Outback ATV Park NC North Carolina Full Review 2022

Outback ATV Park NC: ATV offroading experience within North Carolina can be absolutely breathtaking if you can find excellent trails and facilities within. 

This is exactly what Outback ATV Park is aiming to accomplish: a huge area of around 800 acres of trails, ponds, and trails, as well as a mud bog as well as a drag strip as well as a number of sandpits to enjoy. 

Outback ATV Park NC North Carolina

It caters to motorbike and ATV riders of all kinds Outback ATV Park is the perfect destination for off-roading adventures within North Carolina.

What are you expecting out of Outback ATV Park NC? The vast off-road trails make Outback among the most popular and largest park in North Carolina. 

Their facilities, riding options, and exciting events make it an excellent place to visit. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the dirt, race with other riders, or simply enjoy a fun time with your family, this park offers everything.

This review will focus on Outback Park, let’s have an overview of the nature of the park the facilities available and its quality, and what you need to know before visiting.

Outback ATV Park NC

Outback ATV Park NC ATV Park Outback NC Basics

There is an Outback ATV Park located in Laurinburg, NC, close to the airport of Laurinburg Maxton close to the I-74. 

The park covers an area of 800 acres that offers a variety of activities for motorbike and ATV riders, from fantastic trails to a renowned dirt bog, drag track, as well as many other exciting activities.

The park is managed by two veterans who are disabled and is targeted at families first and first. They want their guests to enjoy the outdoors in a welcoming and welcoming manner. 

This is the reason that makes Outback extremely special. They also hold many charitable events and concerts throughout the year. They also have provided excellent facilities to allow families to camp and help riders.

The park is accessible every day of the week and is open between 8 am to 11 pm. The cost is $5 per day for access in addition to $10 per bike or ATV, etc.

You can camp on the ground, for $5/night/tent or you can bring an RV to spend the night in the campground for $20 per night for hookups per night.

What’s the ride like At Outback ATV Park?

The best aspect of Outback is the fact that they have numerous trails, ponds, and the Mud Bog. This mud bog has become very well-known and is a separate occasion: The Outback Mud Bash!

This isn’t just about fun in the mud it also includes a massive outdoor concert that features a great selection of artists and bands. Bonus features include raffles, contests, and many more.

Riding at Outback offers a variety of tracks for motorbikes. These include There is a 1.5-mile-long main road, around the track that is flat, and a peewee course. 

In addition, there are numerous sandpits and an amazing combination of scenery that runs along Jordan Creek and through the woods.

It’s always a good idea to call prior to visiting to confirm the conditions and opening hours as well as an extremely welcoming welcome once you arrive and head out on the trails.

 Riding Like at Outback ATV

Outback Rules

It could be an inviting park for all off-road cyclists in North Carolina and beyond, however, Outback has some rules that you must be aware of prior to your go-to. This includes, for instance:

  • Helmets are required for all riders.
  • You are not permitted to bring in liquor or any drugs and glass bottles are allowed.
  • There is no littering
  • Pets are required to be leashed

Outback Events

We’ve already mentioned the most well-known annual event – the Outback ATV Park Mud Bash. However, there’s more available here. 

Many contests, events, and concerts are scheduled throughout the year around the clock There are numerous charitable initiatives that are run by the park’s owners.

There are many highlights, including highlights include a Back to School Jam in September and the every year Toys for Tots Christmas drive which is followed by a festive Christmas event.

Go to the Facebook page to keep track of the latest happenings in Laurinburg. Be aware of any changes that occur due to weather or other factors.

Other ATV Parks Within Laurinburg NC

North Carolina has some great places to go for ATV riding if you’re looking to take your ride further than the Outback. Here are some of the best options:

  • Busco Beach and ATV Park: In Goldsboro, NC, Busco Beach along with ATV Park has over 2000 acres that are open to ATVs and other off-road vehicles. There are also campsites with full hookups and a beach that is human-made where you can relax or swim. The park is open throughout the year and is to be a hit with tourists and locals alike.
  • Deep Creek ATV Park: Located in Linden, NC, the Deep Creek ATV Park is operated by the Adamant ATV Riders Club and excels in mud and sand swamps. The park is available for off-roading as well as various other outdoor activities like open-air music and paintball.
  • Cape Fear ATV/MX Park: Head to the coast just an hour from Carolina Beach for this ATV park, where you can take explore the woods. Cape Fear ATV Park is a park for families which allows you to ride, camp, or fish too. There is also the motocross track as well as the mud boggy areas, both deep and shallow sandpits, ponds, and woodland trails that cover approximately thirty miles of riding. Campers can stay in primitive locations or bring their RV.

The conclusion: The Park of the People

Outback ATV Park located in NC is known as “the park that never shuts down” and also the “park of the masses” because of its huge popularity, but also because of its ability to accommodate ATV users all year round. 

This, together with the fantastic family-friendly atmosphere is the reason it is a top off-roading spot located in North Carolina.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy, as well as the extra events that happen all through the year give more reasons to return to the Outback ATV Park repeatedly!

How much is Outback ATV Park?

The park is accessible every day and is open between 8 am and 11 pm. The cost is 5 dollars per day for access, which is added to the price of $10 per bike or ATV and so on.

How many acres is Busco Beach ATV Park?

It borders the Neuse Rive, Busco Beach, and ATV Park is an ATV-rider’s paradise. Busco is home to more than 1800 acres of riding trails, drag races track for youths, Motorcross Mudpits, mudholes and ATV ponds, and mud races. ATV rental and repairs are available on-site.

Do you have to wear a helmet at Outback ATV Park?

All devices require helmets except a side-by-side equipped with seat belts that work.

When did Deep Creek ATV Park open?


Deep Creek ATV Park is run through McCormick Farms, and it opened in the year 2018. It has trails off-road for its clients to enjoy all-terrain vehicles as they ride dirt bikes, the website states.

Outback ATV Park NC FAQ

1. Do you have to wear a helmet at Outback ATV Park?

All devices require helmets except for a side-by-side seat belt that is functional.

2. How many acres is Busco Beach ATV Park?

It borders the Neuse river, Busco Beach, and ATV Park is an ATV-rider’s paradise. Busco is home to an area of more than 1800 acres of trail riding Drag racing, tracks for motocross youth tracks, mud pits Mudraces, mudholes along ATV lakes. ATV rental and repairs are on hand.

3. Can you drive an ATV on the road in NC?

Law in North Carolina, the laws for ATVs are the same as motorcycle laws. … They are not permitted to operate ATVs on highways or public roads (unless it is to crossroads). It is unlawful to operate an all-terrain automobile in a reckless or careless manner in such a way that it could cause injuries or damages to anyone or property.

4. Can you drive a dirt bike on the road in NC?

“Even if they were on the road legally, it’s illegal,” North Carolina State Trooper Ray Pierce stated.  In accordance with North Carolina statute, “dirt bikes” are subject to the same regulations as motorcycles. To legally operate a vehicle, they must register it, and the operator has to be licensed.

5. Is side sides streets legal in North Carolina?

For the first time in history, we can say “Yes!” On the 10th of June 2021, Senate Bill 241 was passed and ratified.  The new law, which goes into effect on the 1st of October allows you to drive the most well-equipped UTVs on roads within North Carolina.

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