New Mexico Off Road Trails Jeep, ATV, Etc. 2022

18 Best New Mexico Off-Road Trails (Jeep, ATV, Etc.)

New Mexico Off-Road Trails Jeep: New Mexico is known for its stunning weather and breathtaking landscape. 

New Mexico Off Road Trails Jeep

With desert landscapes and forested mountain ranges, there’s no shortage of spots to discover. What are the top New Mexico off-road trails?

New Mexico has lots of places to go off-road. Go to the Red Sands Off-Road Area It is a fantastic location to go on a dirtbike ATV/UTV, Jeep, or even a truck. 

Camping is completely free and you can bring your family to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Also, there’s Red River, a fantastic area with scenic tours in 4×4.

Our top 18 New Mexico Off-Road Trails are as the following:

  1. Red Sands OHV Area (BLM)
  2. Gonzo Trail
  3. Red River Offroad
  4. Quebradas Back Country OHV
  5. The Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area
  6. Hackberry Lake Dunes Complex
  7. Mescalero Sands North Dune
  8. Haystack Mountain OHV-BLM
  9. Glade Run Recreation Area-BLM
  10. Buckman MX Track
  11. Santa Fe National Forest
  12. Gallup Off-Highway Vehicle Park
  13. Caja del Rio Plateau
  14. Cedro Peak OHV Trail
  15. Aden Hills
  16. Cinder Road River Trail
  17. Big Burro Mountains
  18. Clovis MX Track

There are many wonderful things to love about New Mexico, and one of them is its many miles of trails and wide spaces for adventurers who prefer off-road trails. 

You won’t regret choosing this Land of Enchantment for your next adventure. Here are our most popular New Mexico OHV trails in detail.

18 Best New Mexico Off-Road Trails

18 Best New Mexico Off Road Trails

1. Red Sands OHV Area (BLM)

If you want to experience an unforgettable off-roading adventure You’ll require a stunning location to take an off-highway automobile. 

It’s the Red Sands OHV area offers lots of trails for 4×4 that are well-packed and a wide, open track for off-roading. 

There’s no reason not to enjoy these New Mexico off-road trails, with its mesquite coppice dune system with more than 100 miles of trail.

The trails created by humans are utilized for motorcycle races that are organized, however, other users are also welcome to take a trip. 

They’re easy to navigate and the area is suitable for camping, with the wide spaces that are open between dunes.

2. Gonzo Trail

The Gonzo trail is an amazing experience! Locals regard the trail as one of New Mexico‘s most secretive hidden gems, providing adventurers with thrilling pathways and trails for walking. 

Have a memorable family vacation at Gonzo trail in which you can enjoy amusement riding bikes, riding, and walking.

3. Red River Offroad

If you’re in search of an exhilarating off-road experience on the roads of New Mexico, head over to Red River New Mexico OHV trails. 

Do not worry if you’re not a novice at offroading. You will still be able to enjoy the most thrilling Red River off-road adventure with the trails’ guide off-road tours. 

Don’t limit your summer fun time when you have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of New Mexico with a guided trip through New Mexico Jeep trails.

4. Quebradas Back Country OHV

Quebradas Back Country OHV Trail Quebradas Back Country OHV trail is ideal for those who want to improve their skills as an off-roader. 

It is possible to start on the main portion of the route and it is relatively simple due to its well-maintained gravel road and stunning scenery. 

For experienced OHV drivers, it is possible to take the side trails to enjoy the most thrilling and enjoyable riding through the rough loose dirt with plenty of sand climbs as well as rough obstacles!

It’s a great option for adventurers who want to explore new trails. In addition to the endless miles of a thrilling hike and challenging terrain, this trail is great for camping and for sightseeing. The trail offers a variety of views, which makes the ride truly breathtaking.

5. The Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area

If you’re in search of exciting New Mexico ATV tracks The Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area offers more than 800 acres for off-road enthusiasts. 

The terrain is comprised of vast dunes of sand and gentle to steep hills suitable for OHV, ATV as well as UTV riding. The more than 40 years of continuous off-roading have shaped the trails’ many trails and roads.

With its many landscapes, Visitors can take part in various motorized pursuits to test and improve their driving abilities.

 Vehicle Recreation Area

6. Hackberry Lake Dunes Complex

Those who love off-road trails that have a variety of topographic features must go to Hackberry Lake. Hackberry Lake Off-highway. 

With over 55,000 acres of terrain, the New Mexico off-road trail is ideal for off-highway vehicles like motorcycles, sand dunes buggies, and various other kinds of OHVs.

The location is in Southeast New Mexico, Hackberry Lake Dunes Complex is open all year long. 

There are no charges for visitors and campers who are permitted to use the parking space and campsite. But, every vehicle must have the New Mexico OHV sticker.

7. Mescalero Sands North Dune

The most experienced OHV riders seek out difficult trails. They are able to discover in Mescalero Sands North Dune. 

The trail covers an area of more than 600 acres of high dunes within an area that is spread across the entire area.

