Northwest OHV Park Bridgeport TX Guide & Review 2022

Northwest OHV Park At Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park 2022

Northwest OHV Park: There are 25 miles of trails with different difficulty levels and 200 acres of biking and hiking trails. What can you expect from Northwest OHV Park then?

Northwest OHV Park covers 900 acres and has many hiking, biking, and off-road trails. Intermediate rocky trails are for experienced Jeep drivers, ATV riders, and mountain bikers. For beginners, there are flat trails that offer more comfort.

Northwest OHV Park

In Texas, Northwest OHV Park is the only place where off-road driving is allowed. 

Although this OHV park is not as popular as those in Austin and Colorado, it offers excellent potential for off-roading in Texas. You will be drawn to the park’s beautiful scenery and scattered wildflowers.

This article will explain how the 300-acre site became today’s well-known adventure park. This article will discuss the best events, park guidelines, and other helpful information that you can use when planning your next trip.

Northwest OHV Park

Northwest OHV Park

The City of Bridgeport manages the Northwest OHV Park, located 100 miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth. Bridgeport, with the support of many enthusiast groups, began to transform this 300-acre parcel surrounding a rock quarry into a fun destination.

The Northwest OHV Park was completed in 2009. It is open to ATVs/UTVs and dirt bikes as well as Jeeps, Hummers, Hummers, and custom 4×4 rigs.

As many of the parks in the region are only for ATVs and motorcycles, it is the largest Jeep off-roading trail in the state.

How to Get to the Trails

It is easy to reach the green and blue trails from the main parking lot at Northwest OHV Park Bridgeport. Drive across railroad tracks from George Mitchell Parkway.

Pass T-Top Manufacturing and continue down the gravel road, following the bike and hike signs.

You can also go to Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park’s north side via Colonel Hunt Road and then turn right to Northwest OHV Park. You can then directly access the black trails.

Northwest OHV

Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park

Bridgeport achieved its goal of providing a safe and enjoyable trail system for offroaders. It also satisfied a significant demand for legal offroading in Texas, and the offroading community welcomed the OHV Park.

In 2018, Northwest OHV Park was renamed Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park. The park’s area was expanded to 900 acres, including hiking and biking trails.

Endeavour Bridgeport Adventure Park is a relatively new park that includes Northwest OHV Park, and it’s also located in Bridgeport. The park features 14 loops that range from beginner to advanced in a semi-stacked-loop format.

It has two access roads, seven blue trails, two green trails, and three black trails. These green and blue trails can be accessed almost immediately from the parking lot,

while the black courses are accessible from the blue routes. There are 8.2 miles of trails (sans bypasses or connectors) with more to come.

Endeavor Bridgeport Adventure Park

Bigger and better

The merger of the two Jeep and ATV Parks in Texas has brought Northwest riders and the Southern Rock Racing Association to Texas.

Southern Rock Racers use the park’s reclaimed rock quarry and its steep slopes. SRRA held a series round in Northwest OHV Park Bridgeport, TX, February 23-24, 2020.

In summer and autumn, night rides can also be taken at the Jeep Trails. The park is open late into the night so that guests can enjoy Saturday evenings on the trails and then leave on Sunday.

The park is open from 8 to 9 PM Saturdays to 8 to 7 PM Sundays (a few hours less) from March through October.

The park is closed from November to February, and it only opens during daylight hours, 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Terrain and Road Conditions

All skill levels can drive at Northwest OHV Park. The property has a variety of trails for all skill levels. It is an old quarry made of rock turned into an off-road park.

Twenty-five miles of off-road trails offer diverse terrain, from dirt roads to rock boulders 75 degrees. The bike trail system has a mix of smooth, flat sections and wooded sections to keep riders alert.

Road conditions vary from dirt roads to moderately tricky rocky terrain. However, some sections contain large rock boulders and steep inclines for more competitive and aggressive riders.


Weather can cause the park to deteriorate quite a bit. The terrain on the property may change from one visit, and many trails may become muddy depending on the amount of rainfall in North Texas.

