Honda Foreman 450 Complete Review and Specs 2022

Honda Foreman 450: Frosty temperatures, dusty ranch work, and huge swamps of mud The Honda Foreman 450 can deal whatever your throw it at because of its unstoppable nature. 

Since many people consider it to be one of the top ATVs ever built It would be fascinating to find out what else it can accomplish.

Honda Foreman 450

The Honda Foreman 450 goes down in the history books for being one of the more durable ATVs that can be used for utilitarian purposes. It is reliable and uncompromising. remains a favorite option for recreational trail-riders and price-point buyers.

A streamlined fuel system, low maintenance, and superior ergonomics are all part of the all-terrain vehicle’s attraction. 

Discover all this and more in this article that will help you determine if you think the Honda Foreman 450 is the best quad for you.

Honda Foreman 450

More Information Honda Foreman 450

It was the Honda Foreman 450 is an ATV with a high-performance design that was launched in 1998, and was in production until the year 2004. 

The Foreman 450 was recognized by Honda as its most popular model and the strongest ATV it was offered in two models which were the manual-shift Honda Foreman 450 S and the electric-shift Honda Foreman 450 ES. 

With a growing market devoted to automatic transmissions, Honda Foreman 450 ES was called an ATV of the Year by ATV Magazine in the same year that it launched.

From banana plantations to pig farms to golf courses this machine is multi-purpose and can perform many tasks more effectively. 

It’s reliable and can be utilized on rough roads and trails, sandhills, wooded trails as well as muddy fields and water crossings. It’s even thought by some experts to be much better than a Yamaha Grizzly and the Polaris Sportsman.

Honda Foreman 450 Specs & Features

  • Engine It’s powered by a 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine which is mounted longitudinally, aiding in reducing overall weight. Its bore is 90 millimeters and has an elongation of 68 millimeters. 
  • The engine’s displacement measures 433 cubic centimeters. It is powered through the Keihin carburetor. Its compression ratio stands at 8:5 to 1. The tank capacity for fuel is 3.2 gallons/12.1 Liters.
  • Drivetrain The power is supplied through a five-speed transmission, inclusive of the reverse gear. It’s also equipped through an Electronic Shift Program (ESP) which makes this ATV a pleasure to drive. 
  • Instead of a lever for the foot, there are two buttons mounted on the handlebars that permit riders to shift the gears using a push-button effortlessness.
  • Ignition It comes with the electronic Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) that has an electric/pull start system.
  • Tires The front wheels are fitted with Dunlop(r) 25 8-12 tires. the rear wheels are fitted with Dunlop(r) 25 10-12 tires. The wheelbase of the vehicle has a length of 50.2 inches.
  • Brakes for the front make use of dual-sealed hydraulic drum brakes while the rear brake is a single-sealed drum. If you’re in need of rebuilding your front brake, you can check out the Complete Front Brake Rebuild Kit (view on Amazon) that includes everything you require from grooved brake shoes to wheel cylinders to hardware.
  • Suspension Front suspensions are double-wishbone independent with vertical lower and upper control arms that increase the negative. It permits 5.9 inches of movement and offers greater stability and a consistent wheel alignment. 
  • The rear suspension uses an arm swing and comes with an aluminum finish and two shock absorbers which allow 5.9 inches of movement. This is ideal for demanding work or for hauling.
  • dimensions total length of the HTML0 is 77.28 inches and its size is 45.3 inches. The height of the seat from its base is about 45 inches, with an overall clearance of 7.7 inches. The seat height of 33.6 inches.
  • The dry weight is 595 pounds. ; GVWR can go up to 1,102. This is a combination of curb weight passengers, curb weight, and cargo. Additionally, its rotation radius of 11.5 feet allows for easy handling.
  • Exterior It is not a matter of whether you park your quad outside or in your garage, because it’s made of steel frame and plastic body material. It is durable light and easily cleaned.
  • It also has full flooring boards that can be used for security. If you’d like to protect your ATV from sun, snow, or other elements, consider purchasing a waterproof ATV cover (view at Amazon).
  • LightingTwo lights that are mounted on the front fenders, as well as an LED handlebar light that is 45 watts, make use of multi-reflector lenses to ensure better lighting distribution.
  • TraxLok(TM) TraxLok(TM) this unique mechanical system allows drivers the option to select between lighter steering (2WD) and the highest level of traction (4WD) when needed.

