Polaris Outlaw 90 Specs and Review Youth ATV 2022

Polaris Outlaw 90: The Polaris Outlaw 90 is a young rider‘s next step on their off-roading adventure. It’s a bit bigger and has a larger capacity than Outlaw 50 Mini quad, this one is 89cc.

It is still a fun and secure training platform for children who wish to improve their ATV riding abilities. 

In contrast to its 50-cc counterpart, this model is geared towards youngsters who are 12 years old.

Polaris Outlaw 90

This Polaris Outlaw 90 is a 4-stroke quad for youths of 89 cm3 made between 2007 and 2014. 

It comes with an electronic throttle control as well as a variety of security features as well as a long-travel suspension.

This 4×4 with a carburetor was the preferred child quad for the majority of consumers throughout its eight-year production period.

In order to enhance the quality of Polaris products in the young ATV segment The Polaris Outlaw 90 ranked 3rd out of 15 quads over the two years that followed and it’s not surprising that it did so. 

The aggressive styling, the unbeatable suspension system, and a speed rating are just a few of the elements that contribute to its appeal that merit this kind of praise. 

Are you curious about what makes this tiny wheeler an outstanding ride? Read this article to discover.

Polaris Outlaw 90

About the Polaris Outlaw 90

Its Polaris Outlaw 90 provides both novice and experienced riders with the chance to master the basics of off-roading. 

In contrast to its smaller displacement counterpart, the mini quad was designed with 12-year-olds in the back of its mind. 

It has the same auto-transmission that is shiftless. But, the speed rating has doubled. 

What was previously the top speed unrestricted to outlaws of Outlaw 50 (15 mph) is now the larger Outlaw’s speed, with the speed regulator on. 

Without any limiters, the mini 4×4 can be able to reach 30 mph. Not enough for a child’s quad.

What isn’t changed is that the 90-cc Outlaw has exact features similar to that of the 90cc Sportsman. 

Both include a myriad of safety features, including a Rider-Training DVD as well as a whip flag fixed at an end of the mini-quad.

an approved helmet that is DOT-approved. Both are stylish and have an aggressive, sporty look which is a great feature children really enjoy.

90cc Polaris Outlaw enjoyed an 8-year period from 2007 until 2014. Although it was launched before its smaller displacement counterpart, it went for five more years before it was stopped. Today the American manufacturer continues to offer Outlaw.

the Outlaw young ATV range, however in 110-cc and 70-cc displacements. These mini quads have retained many of their core characteristics and designs, with the exception of the carbureted fuel system which has been updated by fuel injection.

Polaris Outlaw 90 Specs & Features Engine

Contrary to the 50-cc Outlaw and the 50-cc Outlaw, the manual of service of the kid quad with 90cc was clear about the size of the carb of the vehicle as 16 millimeters. 

Also, it is evident that Polaris changed to a Mikuni carb found on this smaller model to the Keihin carb. 

This resulted in a Polaris Outlaw 90 top speed of 30 mph, which results in a speed rating that is twice that of its smaller displacement sibling. 

Of course, adjustments to the drive system remain necessary at altitudes higher than 6000 feet (1,800 meters).

Engine Type 4-Stroke OHV
Cylinder Arrangement Single cylinder
Engine Cooling Air cooling
Carburetion System Carburetion, 16-mm Keihin PTE x 1
Bore x Stroke Ratio 47×51.8 mm (1.85×2.04 in)
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Displacement 89 cm³ / 5.4 in³
Idle Speed 1,700 ± 100 RPM
Pilot Air Screw 2.25 ± 0.5 turns out
Main Jet 82
Pilot Jet 40
Engine Fuel 6.4 L/1.7 US gal (reserve – 0.86 L/0.23 US gal)
Fuel Capacity Unleaded gasoline of at least Antiknock Index or PON/RON rating of 87/91
Top Speed 30 mph (48.3 km/h) – unrestricted
Air Filtration High-quality foam element
Lubrication Wet sump
Engine Oil & Quantity 30 oz (900 ml) of SAE 20W-40 Polaris Synthetic Youth 4-stroke
Main gearcase: AGL Gearcase Lubricant & Transmission Fluid


The 90-cc model has the same V-belt automatic transmission and one-way starter technology that the Outlaw and Sportsman models have. 