Mud pits in the rock quarry, for example, are a great way to cool down in the summer but can prove problematic after heavy rains. This is why riding in the park is so enjoyable.

Weekend Camping

Trail riders and park-goers can camp free of charge. Camping permits are available for campers to set up on Friday night and remain until Sunday, just a few hours after trails close.

The park has designated areas, so camping is not allowed in the woods or trails. A pro shop, a large pavilion with tables and picnic tables, and a podium are available for races. For groups, the shade provided by oak trees is a welcome distraction.

Daily Rates

Residents pay $4 for a single street vehicle and $2 for residents. Residents pay $15 and $5 respectively for ATV/Bike. SUV/Jeep charges are $25 and $10, respectively, for residents.

Non-resident and resident guests can camp on the property for free. Currently, daily passes must be purchased in advance at

Southern Rock Racing fees are $25 per day and $40 for the entire weekend. Children under 12 years old can enjoy the racing series for free.

These prices include park entry and non-tournament trail access, and this applies to all other events at Northwest OHV Park. You should purchase your passes before the event, as the prices will increase by $5 closer to the event.

Northwest OHV Park Events

Northwest OHV Park doesn’t just offer family fun, and it hosts off-road festivals and dirt bike races. These are just a few:

National Rock Racing Association

The association organizes rock racing tournaments at various off-road parks in Texas and other States.

Nine events are spread evenly across three regions in the U.S. The series consists of nine events spread equally across the three areas.

The first event begins in February, and the last is held in October. The championship cup, which is held one week after the ninth event,

serves as the grand finale of the series and hosts the crowning of the winners of the rock racing tournament.

Central Rock Racing Series (CRRS).

CRRS was the latest Rock Racing event Northwest OHV Park hosted this year. The southeast has seen a rapid rise in hill climbing and rock crawling.

Fox News even featured it as Rock Bouncing. Vehicle owners create high-horsepower buggies that can launch insane climbs at 30-40 mph speeds.

Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS).

After seeing some off-roading enthusiasts putting on a show, rock bouncing inspired SRRA to create the Southern Rock Racing Series.

After being impressed by the off-roading abilities, they made an organized racing series.

They could do what they loved, but it would also provide an organized safety aspect, excitement, and competition.

Loops are created along the quarry’s legs to challenge rock racers during this event. Competitors will experience the Northwest OHV Park terrain through this race.

These events are unique because they are only close to about 25% of Northwest OHV Park. The rest of the park can still be used for trail riding.

Guests who want to have fun and not just watch racing events at the park can ride the OHV trails in their Jeeps, dirt bikes, or ATVs.

Dirt Riot Endurance Racing

The 2016 National Rampage Dirt Riot was held at Northwest OHV Park, Bridgeport, Texas. It is a 4×4 offroad endurance race for UTVs and stock rigs.

It was designed to help off-road enthusiasts race, build their race families, and support local race series. Dirt Riot has been hosting ten races per year since 2011.

Stock Jeeps and custom-built 4×4 race cars transport participants to the various ATV trails throughout the United States.

It is an action-packed event that offers a lot of excitement. Race participants and spectators have access to concessionaires, handicap parking, full amenities, and other conveniences.

The gates open one hour before the event.

Dirt Riot Endurance Racing

Texas 4Fest

The park hosts the Texas 4Fest Offroad Festival, featuring back-to-back Enduro and Jeep tournaments.

Park-goers have the opportunity to attend skills seminars with industry professionals throughout the day.
The VIP package includes a $250 early entry pass, a weekend pass (one vehicle), and a VIP pit tour.

There is also a VIP tent with catered lunches and VIP dinner & racer gathering Saturday night after the prologue.

Blaze Trails Running

Northwest OHV Park has hosted Blaze Trails competitions since 2018, including the Bridgeport Trail Run. The race includes a 10K, an 18K, and a marathon.

The park hosted the Blaze Trails Event in December 2019. The race starts at the Northwest OHV Park pavilion.