Pros & Pros and Honda Foreman 450

One of the things people are crazy about is the automatic transmission as well as the ESP combination of this car They love the thumb-shifting function on the Foreman. 

Also, you should appreciate that Honda has not sacrificed functionality to make it more convenient. 

The sport ATV allows you to ride through steep and long hills without needing to apply the brakes. 

It has enough power to tackle hill climbs and is likely to be among the toughest ATVs that have ever been made – thanks to its bulletproof engine and bodywork.

If it is taken care of well If it is taken care of properly, If it’s taken good care of, Foreman 450 would need very little repair and maintenance. 

There are a few scratches across the surface, but this would normally be the end of your concerns. 

The vehicle never stops moving away from a few mud holes or the narrow, twisting trails. 

It’s simple to begin cold, even if left outside your garage all night long in winter. Its seat is at the right height and doesn’t require compression of the shocks to be small enough to be able to pass under obstructions as well as fallen trees.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Honda

However, purchasing second-hand items can be very troublesome. For instance, drivers who have been around for a while generally recommend replacing the seals and bearings on all of their vehicles to ensure that no water can get past and overflow the tube of the axle. 

In the event that it does, it will cause rusting of the splines on the rear axle during the process. 

The rear brakes can also be prone to seizing up because of a lot of mud and water usage. Therefore, if they aren’t functioning properly the brakes should be replaced or cleaned.

Since the Honda Foreman 450 is considered extremely reliable, it is prone to be misused without proper attention, which can lead to parts or functions failing. 

Examples include problems with the speedometer and the quad is not shifting into reverse when it is operating; top-end noises and leaks of oil, among others. Although it’s not expensive for replacing Honda Foreman 450 components or repair these issues it could become an issue when it happens frequently.

Cost of a Honda Foreman for 450 dollars

The original price for its model from 2004 was $5,999. The price today can range from $1,250 up to as high as $6,000 depending on the condition of the quad, whether it is modified or stock. 

Models manufactured in 2000 or earlier shouldn’t exceed $2000 unless they are in perfect condition and have minimal to no damage.

Thumpers that are used, but reasonably priced, are available at auctions at farms. They would generally be models dating from 2000 through 2004. Trade sites can sell older models for less. 

However, these quads could have been over-worked or contained non-functional components. If you’re purchasing the Foreman 450, ensure to check for the state of the rear wheel on the left-back brakes, the rear wheel, speedometer, and shifting. 

Take extra care when looking at a 1999 model since owners have reported that they encountered the most issues when bought second-hand.

Foreman Vs. Rubicon

The specifications, as well as features offered by the Honda Foreman 450 ES versus the Honda Rubicon 500, are almost identical and comparable but with the following variations:

  • Engine – Rubicon is an inch more engine displacement at 499cc as in comparison to Foreman’s 433-cc
  • Transmission The Foreman is equipped with a manual-automatic clutch while Rubicon features an automatic transmission that is shiftless (CVT) that is ideal for people who are looking for a faster acceleration
  • Dimensions – Rubicon has a little more significant dry weight as well as fuel capacity and wheelbase in comparison to Foreman

Overall, Honda Foreman 450 ES and Honda Rubicon 500 are both powerful machines. Based on the preferences of drivers and preferences, one model could be more prominent over the other. 

In the case of Foreman 450, for instance, if want to accelerate faster and greater power, it is likely that the Rubicon is the best option. If you’re looking for a lighter engine, then the Foreman 450 is the best choice.

Foreman vs. Rubicon

About Honda

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is among the world’s top companies in robotics, mobility AI, energy, and mobility solutions. It is also the creator of the Honda Foreman 450. 

Since its inception on the year 1946 under the leadership of Soichiro Honda, the company has been producing an array of general-purpose vehicles, top-of-the-line automobiles, and power equipment. 

It’s also been the largest producer of motorcycles from 1959 onwards and is currently leading in the manufacture of commuter models and fun-to-ride sporting models that are dynamic and exciting.

Conclusion – Honda Foreman 450

The Honda Foreman 450 is among the most popular ATVs manufactured by Honda after the entry of the four-wheelers to the sports racing scene. If it is in good condition, it sells for a good price and is able to outperform its higher cc equivalents.