Additionally, where control switches and buttons are accessible ideals for kids who are learning to operate an ATV. 

The ignition switch with a key is located on the central console. In addition, the rest of the switches – including the engine kill/stop-start, horn, buttons as well as choke levers are located on the left-hand side of the handlebar.

Clutch Automatic wet type
Transfer, Transmission Type 2WD, Automatic PVT forward
Gearshifting Pattern Integrated F-N-R shift sequence
Drive System Chain drive


It has the same ignition system and charge mechanism, spark plug, and battery as the 50-cc version. 

As with the former, the ignition system is compliant with European directives 97/24/EC, 89/336/EEC, and Canadian ICES-002 regulations. 

Due to the car’s small amperage level, the vehicle will require an introduction charger such as the NOCO Genius 2X2 Trickle Charger as well as a Battery Desulfator with temperature compensation (view at Amazon) to keep the battery of the YTX5L in good shape.

Ignition CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Ignition Timing 17.5° B.T.D.C @ 1,700 RPM
Spark Plug, Gap Regular: NGK CR6HSA; Premium: NGK CR6HIX
Gap: 0.6–0.7 mm (0.024–0.028 in)
Alternator Type Single-phase, Full-wave
Rated Output 56 W @ 1,700 RPM
Fuse 7 Amp (main)
Battery 12V (5 Ah)/10 HR, YTX5L-BS formats
Battery Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.5 x 2.8 x 4.2 in (114 x 71 x 106 mm)
Starting System Electric w/ kick start backup

Polaris Outlaw 90 Specs

Tires & Brakes

If you are looking for those who own the Outlaw 90 and all other mini Polaris ATVs Kendra tires appear to be the best choice for tires. 

The front tires are able to be changed to the same size Kenda K546 Speed Racers (view on Amazon). 

In the same way, rear tires can be swapped out with Sahara Classic 4-ply A/T Golf Tires (view on Amazon). 

The wheeler’s brake system is able to stop the wheel with plenty of force for novice riders.

Wheel Composition Stamped steel
Front Tire, off-road/road air pressure Duro 19 x 7-8, 20.7 kPa (0.21 kgf-cm2, 3 psi), 4-110
Rear Tire, off-road/road air pressure Duro 18 x 9.5-8, 20.7 kPa (0.21 kg-cm2, 3 psi), 4-110
Brake Type (F/R) Expanding drum
Parking Brake Mechanical lock


Improved wheel travel and turning radius are good news for those in training riders with the Polaris Outlaw 90. 

The wheel travel increased by two inches to the front and by three inches to the rear. 

In addition, the turn radius increased by 0.8 feet. That’s not enough, but still sufficient an impact on the 4×4’s smooth performance and stability. 

The ground clearance for the center frame is 7.7 inches, which is comparable to larger vehicles.

Frame Type Tubular, double-cradle
Toe-Out 3–6 mm (0.11811–0.23622 in)
Ground Clearance 100 mm (4 in) – rear axle; 195 mm (7.7 in) – the center of chassis
Wheelbase 1,050 mm (41.5 in)
Turning Radius 1.77 m (5.8 ft)
Front Suspension Type, Travel Single A-arm w/ cam-adjustable shocks, 127 mm (5 in) travel
Rear Suspension Type, Travel Swingarm w/ cam-adjustable mono-shocks, 152 mm (6 in) travel


While the differences in dimensions of vehicles aren’t significant, however, it is important to note that the Outlaw 90 increased by a minimum of 10 inches in both length and height. 

