River Run ATV Park Jacksonville Texas Guide and Review ❤️️ 2022

River Run ATV Park – Jacksonville – Visitor and Tourism Guide

River Run ATV Park: Are you looking for a fantastic spot to go on ATV trails get some mudding in and enjoy Texan hostility at its finest? You’ll be awestruck by River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, TX. It is located in the perfect spot for those who love off-roading and want to take a spin in the mud.

River Run ATV Park is one of the most popular ATV parks in Texas. It is open to visitors from all levels who want to challenge their abilities and have fun.

No matter if you’re just beginning to learn about rivers and mud or have experience experiencing the tough terrain There’s a trail to suit your needs at the ATV Park in Texas. 

Furthermore, the high quality of the events and the maintenance provided by the owners make it an ideal location for ATV enthusiasts across the nation. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that make River Run ATV Park so unique and how you can make the most out of your trip.

River Run ATV Park Jacksonville Texas


What is River Run ATV Park Like?

The park is situated in a stunning setting along Neches River, located west of Jacksonville and east of Frankston. 

It’s an excellent outdoor spot for all ages because the river offers the chance to swim and fish in addition to riding. This feature of geography dominates this park, and it has become famous for its muddy trails.

But, with 2000 acres of private property, River Run ATV Park is also perfect for riding on trails that are dry. 

It is accessible to all off-road vehicles including ATVs, UTVs, and 4×4 trucks but there are also horse riders as well as bikers and hikers there. The park is very welcoming.

The area around the mountain of Big Rock offers beautiful views and a picturesque background to Neches River. Going on a hike at River Run means you’ll have miles of trails that are on private property, which cross Neches River’s bottom as well as oil fields roads. 

It’s not permitted to drive through Neches River, however, you’ll find plenty of mud discovered along the trails that are designated. A quick glance at this Park map will reveal the many possibilities available for riding in the park.

River Run ATV Park

What are the Facilities at River Run ATV Park?

Once you reach River Run, you can make the most of the on-site amenities and accommodations. 

There are campgrounds that have an RV park with 156 sites that have water and power hook-ups, in addition to a variety of places to put up your tent or an RV with no connections.

The park also provides accommodations in 39 cabins comprising one-bedroom or double bed, kitchen facilities as well as outdoor grills. 

The cabins also have shower rooms. If you’re in a cabin without showers, you are able to use shower houses as well as separate bathrooms.

It’s also not necessary to go far to stock up on drinks and food items There’s an on-site convenience shop that offers ATV/UTV components and merchandise for those who love River Run.

What are the Best Events at River Run?

One of the factors that have helped this off-road park in Texas’s popular ATV-riding location is the annual events that are organized by the park’s owners. 

River Run ATV Park events are held on a regular basis and offer an enjoyable environment for those who love off-roading. They typically include races on ATVs as well as UTVs sales of merchandise, along with living performances. The most popular events that take place throughout the year are:

  • The New Year’s Rally Every day from December 31st – January 3rd with camping options available
  • Mardi Gras Ride Every Mid-February with cabin and RV rentals Camping primitive
  • SuperATV MuddMayhem – Every March
  • Mudd Jam – Every April
  • Mudaholic Convention – Every November, it includes the chance to win a treasure hunt, a poker run, challenges, and live music
  • Memorial Mudbug – Every May

There’s something exciting that you can enjoy at River Run all year round by taking advantage of the fact that it is open nearly all the time. There are only a few exceptions: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.

What is River Run Like for Newbies?

If you look at the schedule of fun-filled mud-filled River Run ATV Park events and the advanced level of those who write regarding the Park through YouTube and Facebook It’s possible that you’re nervous if you’re just getting started with ATVs. 

There’s no need to be. The park is staffed with friendly expert mud-riders who’ll be there to provide you with helpful suggestions and suggestions on how to enjoy the most in the park.

There are a lot of choices regarding the riding that you can enjoy in the vicinity of River Run, and you can easily traverse the majority of trails with a smaller ATV without any assistance from other riders. 

Be aware that River Run is a well-known off-roading spot, and there will be plenty of helpers to help you out in case you find yourself stuck in the sandy or swampy terrain on mud or rocks. 

Follow the suggestions of the park’s staff and you’ll be able to get the most enjoyment from River Run.

What are the Prices for River Run ATV Park?

River Run is an official campground for the purpose of pricing and doesn’t charge for the ATV/UTV/Jeep that you are bringing to the park. The cost is $20 for a one-day pass when you’re an adult and children’s prices (ages 11-7) are reduced to $15. 

There are bundle rates for admissions on weekends and specific charges for RV rentals, cabins, camping, and more. The prices are available at the site.

Be aware that the same rates do not apply to certain events. If you want to purchase tickets for an event, they can be found on River Run’s Facebook Page. 

For instance, in November Mudaholic Convention is a popular event. Mudaholic Convention runs over an entire weekend and costs $55 per head.

How Safe is River Run ATV Park?

Anyone who drives off-road has to be accountable for their safety as well as the safety of those in their vicinity, and it is also the case with this park. 

There’s a waiver you must sign upon entering the park and you can find it on the internet. Be aware of the rules of the park which are available on the internet and which you’ll be reminded of each time you enter the park.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • While alcohol-based drinks are permitted in parks you shouldn’t under any circumstances consume the drinks while driving.
  • You must adhere to the speed limits of 5-10 mph on the main road, and around the store, office and pavilions, cabins, as well as camping spots.
  • It is not permitted to bring fireworks or firearms in the park.
  • Fires are not permitted at your camping site.
  • It is important to be respectful of wildlife and avoid damaging any trees. Additionally, Texas Penal Code SB 155 prohibits any person from driving an ATV or any other vehicle in Neches River.