It is an extremely durable machine, however, it is also surprisingly enjoyable to use for leisurely trails ride. If you’re in search of an SUV which you can use for fieldwork or off-road fun and fieldwork, you’ll find that the Honda Foreman 450 is perfect for you!

How much is a Honda Foreman 450 worth?

Cost of the Honda Foreman for 450 dollars

Today, the cost can range from $1,250 to as high as $6,000 depending on the condition of the quad, whether it is modified or stock. Models made in 2000 or earlier shouldn’t exceed $2000 unless it is in perfect condition and does not have any damage.

How fast does a Honda Foreman go?

The speed limit for the Honda Foreman 500 is 45 miles per hour. However, some owners claim they can go as high as 58 mph without lift kits or modifications.

What is a Honda 300 FourTrax worth?

Cost of the Honda FourTrax 300

Today, the cost can range between $165-$3,545 according to the year and any modifications. The 1996-2000 models are priced at least $3,000. If you’re looking to save money, choose used models made before 1990, about $1,900.

How fast does a Honda 350 Rancher go?

What is the maximum speed of the Honda Rancher 350? Rancher 350s can go with rates of up 45mph when on a level road. However, some owners could get it as high as 53mph (but as they said, it took a long time to reach that speed).

Why are Honda ATVs the best?

Honda ATVs have earned themselves an image of performance and dependability. With their bomb-proof transmissions and steel gears in place of belts, these quads can withstand a lot of abuse without breaking. Their robust and simple-to-use features make Honda ATVs one of the more sought-after among Sport ATV racers.

Is the Honda FourTrax a 4×4?

TRAXLOK(r) Selectable 2WD/4WD The rock-solid system allows you to select 2WD or 4WD at a moment’s notice and will enable you to choose between a lighter steering (in 2WD) and the best traction available (in 4WD) at the time you need the most.

Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of oil should a Honda Foreman 500 require? 

Three quarts of Honda Pro GN4 10W-40 four-stroke motorcycle oil ought to be sufficient to fully fill the.

2. What is the size of the battery the Honda Foreman 450 has?

Dimensions of the battery that are suitable for the Foreman the 450 would be 6 inches in size x 3.44 inches and 5.75 inches (not including wire harnesses and accessories for mounting). This battery is shock-proof rechargeable and is able to be placed in any location.

3. What weight can the Honda Foreman with 450 pounds pull? 

The Foreman can lift or tow up to 850lbs. The rack capacity of 66lbs. on the front, and 133 at the rear, which makes it suitable as a pack mule whenever you have to transport the weight of a large burden.

4. What is the maximum speed of a Honda Foreman 450? 

Based on the opinions of forums, Foreman 450s run between 40 and 45mph speed on the asphalt. Speeds downhill can increase to 55mph. Maximum speed is contingent on many things like flat roads or dirt and wind behind you or ahead, as well as your rev limiter. Reducing the length of your pipe and installing jet kits will give the driver around 4mph.

5. What is the high mileage of the Honda Foreman 45? 

In general, 8,000 miles could be considered to be high mileage for this model. Foreman 450. Of course, there are some pampered models with more than 25,000 miles under their belts, which run better than cars with lower mileage.

6. What can I do to determine what happens if the Foreman 500 has been beaten to pieces by the force of mileage? 

If you’re looking to get an accurate picture of the previous usage then divide the distance by the total hours. Foremans with mid to high mileage and reasonable hours could be more appealing. When you look at the same method, you can be certain that your Foreman isn’t an unlucky duck in its past.

7. How much is it to repair the Honda Foreman 450? 

The cost of rebuilding is usually based on the part you wish to upgrade, the place you purchase it, and whether you choose the original or aftermarket components. Today, you can find numerous deals on reasonably priced parts that let you turn the quad you have been using into a monster. 

Are you looking to change your carburetor? It is possible to purchase the latest Honda Foreman Carburetor 450 (view the item on Amazon). Are you looking to cut costs? Visit your local mechanic and they might offer some useful suggestions.

8. Should I purchase a Honda Foreman 450?

In addition to driver skills and personal preferences, the intended purpose for the quad will determine whether or not to purchase one. If you’re looking for a machine that is able to get out on the trails but does not shirk from towing, mudding, and taking big logs, then buying the Foreman the 450 would be an absolute yes!

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