It’s also five inches longer and has its seat height 3.5 inches higher than the 50-cc version. 

The maximum weight a mini quad can handle is 77 kilograms (170 pounds) It could also be suitable for drivers who are slightly older. 

Overall, the mini-van is larger and larger than the majority of its rivals.

Length 1,560 mm (61.2 in)
Width 930 mm (36.8 in)
Height 980 mm (38.5 in)
Seat Height (Unloaded) 673 mm (26.5 in)
Dry Weight 128 Kg (283 lbs)
Maximum Weight Capacity 206 Kg (453 lbs)


Although Miniature Outlaw is a bit larger than its 50-cc counterpart, however, it shares similar safety features to the other. It has a speed regulator and a horn. It also has daytime running lights, as well as indicators lamps. 

Flexible footboards a kill switch for tethers a safety whip flag and an approved DOT helmet (view on Amazon) are also included when you purchase the quad. The design and color of the body panel are the same.

Colors Avalanche Gray/Pink, Indy Red/White, Pink Power, Voodoo Blue
Instrumentation N/A
Trip Odometer N/A
Tachometer N/A
Speed Governor Standard
Indicator Lamps Standard
Fuel Gauge Standard
Switches, Controls Standard
Headlight Daytime running lights 12V 15/15 W x 2
Brake Light/Taillight 12V 21/5 W x 2
Indicator Lights (neutral, reverse)

Polaris Outlaw 90 Specs and Review

Polaris Youth ATV Pricing

Here’s a complete rundown of the retail price and list prices for all 90cc Outlaw models that were released from 2007 to 2014.

Year – Trim – Model Number List Price Retail/Trade-In Values
2007 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,499 $855 – $1,125
2008 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,499 $870 – $1,145
2009 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,499 $905 – $1,190
2010 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,499 $940 – $1,235
2011 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,699 $1,005 – $1,555
2012 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,699 $1,195 – $1,925
2013 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,699 $1,240 – $1,710
2014 Polaris Outlaw 90 $2,699 $1,305 – $2,025

Pre-owned Outlaws remain in good condition and are priced well, with resales prices between $900 and $3,250. 

You can find a significant quantity of these models on Craigslist and eBay, with around 76 percent of the listings still having more than half the original MSRP of the ATV in 2007. 

Because mini ATVs are simple to maintain, auction listings generally have the same value that resales prices are that is found on a lot of trader websites. 

It is possible for units to be sold for auction to have minimal to no cosmetic flaws and in excellent running condition, and equipped with OEM safety features as well as an instructional DVD. 

There are some that have some parts that are aftermarket Polaris Outlaw 90 parts, like aluminum nerf bars (view the full list on Amazon). 

In contrast, machines that are sold for parts are extremely rare. If you can find them you can, it will usually cost anywhere from $300 to $600.

Polaris Outlaw 90 Problems Repeated Stalling Issues

This issue that is common to the early Outlaw 90 quads traces back to the breather tube. 

The breather tube begins at the end is the tube used to fill the tank with gas. It goes underneath the plastic and then ends up over the tank that holds the fuel. 

Due to its location, it is likely to be caught by the plastic cowling that is attached to the tank. 

If this happens, the flow of air is impeded, which can lead to the tank stalling. To remedy this issue, all you have to do is move your breather tube to the seat, and then take out the pressure in the breather tube. This will solve the issue immediately.

Starting Problems

Despite the increased displacement of the engine and the switch from the Mikuni to Keihin carbs The Polaris Outlaw 90 reportedly still is plagued by this issue. 

As we have discussed in our earlier guide, a variety of factors could cause this issue which includes:

  • fuel starvation
  • blocked fuel lines, filter or drain system
  • Spark plugs that are clogged
  • A bone-dry engine

It is crucial to adhere to these steps to prevent decrease (if not completely avoid) the likelihood of this issue:

  • Always make sure you use the appropriate quality of fuel needed by the vehicle.
  • Be sure to make sure you use the correct lubricant on the driveshafts, the lines for fuel, and filters.
  • Adhere to manufacturer-recommended steps on how to prep the mini quad for long periods of storage.

