Honda Rancher 350 Specs and Review 2022

Honda Rancher 350: It’s one of the first quads to feature numerous amazing features such as its Electric Shift Program and Electric Power Steering. 

Its SUV design and mechanical parts further improve its maneuverability, and ultimately improve your riding experience. 

Honda Rancher 350

What else do you need to learn concerning this model of the Honda Rancher 350?

One of the strongest ATVs that has ever been built and the Honda Rancher 350 boasts of advanced technology and can eat up energy like no other. 

It’s a basic utility vehicle that has a blend of strength and functionality. It is the type of vehicle that users would think of as one of the best purchases they could make.

From specifications and features to advice for keeping this beast in perfect condition This guide will give the most sought-after information regarding one of the best and most adaptable all-around vehicles.

What’s the deal? Honda Rancher 350

The Honda Rancher 350 was an upgrade that was a follow-up model to the FourTrax 300(TM) and was part of the same range of multi-purpose quads that are believed to rank among Honda’s best ATVs. 

It might not have earned the “world’s most powerful all-around ATV” designation however, the Rancher certainly will not be a distant second in terms of strength and flexibility.

Oft confused with the Foreman The smaller Rancher is a fantastic combination of handling, size capacity, and power. This mid-sized brute is practical and useful and is an excellent alternative to an expensive tractor that will cost more for farmers to buy and maintain.

Honda Rancher 350

Honda Rancher 350 Specs & Specifications

  • Engine The engine is powered by a four-stroke single-cylinder OHV motor, which is mounted longitudinally, providing the most room for the user, and reducing the loss of power to the drivetrain. 
  • Its bore is 78.5 millimeters, and the stroke is 68 millimeters. The engine’s displacement measures 329 cubic centimeters. It is powered through a 32-millimeter Keihin carburetor. The compression ratio stands at 8:7,1. The fuel tank’s capacity is 3.4 gallons/12.9 Liters.
  • Drivetrain The power is transmitted through a 5-speed transmission with the inclusion of a reverse gear. It comes in conjunction with Electric Shift Program (ESP) that permits its part-time 4WD system to turn on and off using a button with ease.
  • Ignition with HTML0 – Honda Rancher comes with the ability to use an electronic Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) that has an electronic start mechanism as well as an auxiliary recoil pull starter that can be used as a backup. 
  • If you’ve broken the Honda Rancher 350‘s starter and you want to replace it, you can do so by replacing it with Bernard Bertha Starter Honda 350 Rancher 2000-2006 (view on Amazon).
  • Tires The front wheels come with Bridgestone(r) 24 x 8-12 tires. The rear wheels are fitted with Bridgestone(r) 24 9-11 tires. You can speed up your ride by using larger tires such as the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire (view on Amazon).
  • Brakes Triple-sealed drum brakes in the front, and single-sealed mechanical drum brakes on the rear handle to stop functions.
  • Suspension Front suspension features an independent double-wishbone with vertical lower and upper control arms, which boost the negative. It permits 5.9 inches of travel and gives more stability and a consistent alignment of the wheels. 
  • The rear suspension uses an arm swing with steel finishes and an individual shock absorber that can accommodate 5.9 millimeters of movement.
  • Dimensions The quad comes with an enclosed, water-tight trunk as well as rear and front cargo racks. The total dimension is 78.12 inches and the wideness of 45 inches. The size is 44.3 inches, and the clearance to the ground of 7.2 inches. The wheelbase of the vehicle has a length of 49.1 inches.
  •  In addition, the seat has a height of 32.4 inches. The dry weight is 524 pounds. ; GVWR can go up to 1,034 pounds. In addition, the rotational radius of 10.8 feet allows an ideal vehicle for easy handling and excellent spins.
  • ExteriorIt’s made of a steel frame as well as plastic body material. It is durable light as well as easy to wash. 
  • Also, it comes with flooring boards (driver and passenger sides). Are you looking to take care of your quad? You can purchase a waterproof ATV cover (view the cover on Amazon) to shield it from sunshine or snow.
  • Lighting two halogen lights placed on the front fenders and 45-watt handlebar lights are all equipped with a multi-reflector lens for better lighting distribution.
  • Electric Shift Program(TM) – this new feature makes it possible to shift with a push-button that allows drivers to upshift and downshift when required.

