SunL SLA-135 ATV Complete Review and Specs 2022

SunL SLA-135 ATV: Achieving ownership of the SLA 135 is not all about cost savings but it is not for the weak of heart. 

Although Chinese quads are more affordable you need to be willing to spend more time and effort since they require more complex maintenance than standard ATVs. 

SunL SLA-135 ATV

Yes, a lot of YouTube videos and forum tutorials show you how to fix and modify. 

However, there are very few details about this particular model of a four-wheeler. The second source of information is the information that customers require and this article provides exactly that.

Its model SLA 135 is a well-known Chinese ATV for children that were loved by families as well as off-road enthusiasts. 

The budget-friendly quad runs best when it is fully throttled and is a great ATV to ride on endless rough roads as well as flats.

Its SLA 135 is considered one of the cheapest youth ATVs that ever came out. However, as the interest in the budget-friendly four-wheeler increased so did the number of consumers who doubted its worth in terms of value.

 Did this the SLA 135 thrown into the Chinese ATV craze without thinking or was it one of those machines that were misunderstood as mechanically complex? Find out the answer and much more in this post.

SLA 135 An Introduction

A controversial quad at the time was this SLA 135 was one of five 110cc models SunL Group, Inc.

introduced in the first decade of the 2000s. It was a popular affordable alternative to the top-of-the-line regular bikes manufactured by Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Kawasaki to mention just a handful.

The four-wheeler was primarily used by farmers in rural areas. It could accommodate 150-pound passengers with no impact on performance and power. For drivers who had experience, they were able to perform spins and quick turns using the standard tires. 

However, its popularity and popularity were short-lived because of consumer complaints and the accumulation of lawsuits regarding parts failure and the poor quality of the bicycle that led to reports of injuries sustained by drivers younger than.

Safety Concerns – Recalls ATVs for children

On the 17th of July, 2008 SunL Group, Inc. working in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced the recall of the 144 units of SLA90 Youth ATVs.

This was an ATV with a different model that was targeted at children between 12 and 15 years old. 

There were several safety features missing from the bike, including there was no front brake as well as a shut-off for fuel that is manually operated as well as no padding to cushion the sharp edges of the handlebars and there was no gauge for tire pressure. But, while this was not the cause of the problem the same flaws, such as not having front brakes observed in the SLA 135 too. 

While there were no reports of incidents for the SLA90 however, the recall occurred just in time, as the flaws were identified and caused an uncontrollable loss of the ATV and could cause harm to children.

I’m not sure if the incident triggered the subsequent series of complaints the general public was able to make concerning SunL and the other ATVs it makes. 

However, what is certain is that the company has stopped operations, and the SLA 135’s final year of production is in 2013.

SunL SLA-135 ATV

SLA 135 Specs and Specifications

  • Engine The power source is an air-cooled, four-stroke one-cylinder, with a 107cc Honda cub replica engine. A carburetor of 28 millimeters manages the air-fuel mix with a reduction ratio of 9.0:1. Tank capacity for fuel is 0.81 gallons/3.08 Liters (gas use is measured in the ounces per hour)
  • Drivetrain – A self-closing transmission transmits power. It comes with an all-wheel-drive and chain 420.
  • the ignition power source is an electric CDI start system, along with a mechanical pull-start pull-start auxiliary that makes it a power source.
  • Tires The SLA 135 is a 16×8-7 tire on the front and rear.
  • Brakes This is a hydraulic disc for rear foot brakes, but no front brake.
  • Suspension The front suspension is completely independent, with adjustable springs and two shocks. The rear suspension is an axle in the rear that is solid with springs and one shock absorber. Both suspensions provide 7.9 inches of movement.
  • Exterior It is comprised of a frame made of steel and the plastic material used for body construction. It is equipped with complete floorboards, a front bash bar, rear racks, and a rear one with 35-watt headlights, tail lights, feet, and mudguards.
  • Three-Way Catalyst, Pulsed Emission Control Systems This decreases the release of toxic gases such as Nitrogen Oxide in the internal combustion engine. It transforms these gases into less toxic pollutants through an oxidation reaction.

What’s to love about SLA 135?

The price is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about the benefits of having an SLA 135 however, there’s more the four-wheeler can offer. 

The engine is well-maintained even when you buy it second-hand. There’s a lot of power when running, and it delivers excellent performance at full throttle. 

Assembled models have a button emergency brake that stops the rider from descending the hill in an uncontrolled manner. 

It can fully function on gasoline, with no mixing of fuel required, and it runs smoothly with Octane gasoline that is 87 grade. In all, it’s an excellent ATV for novices and children.

Remedies and known issues

Although there are many advantages regarding SLA 135, there are many advantages too. SLA 135, this little trooper doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. 