(This means that the engine will remain in good shape even after a break and will not cause issues when it is taken to ride.)

  • Inspect and clean regularly the ignition and carb components.

Other suggestions include checking the idle jet of the vehicle and running a fuel that is not ethanol as well as some fuel stabilizers and seafoam on the vehicle. 

Making sure the float bowl is not completely empty after every trip is another way to avoid issues when beginning the engine. 

This involves switching off the fuel after running for a few minutes, switching it back off to prevent the float from becoming stuck.

About Polaris

American maker Polaris Inc. is best recognized for its contribution to the snowmobile industry and is an acknowledged powerhouse within its respective ATV and motorcycle industry. It was founded in 1954.

Polaris began its first 30 years working on expanding its snowmobile offering. Then, it made the decision to enter ATV production. 

It broke through the Japanese firm’s monopoly in the market by introducing its initial American-made quad. In 1997, it introduced its exclusive Victory Motorcycles.

Since its beginning from its beginnings, the American company’s manufacturing methods of excellence are evident in its extensive assortment of off-roading and motorized vehicles. 

In addition, its innovative contribution to the off-roading industry has shaped the current four-wheelers as well as huge bore monsters. 

In the present, Polaris stands as one of the brands that are adored by both enthusiasts and consumers. 

It is the creator of the Polaris Outlaw 90, along with other all-terrain vehicles that are industry-leading Side x sides and other electric vehicles.

Conclusion – Polaris Outlaw 90 Review

If you’re looking for a sport for kids there isn’t better than riding on the Polaris Outlaw 90. 

With its more spacious frame, higher handlebars, and all-around rugged performance the parents of new or experienced riders can enjoy peace of mind as their child learns the basics of off-roading. 

Its robust construction, unbeatable security features, suspension, and overall reliability are all a new racer requires to master the dirt roads and trails. 

Additionally, its higher speed makes for an exciting outdoor experience.  

With the features and beauty associated with Polaris Outlaw 90, you will not require much convincing to introduce your child to the pleasures that are ATV riding.

What age is a Polaris 90 for?

Age 12

This 4×4 is not like its 50-cc sibling. It caters to children who are at minimum 12 years old. Polaris Outlaw 90, a 4-stroke 4-stroke youth quad of 89 cm3, was produced between 2007-and 2014.

How fast is a Polaris 90 ATV?

With the factory speed limiter in place and a rider of 80 lbs, a stock 90cc ATV can go 15-18 miles. What is the bore of a 90cc engine? A 90cc motor’s bore is typically 1.85 inches and has a stroke of 2.05 inches.

How much weight can a Polaris 90 hold?

The Sportsman 90 is a full-sized utility ATV with working rear and front racks. Both have tie-down points and carrying capacities of 15 and 30 pounds, respectively. Junior can therefore take whatever he or her heart desires.

How fast can a 50cc ATV go?

A 50cc ATV with four gears can travel at more than 30 mph. It takes physical strength and control to operate an ATV at such speeds. A 50cc all-terrain vehicle can travel more than 30 mph with four gears. A person must have the physical power to control an ATV at such speeds.

How much oil does a Polaris Outlaw 90 take?

The Polaris Outlaw 90 compact all-terrain vehicle is an 89-c small-sized unit. The crankcase holds 11/2 quarts of four-stroke engine oils.

What is the fastest Polaris ATV?

The Polaris Sportsman XP1000 is the fastest ATV model in 2021, reaching 82mph. The CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland, which has a top speed of 80 mph, and the 2021 Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000R, which can reach speeds of up to 78 mph, are in second and third.

How much is a 2005 Honda TRX 90 worth?

