should use SAE 10W-30 Honda Pro HP4 or GN4 (without molybdenum-based additives) 4 stroke oil or an equivalent. 
  • It should be able to have the API class of service of SG and be in compliance with the MA JASO T 903 standard.
  • tires: It is believed that the ATV makes use of Dunlop tires. The front tire pressure recommendation is 5.1 Psi/35 kPa (0.35 kg/cm2) and 6.2 psi/42.5 KPa (0.425 kg/cm2) for the rear tires. 
  • Honda TRX700XX tires sit on steel wheels that measure 11 inches in diameter with mud scrapers removable. The wheelbase of the vehicle has a diameter of 49.6 inches.
  • Brakes Front brakes utilize 174-mm dual-sealed hydraulic disc brakes. While the rear brake is an un-sealed 20-millimeter hydraulic disc. Parking brakes operated by the left are an additional feature that increases the stopping power of the Honda 700XX.
  • Suspension In a frame of steel that can be removed sub-frame, it is an independent double-wishbone front suspension that has dual springs with a single rate that provides 10.5 inches of fully-functional travel. The rear suspension is equipped with an independent rear suspension (IRS) equipped with an adjustable, tuned sway bar and piggy-back shocks that can be adjusted to preloads that give 9.3 inches of movement. A push bar of polyethylene is in the front and a polypropylene rear A-arm guards the suspension system.
  • dimensions total dimensions of the vehicle comprise 71.5 x 45.9 and 44.7 inches (1,815 135 x 1,165 millimeters, L, W, and H). The clearance for the ground of 10.2 inches (unloaded) and the seat height is 32.7 inches. 
  • Curb weight is 505lbs/229 Kg. The maximum capacity for weight is 243 lbs/110 Kg. Its turn circle of 8.5 feet ensures an easy turning.
  • ExteriorComposed with a plastic frame, a metal frame the Honda 700XX sports an incredibly racy design. A well-sculpted and comfortable seat is a great ergonomic riding seat that can be used for leisure and hard-core riding. The keyed ignition switch the emergency kill button, as well as multi-functional handlebars, give riders complete control over the steering. The quad comes in black silver, black, and red/black. The Senge Graphics Kit (view on Amazon) will make your torque monster appear modern look.
  • lighting: Two 30-watt headlights mounted on the front fenders utilize multi-reflector lenses for better lighting distribution. Also, it has an LED brake light as well as a taillight. 
  • The other lights are 3.4 Watts (for neutral and reverse, MIL/check engines as well as the temperature of coolant). 
  • Main and suffuses contain thirty Amps or 15/10 Amps and 15/10 Amps, respectively.
  • Programable fuel injection (PGM Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM): In place of a carburetion engine is Honda’s exclusive electric fuel system that is digitally controlled. 
  • Honda employed this technology as early as the 1980s on its sportbikes and later included it in the Honda 700XX and Foreman range. 
  • This system provided the strength and torque required to tackle tough tasks and allowed the four-wheeler to comply with the current California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emission standards.

Price of Honda TRX700XX

The price of the 700XX at the time of launch of 2008 was $7.899 and was increased by $600 in the following year. 

The price today could vary from $2,098 up to $6,299 based on whether the model is modified or stock. 

The majority of the models available for sale are of 2008 and are typically located on Craigslist. The vehicle’s retail value shouldn’t exceed $4,000 unless the vehicle is in good condition.

Find used, affordable tempers at farms and auctions on the internet. Beware of low-cost models since they’re typically not in good condition.

They may have suspension issues and may be prone to visible scratches and body damage. These units could be overworked or not have been maintained properly.

 There are some that come with extras like a Power Commander (view the power commander on Amazon) or the clean title. 

If you are buying a used Honda 700XX, be sure to check for the health of fuel lines, filters (if there is a possibility), and the clutch basket bearings. 

The seller can provide information on cylinder skirts as well as an oiling mechanism for the wrist pin, as well. They are the most vulnerable parts of the quad.

Unleashing the Inner Monster

Unleashing the Monster Within

While the 700XX was a model with many innovative features, the most significant issue was the weight it weighed. With a weight of over 500 pounds, it was at a minimum of 100 lbs over its nearest rival.

