23 Best Off Road Trails in Missouri❤️ 2022

Trails in Missouri: Off-road driving in the dirt, sand, or rough terrain is the most enjoyable method to get outdoors.

Missouri is a great place to do it. Find the best off-road trails in Missouri using your Jeep ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike, or any other motorized vehicle.

Off Road Trails in Missouri


Missouri is one of the top destinations for off-roading. It is a great place to take, from easy to tough trails, breathtaking views, and expansive landscapes.

We have compiled our best 23 off-road trails within Missouri:

  1. Potawatomi Off-road Park
  2. Mark Twain National Forest Jeep trails
  3. Southern Missouri Off-road Ranch
  4. Blue Springs Ranch
  5. Rush Springs Ranch
  6. Moonlight Racing Off-Road Park
  7. Vandy Off-Road Park
  8. Saint Joe State Park
  9. Chadwick OHV Trail
  10. Sugar Camp Scenic Byway
  11. Washita OHV Trail
  12. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park
  13. Smurfwood Trails
  14. Brick’s Off-Road Park
  15. Hooter Holler Off-Road
  16. Soggy Bottom MX Park
  17. Midwest Extreme Park
  18. Kasper OHC Park
  19. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park
  20. Finger Lakes State Park
  21. Cloud 9 Ranch Club
  22. The Walters Ranch
  23. Letz Go Nutz

23 Best Off-Road Trails in Missouri

1. Potawatomi Off-road Park

The park is located in Fulton, Missouri, Potawatomi Offroad Park is open to four-wheel vehicles, motorcycles, and ATVs. 

The trails are made for novice and experienced off-roaders with a variety of trails. It is among the top off-road parks in Missouri with a vast selection of trails, including the creek bed as well as mud pits, wood trails, hill climbs, and even washouts made of wood.

2. Mark Twain National Forest Jeep trails

With 150 miles of OHV trails, The Mark Twain National forest Jeep trails are a fantastic spot to experience the nation’s national forest. The off-road trails are accessible for ATVs UTVs as well as off-road motorbikes.

Be aware that anyone wishing to use an ATV, UTV, or motorcycle on the Mark Twain National Forest trails must adhere to certain guidelines. 

For instance, the rules stipulate that UTVs and ATVs must be less than 50 inches in width before they can travel the trails.

3. Southern Missouri Off-road Ranch

Imagine an off-road farm with miles of thrilling trails where you can compete up to hardcore level 6! This is Southern Missouri Off Ranch with well-planned trails. 

It’s the perfect location for you to host your Jeep Jamboree, where you get off-road enthusiasts together with their Jeeps to enjoy the great outdoors.

The SMORR is more than an off-road park with its beautiful, well-marked trail plan. It’s an off-road path with amazing facilities including well-maintained shower facilities to comfortable camping spots for campers.

4. Blue Springs Ranch

You’re not getting the full experience If Blue Springs Ranch isn’t on your list of top highway parks located in Missouri. 

The trails are suitable for all levels of experience, thanks to their hillside wooded areas and more than 60 trails that span 300 miles. In Blue Springs Ranch, there’s something for everyone to enjoy regardless of their level of experience.

5. Rush Springs Ranch

Rush Springs Ranch Rush Springs Ranch features excellent camping facilities as well as an exhilarating off-road experience! It is open every day of the week and has more than 40 miles of trails off-road that wind through beautiful tracks. 

Anyone who’s been riding on the Rush Springs Ranch trail would go back without hesitation.

6. Moonlight Racing Off-Road Park

Moonlight Racing is a well-known off-road park located in Missouri. It is home to a wide range of trails that are designed specifically to allow trail riding and rock crawling. 

This trail, located near Richwoods, Missouri, features more than 12 miles of light-frequented trails that are primarily suitable for off-roading.

7. Vandyz Off-Road Park

The Vandy off-road park is another great destination to go off-roading for those looking for an alternative to the usual. 

The park is much more than just a weekend escape because it’s also an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation for all the family. 

The trail is accessible for all types of vehicles and drivers with different levels of skill.

Vandyz Off Road Park

8. Saint Joe State Park

It is Saint Joe State Park is part of the park system of the state. It gained fame as the best off-road vehicle park due to its trails. 