The 2005 Honda TRX 90 ATV’s base price is $2649. This ATV is $318.75, less expensive than the competition.

Who makes the best quad?

Honda ATVs have the best reliability. These quads are bomb-proof and have metal gears. These quads are durable and resilient, can withstand harsh terrains, and can keep going despite being subject to a lot of abuse. Kawasaki and Polaris are all reliable brands of ATVs.

How do you tell what year my Polaris Sportsman 90 is?

The 10th character in the vehicle identification number is the. To determine the year model of your four-wheeler, use the 10th character.

What size 4 wheelers does Polaris make?

The Sportsman450 and 570 Polaris ATVs are available for adults. The 450 is powered by a 33-horsepower 500cc motor, while the 570 is powered by a 44horsepower 567cc engine. Both machines have a payload capacity of 485 pounds and rack capacity of 270 pounds.

What’s the difference between ATV and 4 wheeler?

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is a vehicle that can be used on all terrain. It has three or more wheels. This includes quads and four-wheelers. A court is an ATV that has four wheels. It can either be a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. A quad is either a quad with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

What can vary a lot between ATVs?

ATVs can also have different transmissions, shifting mechanisms, and throttle mechanisms. They also have other starting tools, cooling agents, cooling systems, and axle designs. Controls and their positions can also vary from ATV model to model.

How fast does a Polaris 90 go?

This modification resulted in the Polaris Outlaw ’90s 30mph top speed, twice that of its smaller-displacement sibling. Drive system adjustments will still be required when riding at altitudes above 6,000 feet (1.800 m).

What kind of oil does a Polaris Scrambler 50 take?

AMSOIL synthetic oils are for those who want to get the best from their 2001 Polaris Scrambler50. They are resistant to extreme heat and stress, even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

How fast does a 80cc ATV go?

What speed can an 80cc quad go at? A majority of 80cc dirt bikes, such as those made by Yamaha and KTM, can reach 47 mph or 75 km per hour with no performance enhancements. Some bikes can reach speeds of 40 miles an hour, which is still an excellent speed for 7-10-year-olds to ride on two wheels.

What is a 90 ATV?

A 90cc ATV can be driven by a 90cc engine. It is often classified as a beginner’s or child’s vehicle. Because the 90cc ATV has a lower horsepower output, it cannot be equipped with many of the same options as larger-sized ATVs, such as four-wheel drive or a push blade.

What is the fastest Polaris?

The Polaris Sportsman XP1000 is the fastest ATV 2021 model, reaching an incredible speed of 82mph.

Is Honda better than Polaris?

Honda for reliability, work, and Polaris to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride. However, Honda is more susceptible to electrical and mechanical problems than the Polaris.

Polaris Outlaw 90 FAQ

1. How fast does a Polaris Outlaw 90 go?

This modification resulted in the Polaris Outlaw ’90s 30mph top speed, which is twice that of its smaller-displacement sibling. Drive system adjustments will still be required when riding at altitudes above 6,000 feet (1.800 m).

2. How much oil does a Polaris Outlaw 90 hold?

The Polaris Outlaw 90 compact all-terrain vehicle is an 89-c. The crankcase contains 1 1/2 quarts of four-stroke engine oil.

3. What is the weight limit on a Polaris 70?

The Outlaw 70, a youth ATV is only rated to transport a payload weight of 140 pounds. As much as it may be fun for adults to ride on quads, kids can’t use larger, heavier riders.

4. Who makes the Polaris Outlaw 70?

Polaris Industries is adding to their growing line of youth ATVs by announcing the Polaris Outlaw70 EFI. The new Outlaw 70 EFI is an electronic fuel injection machine, as you probably guessed. It is powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke 70cc enclosed engine.

5. How much oil does a Polaris Outlaw 90 take?

The Polaris Outlaw 90 compact all-terrain vehicle is an 89-c. The crankcase contains 1 1/2 quarts of four-stroke engine oil.

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