 In addition, its weight created handling and suspension issues with suspension. This is even after the centered shaft drive system has already made a difference with the quad. 

But, there are some things you can focus on to reduce the size of the four-wheeler and boost its performance.

Position of the rider

The position of the rider is one aspect that can enhance the quad’s supposedly weak capability to corner. All you have been able to accomplish is move your weight towards the front. 

This will help the 700XX make a more precise turn. The issue is with the handlebars that make it difficult to place your weight forward.

Fitting fat handlebars with the two-inch riser that pivots (view the riser on Amazon) can solve this issue with the Honda 700XX and allow you to adjust the position of your handlebars in front and back. This will help you shift your weight around in any directionless tiresome.


Another thing you could need to alter could be your suspension (yes you’re right!). This is due to the quad’s incredible central chain drive being hindered by the shocks that are only partially adjustable.

The position of the rider helps corner however, it also strains both rear and front shocks. 

The replacement of the stock shocks with aftermarket ones will not only provide more comfort but will also provide more cushioning for bumps. The new shocks can also help keep your car from crashing.


The 700XX’s horsepower must be increased in order to maximize the performance of the sporty quad. The 700XX is already able to produce 53 HP the ability to increase its airflow is sure to yield more.

Honda TRX700XX vs. Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

The majority of riders were aware that Yamaha began the big-bore market in 2001, with its Yamaha Raptor 660. The Honda TRX700XX went to head against the revamped Yamaha Raptor 700 SE for the King Sport Quad title seven years later.

    • Comfort: For average riders, both offer plush rides. However, for those who are over 6′ tall, the TRX700XX appears a bit tight than that of the 700 SE. However, cruisers who are all-day might consider that the Honda the better seat option over one of the quad.
    • Drivetrain Its drivetrain: Raptor 700 is equipped with a straight axle and a styled-up design that allows for easy moving around corners. The central chain drive of the Honda 700XX makes for smoother runs on tracks, and fewer slide-on turns.
    • instruments: This Raptor is a more user-friendly riding instrument (speedometer for example) against Honda’s assortment of warning lights.
  • Power Delivery This model is tenser and has a higher quality of performance compared to the Raptor.
  • Suspension Its Raptor is ahead of the Honda in this regard since its front shocks are equipped with compression dampening as well as rebound and compression dampening, whereas the latter comes with pre-load adjustable shocks.

The Winner?

The testers could not decide on a clear winner despite riding both cars. Overall, the Honda TRX700XX, as well as Yamaha Raptor 700 SE, are each capable of a task. 

The decision on which quad to call as the champion is mostly based on the preference of the driver.

If you’re looking for the capability to tweak your quad then the Raptor is the right choice to take. 

If you’re looking for more performance a more comfortable ride and a smooth ride, the Honda 700XX is the best choice.

What caused this model discontinued? Honda 700XX Discontinued?

Since the beginning of the decade, fans of off-roading have been mourning the manufacturing end of the TRX700XX Honda. This is not just talking about Honda supporters. 

Many consider the 700XX to be an example of one of the more ingenious ATVs Honda or any other well-known manufacturer has ever made available in a long period of time. 

They believed it was a bad judgment to pull the plug on this wheeler that was classed as 686.

In general, people speculate that Honda abandoned the 700XX and jumped on a 450cc auto-boss. Perhaps discontinuing this big-bore quad is more of a commercial decision. 

A machine this massive and with that performance requires a significant amount of financing. 

With Honda’s surplus ATVs from 2009, they can’t spend any more money going out. This logic is logical even though those who are ardent off-roaders will consider it a bit unacceptable.

Another reason for the demise of 700XX is that Honda following the less-traveled didn’t translate positively into increased sales.

If this was because of Honda 700XX not sporting an SRA or a Solid Rear Axle or another reason that only the Japanese firm can tell. 

It could be that there is no need to guess as it was clear this quad market slid out of the sky within the first decade into the 2000s.

About Honda

About Honda

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a market leader in the fields of robotics, AI mobility, and energy solutions.

It is the manufacturer of the Honda TRX700XX. Since its inception by the Japanese entrepreneur Soichiro Honda, the company has produced an array of general-purpose engines, sterling cars, and power equipment.

