Off Road & ATV Riding in Palm Springs, CA Rentals & Tours 2022

Off-Road & ATV Riding in Palm Springs 2022

ATV Riding in Palm Springs: With its breathtaking landscape, excellent year-round weather, and proximity to many other tourist attractions and destinations, Atv Palm Springs, CA, is also a great location to experience off-road riding. 

The ATV experience within Atv Palm Springs will be pretty different from the more traditional mountains of other states. 

ATV Riding in Palm Springs

However, it has plenty of adventures in the desert and stunning adventures for families and groups alike.

What are the top tours and rental options for ATV riding in Palm Springs? Based on what you want to participate in, there are plenty of options. We’ve got a few suggestions for you:

Rentals of ATVs within Palm Springs

  • Happy Trails Rental
  • E&E ATV and UTV Rentals
  • Steve’s ATV Rentals
  • Off-Road Rentals
  • Socal Offroad Rentals

Palm Springs ATV tours

  • Take a trip on The Mountain (rental as well as tours)
  • Big Bear Jeep Experience
  • MC Adventure Rentals
  • Adventure Hummer Tours
  • Desert Adventure Red Jeep Tours

You’ll soon realize that taking off-roading through Palm Springs is not only enjoyable but that there’s an abundance of shops that allow you to rent an ATV, and even organize tours for you if new to the region. 

Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about the best routes and locations to visit at any ATV rental shop, as the owners are more than pleased to recommend their top routes.

ATV Riding in Palm Springs

ATV Rentals in Palm Springs

If you’re just beginning to learn about ATVs or aren’t capable of bringing your own vehicle (you may have caught a plane to reach Palm Springs? )

These stores can provide you with top-quality off-road equipment, and provide helpful guidance, too.

Happy Trails Rental

The appropriately named shop is located in Lucerne Valley, CA, close to Palm Springs and close to incredible outdoor spots like Big Bear Lake and San Giorgio Mountain. 

It is open daily from 10 to 5, the staff of Happy Rentals is excellent in guiding you through areas such as the Mojave Desert as well as other landmarks in the area.

The vehicles are in excellent condition and are equipped with SPOT trackers as well as GPS, which means you can be confident taking them out in the wild. 

They also provide a variety of self-guided, GPS-powered tours in which you can explore the region on your own, but with a little assistance from locals.

Then, get in touch with Happy Rentals to learn more about their private guided tours designed to maximize the enjoyment possible use of Johnson Valley OHV Park.

E&E ATV and UTV Rentals

E&E ATV, as well as UTV Rentals, are located near the 215 and 60 highways in Moreno Valley, CA. It’s a family-owned business, operated by a husband-wife team that was established in the year 2019 and has already gathered many fans. 

Their store is friendly and full of options and is a great option for the top ATVs, as well as UTVs to enjoy a ride around Palm Springs.

E&E are also focused on providing the best family experiences They offer a variety of safety equipment and a variety of vehicles that are suitable for novices, too. 

Talk to them ahead of time regarding the best trails and their own suggestions visit their site where they’ve included excellent websites.

Steve’s ATV Rentals

For ATVs of all ages, There’s no better place to visit than Steve’s ATV Rentals located in Thermal, CA. They have a retail shop for accessories and parts available all week and their rental shop is open on weekends from September through June. 

The company is able to divide their inventory into the sport and beginner ATVs Steve’s ATV Rentals allows customers to get the entire family together to have enjoyment out on the trails.

Furthermore, the website offers much other great information, including what to expect when first using an ATV and safety and safety tips that can be beneficial regardless of your previous degree of experience. 

In addition, to complete the picture take a look at the blog for more informative information, including the top ATV tracks to test out in your local region!

Off-Road Rentals

What about a rental business that promotes its cars on videos? Off-Road Rentals located in Palm Springs, CA, will get you ready to go with stunning shots of the desert, and then tops it off with an amazing variety of vehicles to suit all the family.

This shop is open throughout the year and offers hands-on training for beginners and shorter rides of 30 minutes that will give you an experience with ATV riding at Palm Springs.

Socal Offroad Rentals

Another good option for renting an ATV is in the Palm Springs area, Socal Offroad Rentals is a specialist in rental vehicles only. 

They also can bring vehicles to your destination for a small fee if aren’t able to drive far towards Perris, CA. They also offer trailers when you rent an ATV. This is vital to transport your vehicle to where you’d like it to go.

All UTVs and ATVs available to rent are available out for the duration of the day. They need a security deposit that’s the norm. You’ll also receive useful tips and hints from the staff prior to you set off for your off-road adventures.

Palm Springs ATV Tours

Palm Springs ATV Tours

Apart from renting an ATV to go to the next adventure There are many rental shops within Palm Springs that offer their own guided tours or self-guided alternatives that include a GPS unit. 

Here’s a selection of the most reputable tour operators (with or without the ATV rental options).