The trails are ideal for motorcycle riding, OHV, and camping. Camping is permitted in the majority of places in the parking lots and in areas close to the dunes. 

Be aware that dunes-related areas are only accessible by all-terrain vehicles.

8. Haystack Mountain OHV-BLM

It is Haystack Mountain OHV is an off-road trail for all the family. It is located 22 miles to the north of Roswell, Haystack Mountain offers more than 1900 acres of hiking trails that are suitable for novices as well as experienced. 

The terrain is difficult with deep gullies, as well as steep hills, it also offers terrains suitable for the beginner’s level of skill.

The parking areas are large enough to allow loading and unloading, as well as staging large-scale events. It’s a wonderful place to stay in with its tranquil setting and superb facilities. 

The trails are single-track to mountain bikes, and those who visit will definitely be able to enjoy hiking, camping, and wildlife watching.

9. Glade Run Recreation Area-BLM

Its Glad Run Recreation area is the perfect getaway on weekends for all the family. It has more than 19000 acres of arroyos of sandy with rolling terrain, as well as slippery rock. 

These attractions are great and exciting for OHV enthusiasts, specifically those looking for the thrill of crawling on rocks.

In this area of recreation, OHV riders get an opportunity to experience difficult terrains like mountain trails, boulders, slippery rocks, and rock piles. 

The goal is to drive over rough terrains and obstacles that appear impossible to the average person.

10. Buckman MX Track

It is the Buckman MX Track is a Motocross track that was first developed in the second half of the late 1960s. 

It was rebuilt recently with the help of local volunteers and has since enticed visitors with its 55-acre natural terrain tracks.

Buckman MX Track

11. Santa Fe National Forest

There is Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico is another perfect holiday destination for families of all ages. 

It has hiking trails and visitors can take advantage of the numerous life zones within the forest. The area is accessible to hikers and can anticipate interacting with mountain bikers and equestrians.

12. Gallup Off-Highway Vehicle Park

After many years of labor After years of dedication, the Gallup Off-Highway Vehicle Park began operating in November 2010. 

The park is among the main attractions in Gallup, New Mexico, and provides 300 acres of land to enjoy your OHV excursions. 

The park’s facilities include a 1.2-mile-long motocross track and 10 miles of ATV riding.

It is accessible for free to use the trails or camp at the campground. The OHV section is open from sunrise until sunset. 

This Gallup Off-Highway Park is under the Red Rock Motor Club’s supervision an organization the area which promotes events in the area.

13. Caja del Rio Plateau

Enjoy a bit of dusty time in Caja of the Rio Plateau situated in a less arid and dry area within Santa Fe National Forest. 

It’s not a well-known trail, however, Caja del Rio Plateau showcases the beauty of nature in New Mexico, making it the perfect spot to make memories.

14. Cedro Peak OHV Trail

Cedro Peak is a great and enjoyable trail that is fun and enjoyable. Anyone looking to enjoy an adventurous, but the enjoyable trail can choose the 80-mile route in Cibola National Forest. 

It currently includes eight trailheads leading to smooth, hard-packed, and rocky trails. It’s a great trail for those just beginning their journey, but it’s also advised for those looking for more rugged trails.

The terrain is very rocky and many would say it’s not safe except if you’re driving with a four-wheel drive. It’s great for people who want to experience the thrill of getting their feet wet when it comes to off-roading.

Cedro Peak OHV Trail

15. Aden Hills

If you’re in search of the most popular off-highway trails located in New Mexico for your OHV rides, make sure to check out Aden Hills OHV trail. 

In 1993, the 8700 acres Chihuahuan Desert scrub environment was designed for cross-country and off-road trips. Today it is used for cross-country travel. Aden Hills is used twice every year for an organized motorcycle race.

It’s completely free to ride around the area and camping is allowed. This OHV trail runs 20 miles southwest of Las Cruces. 

It is important to be prepared because the trails are restricted to a handful of shade structures and pathways suitable for all-terrain vehicles.

16. Cinder Road River Trail

This Cinder Road River Trail can be used by beginner to experienced ATV riders. It’s a natural multi-use trail that is located on the eastern banks of Gallinas Creek in Las Vegas, NM. 

It’s the sole trail in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and its 2.8-mile route is accessible to all who want to take a leisurely path.

17. Big Burro Mountains

The Big Burro Mountains are part of New Mexico‘s National forest. It has miles of stunning views, and trails that range from easy to challenging. 

It’s among the top ATV areas and offers numerous trail options to take in. ATV enthusiasts describe it as an incredible spot. People who can’t be satisfied with the area intend to return as often as they can.

18. Clovis MX Track

Clovis MX Track is an unnatural surface that provides the highest altitude for ATV and motorbike driving. It’s ideal for riding with its lengthy and fast track, which is ideal for a fun adventure.