Despite the greatest attention paid to security, accidents do happen and some unfortunate incidents can be found in this report. 

Although there hasn’t been an incident at the River Run ATV Park death until 2020, a 21-year old ATV driver died during an accident at the park in the year 2016. An accident caused the deadly incident, and you can learn more about the incident here.

What Other ATV Trails Can I Ride in Texas?

 ATV Trails Can I Ride

Because of its fantastic outdoors There are plenty of ATV tracks throughout Texas and off-road parks that you are able to visit and appreciate. 

You can combine these trails with Rive Run to cover almost all of Lone Star State off-roading:

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

The biggest ranch of its kind in the US is waiting to be explored with miles of dirt bikes, ATVs as well as jeep trails that you can explore on 2000 acres within the Texas Hill Country. 

It is biking here is of the highest quality as well as fantastic camping facilities as well as great occasions dedicated to off-roading.

Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach

It is possible to visit the Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach close to Houston to experience something a bit different from mountains and hills. 

Four-wheelers will love the mud in this area and you’ll also find several great sandy trails to enjoy. Fishing is also a favorite, as is swimming, and of course, camping options are everywhere.

General Sam’s Offroad Park

Nine miles from Huntsville, General Sam’s Offroad Park is in the top three best trail systems in Texas. It has miles of trails, sandpits, and mud bogs that are organized on-site and their events are fantastic. 

They have everything from to Mudsgiving Ride from the Mudsgiving Ride to Labor Day special events and an annual New Year’s party They certainly are able to keep their riders entertained.

Conclusion – Get Muddy at River Run ATV Park

There are plenty of great trails you can choose from on the River Run ATV Park, one of the most popular Off-Roading Parks in Texas for those who love ATVs and UTV, Jeep, and dirt bike riders. 

The park’s most appealing attractions are its mudbugs as well as a swampy area and dirt trails. You are also able to stay dry should you choose to. 

River Neches ensures you’ll have plenty of fun activities to enjoy, such as canoeing and fishing, as well as you’ll be welcomed with the best amenities to camp on-site. River Neches is a top pick in the list of off-road parks located in Texas!

What is the largest ATV park in Texas?

Alligator Run Offroad Park

Alligator Run Offroad Park

Alligator Run Offroad Park is the largest ATV and off-road Park located in Texas, covering 5,250 acres of terrain suitable for all skill levels.

Does River Run ATV Park have showers?

We offer four showers houses with warm and cold water showers, accessible at no cost for our guests who might have been trail riding, laying around on the Neches River for a dip or simply needing to shower during camping during the weekend. In addition to showers, there are restrooms for both genders and also.

How many acres is Gator Run ATV Park?

5,200 acres

Gator Run Offroad Park is the largest ATV/OFROADING PARKING PARK in TEXAS with 5200 acres of the most thrilling riding trails and the most challenging terrain across the United States!

Can you ride ATV in Big Bend?

ATV use isn’t allowed for use in Big Bend National Park. Backcountry road usage in Big Bend National Park and the state park of Big Bend Ranch State Park is restricted to street legal, licensed vehicles.

What is the biggest ATV park?

Windrock Park (TN) The largest privately owned riding facility located in the U.S., with 300-plus miles and 73,000 acres. Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area (KY) Trails stretch for 150 miles, almost 8000 acres of rugged terrain. Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park (LA) A total of 5 acres of trails and Muddy Bogs (emphasis in the word mud)

Can you ride ATV in Texas?

Yes, any OHV, which includes motorcycles, ATVs, full-sized OHVs or any other types of OHVs, that are used at places where OHV-related recreation is allowed and located on public land or in private OHV locations that have been awarded TPWD grants for OHVs and are required to display a current Texas OHV decal that is correctly mounted to the …

River Run ATV Park FAQ

1. How many people have died at River Run ATV Park?

In the month of March, a rider from River Run near Jacksonville, Texas died. Between 1982 and 2014, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Texas was first in the nation, in the number of 753 motorbike-related deaths. Louisiana had reported 312 fatalities during this period, which means that the state’s per-capita death rate is nearly double that of the neighbor to the west.

2. Does River Run ATV Park have showers?

We offer four showers houses with both cold and hot showers for free at no cost for our guests who may have been out trail riding, laying around at the Neches River for a dip, or perhaps just in need of to shower during camping during the weekend. Along with the showers, there are restrooms for both genders in addition.

3. Are dogs allowed at Hidden Falls Adventure Park?

We love dogs! You are welcome to take your dog with you however if you aren’t driving it should be leashed. It is your responsibility to tidy up after your pet. 

4. How do you scare an alligator away?

Running from danger is a great option, and an average distance of 20-30 feet is often the minimum required to be safe of an alligator. “They aren’t designed for taking on prey in pursuit,” he said. The loudest of sounds could also scare off predators before an attack even begins.

5. Which Overland Trail would take you through parts of Texas?

Texas Hill Country Overland Route It is a 191 mile, lightly traveled point-to-point trail in Llano, Texas that features an aquifer and is rated as moderate. It is mostly used for nature excursions as well as off-road driving. It is open all year.

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