Relax and enjoy The Mountain (rental and guided tours)

The ATV rental and tour business has multiple locations across California including the closest to Palm Springs is Lake Arrowhead. 

The company operates under a permit from the San Bernardino National Forest, Enjoy the Mountain offers private excursions for groups of four ATVs as well as simple rentals. The safety equipment, guide, and fuel are included when you reserve the tour.

Enjoy the Mountains is well-known because of its excellent vehicles and offers that allow new riders to experience breathtaking outdoor spaces that make for an unforgettable day.

Big Bear Jeep Experience

Go to Big Bear Lake for a very popular off-road ride with a guide who gives you details about the area, and allows you to fully take into the surroundings. 

Big Bear Jeep Experience Big Bear Jeep Experience provides Jeep excursions with a tiny but excellent-quality fleet. Reservations are essential to secure the availability of space.

We’ve added them to the list because of the amazing feedback from their customers, which puts them above any other tour operator within this region.

Palm Springs area, although they do not offer ATV rides. Tours are offered for beginners which take 1.5 hours and advanced and intermediate level tours, where you’ll tackle major elevations and difficult climbs, rocky trails, and adrenaline-pumping descents.

MC Adventure Rentals

Off-road rental within Palm Springs usually means going quite a ways from the city. Fortunately, MC Adventure Rentals has three locations located in Grand Terrace, Perris, and Lake Arrowhead, allowing you to be within walking distance of trails without the need to travel for miles. 

They rent ATVs and side-by-sides jet skis and boats and RVs so you can choose from a variety of adventure vehicles that fit your needs and your family’s capabilities!

ATV rentals at this location provide a wide range of vehicles. There are also guided tours lasting two hours that allow you to explore the surrounding mountains. 

You can explore some incredible trails right from their doorstep and spend a relaxing excursion, whether guided or by yourself.

Adventure Hummer Tours

One of the top-rated tour operators with the highest ratings for ATV riders located in Palm Springs bears mentioning here. 

Adventure Hummer Tours is based in Palm Springs and takes off-road enthusiasts on fantastic guided tours. They’re currently offering a self-guided tour in Joshua Tree National Park, because of an audio tour guide that was curated by their team.

On good occasions, Adventure Hummer Tours are an excellent outfit located in the city to go ATV rides at Palm Springs, taking groups out into the Joshua Tree National Park and beyond.

Desert Adventure Red Jeep Tours

Our final choice for off-roading on the road in Palm Springs is another Jeep tour service that has been operating since 1988 within the Palm Springs area and offers an array of activities and day trips for all the family. 

The distinctive Red Jeeps are able to explore in the San Andreas Fault, the Indian Canyons, and more.

Other tours offered by the company include breathtaking hiking tours with guides, in which you’ll be transported to your destination via Jeep and then explore the desert by foot. 

They also provide a variety of tours that include lunch for those who want to do exploring the outdoors at a comfortable pace.

Getting the Full Off-Road Experience in Palm Springs, CA

Road Experience in Palm Springs

A trip off-road within Palm Springs is all about exploring deserts and mountains and taking in the breathtaking scenery of the wild. 

You can head into one of the offroad rental locations at Palm Springs for an ATV or Jeep, or venture to the open road on your own, and join the Palm Springs ATV tour. 

There are many options to be found in the southern part of California for all ages preferences, interests, and skills. Pick your favorite and go out and explore the Californian wild!

ATV Riding in Palm Springs FAQ

1. Is an ATV an off-road vehicle?

To make it easier to read it is possible to use the term ATV to mean All-Terrain Vehicles. As per Oregon law, ATV is an eight- or two-wheeled vehicle with an engine and is built to be used on roads that are not paved. ATVs are off-road motorbikes as well as side-by-sides (UTVs) however, they do not include snowmobiles.

2. What are on-road and off-road?

Off-road vehicles don’t have to conform to a standard road layout for their journey. They can be vehicles that are able to travel through open areas. The terrains are usually rough for these vehicles.  This differs from vehicles on the road that is intended to be driven in smooth, well-constructed roads and provide maximum comfort to the driver.

3. Can Quads be road legal?

The answer is simple: not. The majority of quad bikes aren’t legally permitted to be driven on roads since they don’t conform to the high standards of road safety which are required for every motorized vehicle to use on the highways of public use.

4. Is there an app for ATV trails?

With more than 985 million acres of land that is public and five million miles of free trails and roads, including opening dates and restrictions on widths, X Offroad is an essential app for all motorized enthusiasts. Make sure you are using the most reliable and precise GPS topo and satellite trail mapping application.

5. Do you need a license to drive an ATV?

If you plan to drive your car on the roads it is necessary to be in possession of the full license for your car or one of the categories B1 licenses in the event that it was issued prior to the month of January 1997. If you intend to carry passengers, make sure you do not exceed the number of seats on the right. Only transport passengers when the ATV or UTV is suitable for the task.

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