2 000 acres in Saint Joe State Park are specifically designed for off-road vehicle rides.

9. Chadwick OHV Trail

Go on the Chadwick the OHV trail and experience the nearly 80 miles of trails to discover. 

The ATV route is a stunning landscape of rock outcrops, springs, and wildlife. This area is filled with wildlife of all sizes and shapes. 

You’ll be amazed by the beauty of nature and be shocked when you spot one of the black bears in the woods!

10. Sugar Camp Scenic Byway

A drive along Sugar Camp Scenic Byway means taking in the lush grasslands, farms, and stunning views of forests. 

The byway has 8 miles of asphalt roads with lush vegetation along the routes.

11. Washita OHV Trail

Washita OHV trail is open on certain dates. Go to their Facebook page for the scheduled open wheeling dates. 

But, you shouldn’t be missing all the trails of 22 miles of mud bogs as well as 1.2 miles of motocross tracks.

The majority of OHV riders describe the trail as tough and difficult, with the 1,385 feet Bald Knob Peak working as the largest obstacle.

12. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park

Flat Nasty is an excellent off-roading trail suitable for all ability levels. It offers a good mixture of challenging terrain with a range of simple to medium. 

The trail is accessible to all vehicles and includes beautiful woods, dry creeks, and a motocross track.

13. Smurfwood Trails

Smurfwood is a top road park located in Missouri that offers a variety of riding. This unique destination located in Northeast Missouri features over 20 miles of trails. 

It’s a great place to ride in, thanks to the fresh trails that are wooded as well as mud pits, bridges, and hills. The well-maintained trails and the gorgeous scenery make it ideal ATV riding.

14. Brick’s Off-Road Park

Brick’s Off-Road Park Brick’s Off-Road Park was originally a farm owned by a family until the owners decided to turn the park into an off-road one. 

The park is open to off-road vehicles of all kinds and offers a thrilling opportunity to take the ATVs, dunes buggies, and dirt bikes.

Today, many off-roaders are recommending Bricks to be one of the most popular off-road parks in the United States. 

It has terrain that is perfect for off-roading. It has the rolling hills to the waves of fields, creeks, and stunning scenic views. It is an enjoyable ride or challenging off-roading.

15. Hooter Holler Off-Road

The park’s 500 acres of family-friendly space is a perfect spot for those who like to go off-road. It is a great place for both novice and experienced riders. 

It provides trails that vary in difficulty levels, ranging from water ponds, and mud pits as well as motocross tracks. to dirt drag courses.

If you’re looking to plan an exciting off-road adventure If so, Hooter Holler is to be. 

Hooter Holler offers features for your convenience, such as parking spaces made of grass as well as camping spots, and even creeks suitable to swim in.

16. Soggy Bottom MX Park

It is located in the Soggy Bottom MX Park one of the most recent motocross parks located in Missouri. It is a very warm and welcoming place and well-maintained, with tracks that are situated on 170 acres of private land. 

The owners have recently added 40 miles of tracks, and twenty miles of single-track specifically designed for dirt bikes.

Soggy Bottom MX Park

17. Midwest Extreme Park

Its Midwest Extreme Park is another attraction that is a fan favorite, for its 1.25-mile natural terrain motocross track, as well as nine miles of scramble loops 500 yards straight rhythm and training tracks inside the 3500-acre off-road park.

18. Kasper OHC Park

If you’re looking to tackle an adventurous trail, nothing beats the challenge of tackling rough terrain off-road. 

Kasper OHC Park gives you the most thrilling and fun experience, featuring more than 120 acres of wood trails, mud pits, and creeks. 

The park welcomes all kinds of OHV vehicles. Additionally, the park’s owner, who is friendly, permits camping within the park.

19. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park

Flat Nasty Off-Road Park is ideal for all types of riding, with over 800 acres of trails and tracks made from wood. It is among the top off-road parks in Missouri with trails that are suitable for the majority of riders.

In addition to being a wonderful location to ride in, riders are able to enjoy plenty of space for camping and take in the stunning panoramas that are part of the Ozark Mountains. 

It’s a great place for camping in the wilderness, but guests can also take advantage of its modern cabins with bedrooms.

20. Finger Lakes State Park

Finger Lakes State Park Finger Lakes State Park is one of the two-state parks in the country that allow off-road motorcycling as well as ATV riding. 

