Southington Off-Road Park Ohio OHV Area 2022

Southington Off-Road Park: Are you heading to Ohio to experience an off-roading adventure and want to experience guaranteed fun and great facilities? There’s an inviting reception to the Southington Off-Road Park in Garrettsville. 

Park Ohio OHV Area

It is situated on more than 1500 acres, this park is home to many trails, amazing obstacles, and an excellent staff who is enthusiastic and friendly.

What’s Southington Off-Road Park like, and what are you able to be expecting when you go there? This article will go over the basics, what off-road trails are, and the best way to get the most out of your time at Southington Off-Road Park in Garrettsville, OH.

Southington Off-Road Park

The Essentials

There’s Southington Off-Road Park just outside Garrettsville located on Silica Sand Road, going towards Phalanx.

Southington has a place devoted to OHVs. However, it does not accept dirt bikes, ATVs, or SXS. So, think about this before you plan a trip. 

You are able to ride your 4×4 or Jeep or any other truck with one-day passes for $25 per driver and vehicle ($5 additional per person) You can also buy weekend passes.

There are also camping facilities that do not require you to reserve it in advance (but it is on a first-come, one-person basis). There is a possibility to stay the night for $10 per day for camping in primitive arrangements or pay $10 to reserve an electric site. 

It is important to note the fact that only sixteen electrical hook-ups mean you’ll be forced to stay in a primitive spot.

Opening Times

Southington Off-Road Park is only accessible on the first weekend of each month. you can ride in accordance with the schedule posted on the website. 

At present, registration starts on Fridays around 5 pm after which you can take a ride every Saturday from 9 AM until dusk, and on Sundays from 9 am to 4.30 after 4:30 pm. Find the schedule on this page.

Southington Off-Road Park Trails

The park is home to a variety of trails, including more gentle ones for people who are just beginning to learn. 

Trail leaders are available to guide the visitors upon arrival however they do not have trail maps that are printed. Instead, you can access the map of all trail routes available in the online map on this page. 

There is a choice of an array of trails: sand dunes and wooded tracks and mud, dust and rock… as well as everything else you’d like to have!

This park’s website contains a lot of pictures to provide you with some idea about what you can expect. You’ll have the opportunity to ride on different levels and push yourself to improve the skills you have in a clean and well-maintained area. 

Be sure to enjoy some stunning panoramas, while enjoying the lake as well as the fishing ponds that are on-site, too.

General Review

In the end, Southington offers an excellent area in which Jeep drivers get off-roading during the weekends With numerous trails and a warm setting. 

The facilities are also great and include a tiny convenience store, where you could purchase souvenirs and grab your lunch.

In addition to on the trail, they’ve considered the people who live in the area with a play area for children as well as the sand volleyball courts. 

There’s no shortage of activities once you’ve finished riding if decide to stay for the night.

If you’re an amateur in off-roading, Southington is an ideal location to go riding because the staff and the visitors are all friendly and welcoming. 

There are numerous stories of people being assisted out of a bind at a point or being assisted in making repairs to their vehicles.

Southington Off-Road Park’s biggest drawback is that it’s only open on one weekend per month!

Other Off-Road Parks Nearby

Other Off-Road Parks Nearby

There’s no need to be in Garrettsville for some great off-roading opportunities in Ohio and the surrounding. 

Here are a few more locations for off-roading that aren’t too distant from Southington Off-Road Park:

Chaos Off-Road Park

The park is located in Capon Bridge, WV, located in Capon Bridge, West Virginia, Chaos located in Capon Bridge, WV, Chaos Off Road Park provides an area of 400 acres that are suitable for 4x4s. 

The trails are scenic and offer an enjoyable environment for families, which includes several obstacle courses, dirt and muddy terrain as well as many other exciting features. The Chaos Off-Road Park is located just 4 hours away from Southington.

Phoenix Offroad Park

The park located in Mingo Junction, OH, is a brand new park that was established on 1020 acres.

It’s accessible to all types of off-roading vehicles, ranging from ATV/UTVs and Jeeps. They host events and special excursions along the trails that stretch for 70 miles. 

Camping in primitive conditions is available on site and they’re just a few minutes from a variety of lodging and dining options that they’ve advertised through their site. Excellent hosts!

Bayview OHV Area

A total of 200 acres of ATV-friendly trails await you along the shores to the west of Shenango River Lake. 

The park isn’t private which means you don’t have to pay to enter and there’s not much information available from the official site however, you can utilize the map below to get some idea of where you’re supposed to be and what you can be expecting when you arrive. There’s Bayview at Sharpsville, PA, only 45 minutes from Southington.

Bear Creek Ranch KOA

The ranch offers a little lot of things to do including horseback riding as well as swimming, fishing as well as some fantastic ATV trails. 

In close proximity to Canton, OH, these trails are designed specifically designed for ATVs and bicycles. They are accessible throughout the year and stretch to 26 miles.

The most appealing aspect of Bear Creek is the variety of activities available on the site, which allows families to spend more time there. They’re just 1 hour and 20 minutes from Southington Park.

Conclusion: Southington Off-Road Park, Garrettsville OH

Southington Off-Road Park

If you’re just a beginner wanting to try new trails, or an experienced off-roader looking to have some enjoyment, you’ll get everything in Southington Off-Road Park in Ohio. 

It’s not far from other locations to check off your bucket list of off-roading also, so after the weekend is over you’ll be able to continue to explore.

Southington Off-Road Park FAQ

1. Are Wellsville trails open?

These parks are accessible all hours of the day, 365 days throughout the year. It’s a ride at your own risk. Off-roading riding areas include streams smooth hills, rough, rocky hills, a few extremely hairy hills, as well as some trails that are flat. The trails are suitable for all riders old and young.

2. What is an ORV Park?

The State Vehicular Recreation Areas (SVRAs), also known as SVRAs, are OHV-friendly parks run through the OHMVR Division of California State Parks. OHMVR Division of California State Parks. … trails tracks, tracks, and other OHV recreation opportunities. Toilets, camping shade ramadas, and water. OHV Parts store. Public safety, includes police, emergency medical services as well as Search and Rescue.

3. Do you have to wear a helmet at top trails?

Helmets are required for drivers of motorcycles or 4-wheelers. Helmets are recommended for riders riding tandems.

4. Are UTVs street legal in Ohio?

The rule is that generally, you are not allowed to operate an ATV UTV at any state-owned land, road or highway unless you hold an active driver’s license. … Any person younger than 12 is allowed to use an ATV UTV in Ohio regardless of supervision.

5. What are the bunkers at top trails for?

The property contains 138 bunkers made of concrete which were used to keep munitions in storage in World War II.

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