Improvements after 2004

In case the initial specification, as well as features included in Rancher 350, were not enough, Honda made additional improvements to the model of 2004 in the following ways:

  • Driveline options allow the driver the choice of the light control (2WD) and maximizing available traction (4WD)
  • Reverse levers that are all-new for Equipped with ES Rancher models make changing directions much easier and can be useful in a variety of activities, such as clearing snow or doing farm chores
  • A better manual-override feature has been added to DCT models, which provides more control and better handling
  • The new shift map that is compatible with DCT or ES-equipped cars tracks engine RPM in real-time and before shifting, which allows for smoother shifts from gear to gear
  • A lack of CVT belt is due to feedback from customers and is intended to improve the ride, as well as lower maintenance and risk of slip
  • Cargo racks, as well as accessories that work in Honda’s Pro-Connect(TM) feature.
  • A 1.9-liter utility container with a weatherproof cover is incorporated into the front deck. It is created to store the essentials for your off-road adventures or cold drinks you love.
  • New guards are now available that extend to the entire width of the lower suspension. designed to protect the CV joints and driveshaft.

Honda Rancher 350 Specs

The Good and the Bad

Many positive things to say regarding Rancher 350. Rancher 350. Its reliability, shiftless transmission along with its SUV-inspired style make it a cult favorite among hobbyists, farmers, and sports fans.

It’s smooth and easy to drive and an ergonomic design is suitable for every weight and size. 

The footpegs provide an incredibly comfortable yet sound safety precaution. This Honda Rancher 350 requires virtually no maintenance. 

It’s enjoyable to drive, extremely predictable on the roads, and simple to use. It’s great both off and on the trail, and its stability and traction exceed the size of its tires.

However, despite its reliability however, this Honda Rancher 350 has its fair share of issues. One example is that owners are warned about steering issues when driving at speeds of 5-10 mph.

the vehicle is able to move in the direction it wants to go, but at a speed that could end up causing injury to the driver if the driver is not taken care of. 

This issue can be resolved by either adjusting the tie rods to allow lots of toe-out to stop the steering from becoming sensitive, or by checking the lower and upper ball joints for damage.

Another issue is that it stops at half-throttle and the engine noises are a result. Some drivers have taken off the airbox in order to fix the problem, however, experts suggest against this. 

It’s not only an easy fix with a band-aid but it can also put at risk the vehicle, as water may enter the carburetor and, more importantly, it could damage the motor. 

Some experts suggest the replacement of the spark plug rather than cutting off the breather of your ATV. Other complaints include ticking or tapping sounds, wiggles within the piston, as well as smoking.

About Honda

Honda Motor Company Ltd. is the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. It is the creator of the Honda Rancher 350. It is a top innovator with energy and energy management, AI robots, mobility, and robotics.

It continues to create high-performance sports models and commuter models. Soichiro Honda established Honda in the year 1946. 

Since then, Honda has succeeded in creating a variety of premium automobiles, multipurpose engines along with power and energy equipment.

Conclusion Final Honda Rancher 350

In sum in the end, in the end, the Honda Rancher 350 can be described as a reliable machine that will fulfill your requirements while also providing a great ride. 

It’s light in price compared to bigger ATVs and comes with an enduring and durable style. 

It comes with cutting-edge technology, ingenious features as well as all the features you would expect from an ATV that is a utility vehicle. Do I need to say more?

Honda Rancher 350

Did Honda make a rancher 350?