The park is situated in a former coal-mining region and is now renowned for its mountain biking trails as well as the motocross tracks.

Off-roading is very popular in the region, thanks to its exciting more than 70 miles of all-terrain vehicles tracks and trails. 

Other things to do within the park include the 1.5-mile water corridor that is perfect for canoeing, swimming fishing, and scuba diving. Additionally, Finger Lakes offer a vast campground, hilly terrain, and refreshing landscapes.

21. Cloud 9 Ranch Club

Cloud 9 Ranch is a location that is family-friendly with more than 150 miles of ATV-friendly trails that wind through lush hills, shady forests, and expansive meadows. 

Other highlights of the property include six campsites, cozy cabins, and modern amenities to ensure your convenience.

22. The Walters Ranch

Walters Ranch Walters Ranch has over 100 miles of trails, plus over 1500 acres of trails. This property is private and located in Lincoln, Missouri, and is renowned for hosting major sporting events. 

It is a great place for beginner and advanced levels of riders with its single track, large ATV trails, thrilling mountain climbs, mud pits, and water crossings.

23. Letz Go Nutz

Letz Go Nutz is another family-friendly park with more than six miles of wooded trails, a track for motocross as well as a play zone that includes mud bogs and mounds. 

The trails are paved with loose rocks. Riders are likely to experience slight variations in elevation throughout the trails.

Conclusion – Off-Road Trails in Missouri

What are the best 23 off-road trails in Missouri? In short, again:

  1. Potawatomi Off-road Park
  2. Mark Twain National Forest Jeep trails
  3. Southern Missouri Off-road Ranch
  4. Blue Springs Ranch
  5. Rush Springs Ranch
  6. Moonlight Racing Off-Road Park
  7. Vandy Off-Road Park
  8. Saint Joe State Park
  9. Chadwick OHV Trail
  10. Sugar Camp Scenic Byway
  11. Washita OHV Trail
  12. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park
  13. Smurfwood Trails
  14. Brick’s Off-Road Park
  15. Hooter Holler Off-Road
  16. Soggy Bottom MX Park
  17. Midwest Extreme Park
  18. Kasper OHC Park
  19. Flat Nasty Off-Road Park
  20. Finger Lakes State Park
  21. Cloud 9 Ranch Club
  22. The Walters Ranch
  23. Letz Go Nutz

Missouri is a fantastic location to go on your next off-road adventure. Bring your ATV, Jeep, UTV, or Dirt Bike. You can go on these trails by yourself, or have fun with family and your friends.


Does Missouri Have Atv Trails?

A good number of ATV trail destinations can be found on the American ATV trail in Missouri. As a result of their popularity, Chadwick ATV trails, St. Joseph State Park, Finger Lakes State Park, Sutton Bluff, and Flat Nasty trail are among the best.

Where Can You Ride Utv In Missouri?

  • The Adrenaline Motocross Park is Open.
  • The Bricks off Road Park. Schedule varies.
  • A motocross and an ATV use area are located on Chadwick Road. The status is open.
  • The Cloud 9 Ranches are privately owned and owned and/or constructed by businesses.
  • A trailer park is located in Cooper Creek near the open access roads…
  • I like to visit the Finger Lakes, State Park.
  • Dirt Flats are an off-road park….
  • The Hooter Holler Offroad is where your best burger is made.

Can You Ride A Dirt Bike In Missouri?

In Missouri, you will be violating dirt bike laws if you operate an 888-548-5870 machine without a license. It will take a little preparation to be street legal since you will need to customize the dirt bike in such a way. Among the features required for your vehicle, including a headlight, brake light, and turn signal, are the above.

Where can you ride 4-wheelers in Missouri?

Here are five great areas for ATV off-roading in Missouri!
  • Mark Twain National Forest. Come take a ride in this national forest filled with different types of landscapes, offering both desert and forest terrain. …
  • Smurfwood Trails, Canton, MO. …
  • Rush Spring Ranch, Pineville, MO. …
  • Finger Lakes State Park. …
  • St.

Where are the best off-road trails?

America’s Best Off-Road Trips
  • Mojave Road, Arizona & California. …
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. …
  • Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. …
  • Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. …
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska. …
  • Rubicon Trail, California. …
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. …
  • El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona.