Conclusion – 18 Best New Mexico Off-Road Trails

Road Trails

  1. Red Sands OHV Area (BLM)
  2. Gonzo Trail
  3. Red River Offroad
  4. Quebradas Back Country OHV
  5. The Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area
  6. Hackberry Lake Dunes Complex
  7. Mescalero Sands North Dune
  8. Haystack Mountain OHV-BLM
  9. Glade Run Recreation Area-BLM
  10. Buckman MX Track
  11. Santa Fe National Forest
  12. Gallup Off-Highway Vehicle Park
  13. Caja del Rio Plateau
  14. Cedro Peak OHV Trail
  15. Aden Hills
  16. Cinder Road River Trail
  17. Big Burro Mountains
  18. Clovis MX Track

New Mexico offers various terrain and landscapes for outdoor pursuits. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment offers many things to offer all ages with everything from high mountains as well as wild vegetation to vast deserts. 

For decades this state of New Mexico has been a paradise for those who love off-roading and take advantage of the many trails that the state has to offer.

Whatever vehicle you have for off-roading, New Mexico trails are ready for anyone with an appetite for adventure!

Where can I go to ATV in New Mexico?

16 Best New Mexico ATV Trails and Parks
  • Aden Hill OHV Area.
  • Benson Ridge.
  • Burro Mountain Homestead.
  • Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area.
  • Gallup OHV Park.
  • Glade Run Recreation Area.
  • Goose Creek Trail.
  • Greenie Peak OHV Loop.

Can you ride ATVs in Red River NM?

The forest roads near the Red River are subject to all New Mexico ATV laws. If you are bringing your ATV, each person in your group less than 18 years old must be issued a safety permit that can be obtained online and must wear a helmet and eye protection. A responsible adult should supervise them, and they must not carry passengers.

Can you ride ATV in New Mexico?

New Mexico law requires anyone less than 18 who operates an OHV on public land or roads with paved pavements that have been approved to have an OHV safety license while using. Please note that in Ruidoso, the Village of Ruidoso, only OHVs can be allowed on roads that are approved. ATVs aren’t.

Can you drive a UTV on the road in New Mexico?

Are you able to operate ATVs and UTVs on Paved Streets in New Mexico? If you live in New Mexico, you cannot drive an ATV UTV on any freeway or highway. You can ride on an OHV into or out of an OHV zone. You can also depend on the paved road when you reach a total stopping point and not yield to the oncoming traffic.

How do you make a UTV street legal in New Mexico?

Additional requirements are required as well. The vehicle must be equipped with one headlight and taillights, brakes and mirrors, and mufflers. The driver must be able to show a current driver’s license or instruction permit, temporary license, and insurance, along with an off-highway safe license that permits minors to drive using helmets and goggles.

How do I register my UTV in New Mexico?

For registration of an OHV, go to a New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Field Office, where you can fill out the registration form and pay the fee. OHV Registration is suitable for two years and expires at the end of the month in which it was registered. OHV is registered.

Can you make an ATV street legal in New Mexico?

Local Ordinances and Resolutions for Paved Roads

It does not legally operate an ATV, ROV, or other vehicles on a paved road without a local authority, or the commission for transportation in the state has passed an ordinance permitting the use of these vehicles on roads in specific communities.

Do you have to register ATV in New Mexico?

New Mexico residents must sign up for OHV registration at the nearest Motor Vehicle Division Field Office. Contact: New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). New Mexico requires state residents to obtain a registration requirement for all OHVs used on public lands, and it is mandatory to display a valid decal.

Do you need a license for ATV in Mexico?

Hello, you have to prove you’re older than 16 to drive but not necessarily the driver’s license. We look forward to seeing you out in the open soon!

How old do you have to be to drive an ATV in New Mexico?

Years old

They must be under the immediate supervision of a responsible adult if they are at a minimum of thirteen years of age and possess an active motorcycle license. They must be at least 15 years old and have a dynamic driver’s license.

New Mexico Off-Road Trails Jeep FAQ

1. Where can I go to ATV in New Mexico?

The most popular New Mexico ATV tracks according to popularity are deemed as Red River OHV Area, Haystack Mountain OHV Recreation Area, Johnson-Hill, Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area, and Mescalero Sands North Dunes OHV Area.

2. Can you drive a UTV on the road in New Mexico?

Are you Permitted to Operate ATVs or UTVs on Paved Streets in New Mexico? The answer is yes. In New Mexico, you cannot drive an ATV UTV on any freeway or highway. You can ride on the highway into or out of an OHV zone. You could also travel on the road that is paved at a point of stopping point and accept approaching traffic.

3. How do I register an ATV in New Mexico?

To register an OHV, go to a New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Field Office where you can fill out the registration form and pay the fee for registration. OHV permits are valid for two years and expire at the end of the month that it was registered. OHV is registered.

4. Is there an app for ATV trails?

With more than 985 million acres of land that is public and five million miles of free trails, including open dates and width limitations, X Offroad is an essential app for anyone who is a motorbike enthusiast. Make sure you are using the most trusted and reliable GPS topo/satellite trail mapping application.

5. Do I need to register my ATV in New Mexico?

New Mexico residents are required to be registered for their OHV with the nearest Motor Vehicle Division Field Office. Contact: New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). New Mexico requires state residents to register for all OHVs operating on public land, as well as it is mandatory to display a valid decal.

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