TRX350 (2000 – 2006)

The first model that was to carry the Rancher name was the TRX350. It was a step over earlier, the less powerful TRX300; Honda introduced the Rancher 350 to be the better option for sitting somewhere with the more extensive Recon and the Larger Foreman.

How fast does a Honda 350 Rancher go?

What is the maximum speed of the Honda Rancher 350? Rancher 350s are capable of speeds of up 45 mph when on a level road. However, some owners could get it speeds up to 53mph (but as they said, it took a long time to reach that speed).

How many gears does a Honda Rancher 350 have?

The four-wheel-drive system was a part-time feature and could be turned on and off at the touch of a switch. Rancher 350 customers could select between two different transmissions that included a standard five-speed manual or an innovative continuous variable model.

How fast is a 2004 Honda Rancher 350?

What is the maximum speed of the Honda Rancher 350? Rancher 350s can reach 45mph when on a level road.

How good are Honda ranchers?


As a set However, the Ranchers are among the best all-rounders for the numerous tasks that ATVs are commonly employed for. They are highly stable and manoeuvrable, and their track record of reliability is unparalleled.

When did Honda make the Rancher 350?

The Honda Rancher Family was started in 2000 when created on the Rancher 350. The Honda Rancher was among the first ATVs to utilize the motor that was mounted longitudinally.

What years did they make 350 rancher?

TRX350 (2000 – 2006)

A step above earlier models like the TRX300, Honda introduced the Rancher 350 to be a more efficient model that could be placed with the more extensive Recon and the Larger Foreman.

What years did they make the Honda FourTrax 300?

The Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 (or TRX300FW) is an incredibly high-performance, ground-breaking ATV manufactured by Honda from 1988 until 2000. It was equipped with a 282-cc air-cooled mono-cylinder engine with incredible towing capabilities, 45mph top speed and 20 horsepower.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What type of oil can the Honda Rancher 350 require?

 You can top off the engine using all 10W-30 motor oils. It will take just over two quarts of oil to fill it up. You can begin by pouring in two quarts of oil first.

2. Are bigger tires giving my rancher an edge? 

It all depends on the usage that your quad. The stock Honda Rancher 350 tires are efficient enough in that they permit you to perform quite a bit of work while having some racing enjoyment. If you feel that your tires aren’t suited for the rigors of deep snow and mud the tire modifications can be able to do the job. The drawback is that you might have to sacrifice some low-end torque or flashy spins.

3. What is the average time the Honda Rancher 350 battery lasts?

 The typical life of the Rancher battery is 2 to 3 years. It is contingent on the model of your ATV if you bought it with a stock battery, and how well the previous owner took care of the battery. An effective way to prolong the life of the battery is to utilize an electric battery when you’re not riding. it runs maintenance cycles and fixes damaged cells in the battery.

4. What is the maximum speed of the Honda Rancher 350? 

Rancher 350s can reach 45mph on roads that are level. However, some owners have been able to get close to 53mph (but according to them, it took a long time to reach it). If you’re trying to reach the speed you want, the best advice is to ensure that your air filters are in good condition. In addition, the addition of jet kits can do wonders and could help you gain 5mph more.

5. What weight can the Honda Rancher 350 tow?

 It is equipped with the capacity of 66 pounds for its front rack and is able to lift or tow up to 850 pounds. However, however, towing at a high weight too often could cause malfunctions that could necessitate valve de-clogging or the replacement of your complete Honda Rancher 350 carburetor.

6. What is the price a Honda Rancher 350 cost? 

The original price for the model in 2004 was $4,899 while the ES version cost $200 more. Secondhand purchases made through auctions and trader sites vary from $1,999 to $3,995 in models from 2005 and $2,500 to $4,599 on models for 2006.

7. Should I purchase the Honda Rancher 350? 

In addition to driver skills along with personal tastes, the intended purpose for the quad should determine whether you should purchase one. If you’re looking for an affordable utility vehicle that can get the job done but is able to also be used for hikes, I would suggest buying this model: the Honda Rancher 350!

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