Honda has been the largest motorcycle maker since 1959, and many are anticipating its return on the ATV scene. 

At present, Honda ranks 39th out of Fortune 500 companies and continues to be a world-leading company in commuter and enjoyable-to-ride, dynamic sports models.

Conclusion – Honda 700XXX Review and Specs

It wasn’t perfect however, it was a great vehicle, and the Honda 700XX still became a highly-praised four-wheeler. 

People who were lucky enough to possess the vehicle are able to only praise the car for its performance and efficiency. 

However, it is possible for critics to only make a point of pointing at its shortcomings (but still respect the driver). 

It will continue to remain a stark recall of the past of sports quads with big bores. We are hoping for a rebirth of this golden age in the near future in order for to Honda will develop an identical vehicle that can reset the guidelines on how ATVs for the sport will be measured in the near future.

Why did Honda stop making the TRX 700XX?

I love Honda And the 700XX a fantastic machine. The reason why they stopped producing the 700XX is that they believe that the quad market has been ripped out of everybody.

Is the Honda 700XX good?

It’s not an easy solution, but it’s excellent for centralizedizing mass and optimizing rear-end design. It’s a bit like an extra set of gears. That is where the countershaft’s sprocket typically sits. It’s a good idea! This 2008 model of the Honda TRX 700XX has been made to be used throughout the day and driven with a lot of speed.

When did the Honda 700XX come out?

In 2008 The Honda 700XX will be remembered in time as the ATV sport “King of a hill.” Its premium engine and exclusive chain drive system revolutionized the sport ATV’s performance and comfort, and handling.

How fast does a Honda 700XX go?

about 85 MPH

Honda 700XX Honda 700XX is the Honda’s initial version of 700XX, which is powered by a 686cc (41.9 cu inches) single-cylinder, four-valve electronically injecting fuel system (approximately 53 horsepower) equipped with electric start as well as a 5-speed manual transmission that has a one-speed reverse. The top speed is about 85 MPH.

What’s faster than a raptor 700?

What’s faster than a Raptor 700? Yamaha YZF 250R For instance, the LT500 Quadzilla was introduced in 1988, and it is on the list of the fastest ten. Due to its 500cc two-stroke engine, it can reach speeds higher than Raptor 700, which is a four-stroke.

Does 2003 Honda 400EX have reverse?

From neutral, with the quad running, reach down and then move the lever forward and shift it back down two times. It should pass first, then into reverse. It’s a sweet thing, and it does feature reverse.

Is the Yamaha Raptor 700 being discontinued?

By order of the Australian government’s new law, Yamaha is no longer authorized to market adult All-Terrain Vehicles. The bill passed in the year before 2020 mandates that the manufacturer provides OPDs that are custom-fit to the user (operator safety devices).

Is the Raptor 700 automatic?

The automatic transmission is connected with the rev limiter. This allows people to increase their power as their experience increases. This ATV is fitted with the authentic Raptor 700R design and comes with disc brakes in the rear, full floorboards, pre-load adjustable shocks, and a molded front grab bar as the larger machines feature.

Honda 700XX FAQ

1. How fast does a Honda 700XX go?

The Honda 700XXX is Honda’s first-generation 700XX. It is powered by a 686cc (41.9 cuin) single-cylinder, 4-valve, electronically injected fuel motor (approximately53 hp), with an electric start, a 5-speed manual transmission, and a 1-speed reverse. The maximum speed is approximately 86 MPH.

2. What year did Honda make 700XX?

The Honda 700XX was released in 2008. It is the first sport ATV to be “King of the Hill”.

3. What is the best-selling ATV brand?

These products are manufactured in America. It makes sense, considering that North America sells more side-by-sides and four-wheelers than any other country. It is no surprise that Polaris has become the most loved UTV and ATV brand in the entire world.

4. How many miles do Honda pioneers last?

The Pioneer 1000 transmission should last 60,000 to 100,000 km. My 2011 RZR900 covered over 8,000 miles in the first belt, but only 1,800 in the second.

5. How many gears does a Raptor 700R have?

The race-bred five-speed transmission with reverse and Raptor 700R SE’s massive powerband means that there are many gears to choose from in almost all situations.

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