Can you ride ATV in Mark Twain National Forest?

The Mark Twain National Forest is a forest that restricts the use of UTVs, ATVs, and motorbikes on forest property to open roads with numbers (if you are riding by the law of the state) and designated trails for motorized vehicles.

Is side by side legal on Missouri roads?

In general, it is illegal operating an ATV and UTV on public streets in Missouri, except for those owned for government purposes or that are used for agricultural purposes between sunset and sunrise. Local authorities may also pass laws or regulations that permit ATV or UTV usage on public roads.

Does Missouri have ATV trails?

In The US, the ATV trails in Missouri offer more than ten great ATV trails. The top Missouri ATV trails according to popularity are Chadwick ATV Trails, St. Joe State Park, Finger Lakes State Park, Sutton Bluff as well as Flat Nasty.

What state is best for off-roading?

The Five Best States For Off-Roading
  • California. California is one of the greatest states for outdoor activities. …
  • Colorado. Colorado is perhaps one of the most beautiful states in the country — depending on who you ask. …
  • Arizona. When people think of Arizona, they might just think of a dry, flat desert. …
  • Utah. …
  • Alaska.

Can you drive a four-wheeler on the road in Missouri?

Missouri law stipulates that no person may operate an ATV on the highways of Missouri except if the ATV is managed and owned by government officials for use by officials or to serve agricultural purposes during the hours between sunset and sunrise. Anyone operating ATVs on highways must possess a valid operating license.

What does a vehicle need to be street legal in Missouri?

To be legal on the streets, buggy owners need to ensure that their vehicles are equipped with the equipment required by the Missouri codebook. All ATVs should have an LED tail lamp and headlamp, and the lights should be illuminated when the vehicle is driven on a roadway or roadway.

Do golf carts have titles in Missouri?

The state of Missouri is Missouri, LSVs are treated similarly to an ordinary car or truck and are required to be licensed, registered, and licensed. Drivers must hold a valid driver’s license and a vehicle identification number (VIN) must be presented at the time of titling/registration.

Where can I ride my UTV in Wisconsin?

14 Best ATV Trails in Wisconsin
  1. Washburn County Scenic ATV Tour. …
  2. Black River State Forest. …
  3. Tri-County Corridor Trail. …
  4. Burnett County ATV Trail System. …
  5. Embarrass River ATV Park. …
  6. Chippewa County ATV Trail. …
  7. Kewaunee County Riverview ATV Park. …
  8. Iron County ATV Trails.

Trails in Missouri FAQ

1. Where can I go to Overlanding in Missouri?

Southern Missouri is a perfect area for an overland journey. It is the Mark Twain National Forest is filled with roads that wind through the towering oak, hickory, and pine forests. With over 1.5 million acres of land that is public, The area offers ample space for roaming. Be sure to study your route prior to setting out.

2. Does Missouri have ATV trails?

In the US ATV trails in Missouri offer more than 10 good ATV trails. The most popular Missouri ATV trails according to popularity are Chadwick ATV Trails, St. Joe State Park, Finger Lakes State Park, Sutton Bluff as well as Flat Nasty.

3. Is side-by-side legal on Missouri roads?

The law states that it is generally illegal operating an ATV and/or UTV on public streets in Missouri with the exception of those owned to serve the public or that are used for agricultural purposes between sunset and sunrise. Local authorities may also adopt rules or ordinances that allow ATV or UTV use on public roads.

4. Where can you ride a dirt bike in Missouri?

The most popular Missouri dirt biking trails based on the amount of traffic are believed as Chadwick ATV Trails, Sutton Bluff, Copper Creek ORV Area, Finger Lakes State Park as well as St. Joe State Park.

5. How do you make a dune buggy street legal in Missouri?

To operate buggies on roads and highways, owners must possess an active driver’s license and then register the buggie with their regional Department of Revenue. As with auto drivers, one must be the age of 16 to be able to register an ATV and be eligible for registration.

6. Are mini trucks street legal in Missouri?

Twenty-one states have now allowed Mini Trucks on certain sections of roads that are public. In the two states of Illinois as well as Missouri, Mini Trucks are only permitted by local regulations. Mini Trucks must meet the federal safety standards for vehicles with low speeds within 5 states (Illinois, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, and Tennessee).


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