There are a few common issues that people face using the model, as well as solutions to each of them:

  • The frame is made of cheap plastic. Reviews and forums show that the frame is cracked close to the lower arm joint This isn’t the case for its more popular competitors. 
  • For many, they believe this indicates an inferior type of steel to make the frame. One solution would be to change all of the SLA 135 plastics altogether by buying a new set from online retailers as well as parts dealers.
  • Chain damaged. Owners have complained that this occurs in a way that is not noticed when the guard is pushed against the chain. In other instances, the chain will pop out in the uphill direction or when carrying a heavy load or heavier driver. The first step is to have a skilled mechanic check the bushings on the swing arm as well as tension adjustments, before fixing motor mounts.
  •  If the problem persists after completing these checks it is possible to buy new chains and also replace your front sprockets.
  • The throttle cable is stuck. Since the SLA 135 is often utilized in harsh terrain it’s not a surprise that the throttle cable could become stuck after a few days of mudding. It is also due to worn or untreated cables, issues with the carburetor, EFI, or tangled cables in the mechanism. It is suggested to coat the throttle cables using a non-aerosol grease (not one that contains WD-40). 
  • If they’re all damaged Replace them with Mr. Gasket 5657 Steel Braided Throttle Cable Kit (view on Amazon).
  • Problems with the rear brake. Replacing the whole brake system is the most efficient option.

Reviving the Sitting SLA 135

Three major components you could require replacement are the starter, the battery as well as the spark plug. 

Make sure that you connect the battery to the correct method – connecting it in the wrong manner could cause a fire to the main fuse and even the regulator. 

After you have confirmed that the battery is connected correctly and you are sure, test with a lamp to determine if it has electricity that has passed through the fuse. 

Also, check to see if there is electricity flowing past the ignition switch and switch to start the solenoid. Check the gear lever or brake lockouts as well. 

Lockouts can prevent you from starting the engine if the brake lever is not turned on or in neutral or if the engine is live when you turn the ignition switch, but not when you press the button to start.

At this stage, you’ll notice that your ATV might start, but not completely turn. If this occurs then you should add a teaspoon of fuel into the intake of air and check whether the quad is running. 

If it does, and then stops soon after, it’s an indication that you need to cleanse the jet and carb out.

Also, look at the spark plug to see if it’s soaked with gasoline while it cranks and if the float bowl is functioning correctly. It’s not recommended to hold the button to start for too long, as it doesn’t aid in turning the engine at all.

Popping Sounds

The leakage of oil or the dirty carburetor is the most common source of this problem. You might need to inspect the exhaust to see whether the pipe has come loose by the motor. 

If so then put it back into place and tighten it. Also, clean out the sealing ring that connects the head of the cylinder and the exhaust pipe. 

Install a new spark plug, then use it for a short time to let it get back to running. In case the popping sound persists, begin to investigate whether the bike requires an exhaust gasket or seal or if the part isn’t there. Also, make sure there’s oil leaking into the motor.

Popping Sounds

About SunL

SunL Group, Inc. is the manufacturer of SunL SLA 135 ATV, launched in May of 2005, in Texas. This company was a distributor of motorsport vehicles throughout the U.S. from 2005 to 2013.

Its goal was to provide customers with environmentally friendly, safe, and enjoyable products that utilize the latest technology and the highest quality. 

The company produced scooters, e-bikes, and all-terrain vehicles for less than the ATV’s prices from major manufacturers.

Conclusion SLA-135 ATV

In short in a nutshell, SLA 135 is not your typical four-wheeler. Comparatively to other four-wheelers the SLA 135 isn’t as good with regard to durability as well as versatility and features. 

It isn’t tough enough to withstand trails, jumps and techniques, rough riding, and speedy speeds. It is, however, a bright spot.

it’s very affordable with plenty of aftermarket parts. It’s a great starter bike and an excellent practice ground for novice mechanics. 

Do you think this unappreciated trooper is worth the effort? It’s up to you to decide.

How fast does a 110cc four-wheeler go?

110cc is a small size, so 110cc ATVs will not go fast. This ATV can travel 35-40mph. However, many factors can affect the 110cc ATV’s maximum speed. 110cc–30 MPH 110cc ATVs are youth models.

How can I make my 110cc engine faster?

Air is required to fuel the engine. Use smaller tires. A 10-inch or 12-inch diameter wheel will give you better performance than large wheels. The lawnmower comes with a big bore kit.

What is the difference between 110cc and 125cc ATV?

The fuel capacity, engine load, and riding style all make a difference in how much mileage you get. While the 110cc is by nature ahead, the 125cc can be achieved with very little effort.

What does 125cc mean on a four-wheeler?

A ‘CC’ stands for a cubic cm. It is also the size of an ATV’s engine. CC can also be spelled cm3 or milliliter. It simply measures the volume of what can fit into an engine. You will get more power from larger cylinders and pistons. This will also result in a higher CC.

How do I know what size ATV to get?

A smaller ATV (around 400cc) is suitable for adults between 5-10 feet tall unless there are special circumstances that require something larger. For taller riders, we recommend 500cc machines or higher. You want maximum comfort while riding.

How big is a 150cc ATV?

An ATV 150cc is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which can be three- or four-wheeled and has a displacement of 150 cubic cm (or about nine cubic inches). These vehicles can be stowed like a dirt bike or motorcycle and are used primarily for recreational purposes.

Can a 125cc go on the motorway?