The race descends 155ft within 1/2 mile of OHV trails to reach the gate that connects to the hike/bike trail network.

The bike trails that run south of power lines are the most flatter for the next five miles. After the hilly or technical sections, the course returns to the OHV park gate.

The trail back to the pavilion takes you up another 155 feet to get to the finish/start.

Aid Stations

There are two aid stations along the course: one at each trailhead and one start/finish. One unstaffed Water Only station is also available. Racers are advised to bring water, especially if they participate in the 54K race.

You can get water and endurance drinks at all aid stations, as well as your favorite foods like fruits, PB&J sandwiches and potato chips, Oreos and fig cookies, and soda.

Prizes are awarded to the top male and female finishers in each event. All participants who complete the distance sign up receive finisher medals.

All race participants will receive a race shirt as a souvenir at check-out.You can contact their Parks & Recreation Office to get schedule updates or inquiries.

Rules for the Northwest OHV Park General Park

The property might be closed for camping now, but it will reopen soon. These are the camping rules for Northwest OHV Park.

Plan Your Trip

  • When planning your trip, make sure you are familiar with Northwest OHV Park. Be aware of the possible seasonal hours and updates on services provided. Also, be sure to observe how guests behave inside Northwest Park. All this information can be found on their website.
  • Register for the Bridgeport OHV Park Map online. You can also check their calendar to plan your trip for a special off-roading event.
  • Park areas require an OHV permit.
  • You will need a permit to display law enforcement or park rangers on your windows. The decal is inexpensive and valid for one year.

When you are at Northwest OHV Park

  • Waivers are available at the gatehouse of the park. They must be signed.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under 18.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter any oil or gas pad location. It is also forbidden to play with any equipment.
  • Respect the speed limit and all warning signs
  • All firearms, including shotguns and handguns, are banned, except concealed handguns with the Concealed Handgun License.
  • It is not permitted to use BB guns, paintball markers, or fireworks.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring glass, alcohol, or drugs onto the premises.
  • Don’t harass wildlife. You are not allowed to hunt on the property.
  • When you leave, take out all trash.
  • At closing time, leave the park.
  • Waivers are available at the gatehouse of the park. They must be signed.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under 18.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter any oil or gas pad location. It is also forbidden to play with any equipment.
  • Respect the speed limit and all warning signs
  • All firearms, including shotguns and handguns, are banned, except concealed handguns with the Concealed Handgun License.
  • It is not permitted to use BB guns, paintball markers, or fireworks.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring glass, alcohol, or drugs onto the premises.
  • Don’t harass wildlife. You are not allowed to hunt on the property.
  • When you leave, take out all trash.
  • At closing time, leave the park.

Riding on Trails

    • Only park and ride in the designated areas of Northwest OHV Park
    • Helmets are required for ATV/UTV/motorcycle riders.
    • Any unsafe vehicle to operate in the park will not be allowed.
    • Take care when you are riding, as not all trails are well marked.
    • Follow the trail markings.
    • Do not make new tracks.
    • Respect other riders, and be careful when passing them.

    Additional park rules can be found on the City of Bridgeport Website.

    Recall that any Northwest OHV Park rules violation can lead to eviction. You will not be eligible for a refund if you are evicted. You will also be banned from returning to the park after one year. A permanent ban could be imposed if you continue to disregard these rules.

Northwest OHV Park – Experience Texas!

Although off-roading can be challenging, the excitement of exploring new places and the challenge it presents is unbeatable.

Although Texas is home to many beautiful natural areas, it can be challenging to find legal off-road riding spots due to the state laws.

Bridgeport and other towns have created OHV parks so that off-road enthusiasts can come together to ride at their hearts’ content.

You will need a 4WD, an OTV permit, some gear, and a weekend. Then you’re ready to go to the Lone State, where everything is bigger and better.

Check out these NW Jeep offroad trails. Although you might need to drive a bit to reach a good course, it will be well worth the effort.

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