A 125cc motorbike can be driven with a car license. To do this, you must have completed Compulsory Basic Training (commonly known as CBT). Your bike must also have L plates. This means that the bike 125cc should not be taken on a motorway.

What is a good size quad for a 14-year-old?

Teenagers shouldn’t ride ATVs that are 70cc or 90cc. Your teenager needs an ATV that is powerful enough to handle the demands of a group ride.

How fast does a 90cc four-wheeler go?

With the factory speed limiter in place and a rider of 80 lbs, a stock 90cc ATV can go 15-18 miles. Speeds can be increased by adjusting the throttle restrictor or removing the jumper.

What is a good size quad for an 8-year-old?

Four-wheelers can be used by children aged eight and older that can carry 65 lbs. As the child can still maneuver the vehicle, this is still a good size.

How fast is a 50cc ATV?

A 50cc ATV with four gears can travel at more than 30 mph. It takes physical strength and control to operate an ATV at such speeds. A 50cc all-terrain vehicle can travel more than 30 mph with four gears. A person must have the physical power to control an ATV at such speeds.

What is the advantage of higher CC in bikes?

The higher the CC, the larger the cylinder. This increases its ability to absorb fuel and air. This means that more fuel is burned per stroke, and therefore more power and torque are produced.

What can vary a lot between ATVs?

ATVs can also have different transmissions, shifting mechanisms, and throttle mechanisms. They also use different cooling systems, cooling mechanisms, starting mechanisms, cooling mechanisms, and axle designs. Controls and their positions can also vary from ATV model to model.

Is Tao Tao a good ATV?

It’s comfortable and powerful enough for riding, such as trail riding, hunting, hauling stuff around, or just hovering for pleasure. The Tao Tao 250 ATV can be used by adults and teens over 16 years old.

How many HP is a 125cc dirt bike engine?

The majority of dirt bikes that have 125cc engines can produce between 5.9 to 7.8 at 7500 revolutions per minute (rpm). These bikes have single cylinders and 4-stroke engines. They are the most advanced type of engine one can imagine.

Which is better 100cc or 125cc?

The main difference between 100cc and 125cc bicycles is power and torque. 125cc has more power than 100cc bikes. 125cc bikes provide better top speed and pick up than 100cc bikes. However, 100ccbikes are better for mileage, so the top fuel-efficient bikes are…

How powerful is a 125cc bike?

The KTM 125 Duke’s six-speed transmission can reach up to 75 mph and is among the most powerful 125cc bikes available. The maximum power output of the four-stroke engine is 15hp. Built with the same approach as larger bikes, the bike offers a lot.

What is the smallest 4 wheeler?

The Offroad Mall Rex 110cc Dirt Quat Quad is the smallest ATV currently on the market. This four-wheeler was designed for children and measures 48.8″x32.7″x28. These dimensions make the four-wheeler one of the most popular ATVs for children who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

What is the fastest four-wheeler in the world in 2022?

The Polaris Sportsman XP1000 is the fastest ATV model in 2021, reaching 82mph. The CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland, which has a top speed of 80 mph, and the 2021 Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000R, which can reach speeds of up to 78 mph, are in second and third.

What 3 items should be on when starting up an ATV?

What three items should you have “on” for your ATV to startup? Choke, engine-stop switch, and fuel valve.

What quad size is for me?

A smaller ATV (around 400cc) is suitable for adults between 5-10 feet tall unless there are special circumstances that require something larger. For taller riders, we recommend 500cc machines or higher. You want maximum comfort while riding.

Is 125cc good for a long drive?

Yes, bro. Today, 125cc bikes come with tubeless tires and disk brakes. You can go on a long ride if the tires are in good condition, but you should take 15-20 minutes to rest every 200 kilometers. You can ride up to 500km on Full Tank Fuel with no problem.

Common Questions

1. Which is the highest velocity of the SLA 135?

 Its top speed records is 38 mph. Second-hand SLA 135s travel on average at 22 miles per hour.

2. What is the price of an SLA 135 ATV? 

The guideline for the ATV is quite difficult to locate We can only guess that the MSRP of SLA 135 ranged between $700 to $1000 at the time it was first introduced on the market. 

Today, used SLAs are sold in the $500-$500 range on various trading websites and are sold by previous owners. Auctions make this beast nearly as good as a free one and can be sold for less than $25.

3. Where can I locate how to locate the VIN of the SLA 135 ATV? 

Find a 17-digit alphanumeric code that’s attached to the frame that is on the left bottom of your small trooper. You can also check out VIN decoder sites like to determine your Chinese ATV’s exact make and model.

4. Is it appear that the SLA 135 has a speed limiter? 

The answer to this question isn’t definitive due to the absence of a written instruction manual that specifically addresses SLA 135. SLA 135. 

To give you an idea, the majority of Chinese ATVs come with a stopper on the throttle lever that is located on the handlebars. Some models have it on the side of the carb, and the inlet manifold. 

Some manufacturers also include a CDI that limits the revs to a certain number. It is usually necessary to purchase the “unrestricted” CDI to increase RPM.

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