Tall Pines ATV Park NY Andover Full Review 2022

Tall Pines ATV Park NY: Tall Pines ATV Park is an all-inclusive family-friendly park run by the Kent family from Upstate New York. 

It’s a well-known off-road spot with a lot of positive reviews. Some have gone so even as to claim that it’s the top ATV trail in the region.

Tall Pines ATV Park NY

However, is it so amazing as many claims? What’s the most unique thing about it?

Tall Pines ATV Park offers 1600 acres of mud bogs and obstacles courses. There are some challenging areas with steep hills, however, there are more accessible areas for novices. 

Spend for the weekend in one of their cabins, or take advantage of the camping area. Plenty of exciting activities so brings the whole family.

This article provides a complete overview of the park. It also gives some suggestions and tips to help you ensure that your visit to the Tall Pines is secure, enjoyable, and fun.

Tall Pines ATV Park

tall Pines ATV Park in New York is a fantastic spot to enjoy some off-roading. Let’s take a look at the possibilities it can offer.

How to Get to Tall Pines ATV Park NY

When you go to the location be sure to follow the instructions on the website. The site has directions to the following points of entry:

  • Elmira / Corning Area
  • Jamestown / Eria Area
  • The South / Pennsylvania Area
  • Rochester / Syracuse Area

The site regularly warns visitors who plan to go to Tall Pines about the seasonal roads, including Pixley Hill Road and Barrett Hill Road. 

The roads are extremely steep and are not maintained properly. Transmissions of vehicles will take the brunt, particularly when you pull large trailers.

How Big Is Tall Pines ATV Park?

The Tall Pines ATV Park has the size of 1,600 acres. It is home to greater than 70 miles of wood trails as well as Mudbogs to explore on your ATV. You can complete as many as five full loops on the land in one day.

In addition to mud bogs, tall Pines is also home to nice and simple fields as well as an obstacle course and a Motorcross track. 

There’s something for everyone, from beginner to experienced drivers. No matter if you’re a 4 wheeler driver or dirt biker There’s a trail waiting that you can enjoy.

A large portion of the Tall Pines ATV Park used to be a Christmas tree farm. There’s a tree farm located on the property, however traditional livestock and crops are also cultivated there.

Pines ATV Park

The People at Tall Pines ATV Park

Many visitors to ATV Park have good things to say about the staff who live on the property. 

The owners and the staff are welcoming, friendly, and professional. The customer service they provide is excellent! 

There are EMTs in the staff who can assist you in the event emergencies arise. They can also assist in the repair of a vehicle if it is damaged or breaks down.

In general, the people who visit there are very friendly. It’s a place that is family-friendly that is run by a family of good people. Pets are allowed, however, the owners are responsible for them.

The Trails at Tall Pines ATV Park NY

Before you do anything else be aware of this: Tall Pines ATV Park doesn’t provide ATVs for rent, even though their website claims they could. Bring your own quad if would like to explore the trails within the park.

The trails mostly consist of dirt with a lot of water and mud. They’re not overly rough. 

They’re well-maintained and marked for various levels of driving. Mud holes can be enjoyable and challenging. However, some holes are so deep that you must be cautious to avoid a bottom.

These trails have been marked by black and orange Arrows. The markers could be improved with improvements (for example they could be brighter orange) and there ought to be more. 

The exits and entrances require signage. Differentiating farm roads from regular trails is an issue for novices. It is possible that you’ll be checking to ensure that you’re following the correct path.

The trails can be described as one way that makes them secure. The drivers are warned not to reverse. 

Anyone who drives on challenging trails must be aware that there are slopes as well as additional obstacles hard to navigate around. 

Certain areas are prone to difficult twists and turns, therefore, make sure to take a map at the front desk. You can also view maps of the Tall Pines ATV map on their website.

Tall Pines ATV Park Cabins

If you’re looking to stay at the house for a vacation or weekend getaway you can lease an apartment or utilize their camping areas at a cost. In either case, it’s easy to check in. In the case of a lodge, make sure to reserve. 

However, reservations aren’t needed to camp. You don’t have to fret about parking. There are plenty of parking spots and there isn’t an issue.

The cabins are gorgeous clean and comfortable with solar-powered lighting and are able to accommodate six guests. 

It is possible to use an air mattress or sleeping bag if not comfortable on the beds. Be sure to bring your own bedding since the hotel doesn’t supply linens.

Prices for cabin rentals range between $65 and $405 based on the cabin you’re planning to lease and the length of time you’ll stay in the cabin. 

Visit the website to look through the cabins available and make reservations. To find a specific cabin, look up the Tall Pines ATV Park cabin map on the site.

There are porta-johns in the vicinity in case you require the toilet. There are also wash stations located on the property. 

The showers are available all hours of the day to guests of cabins and campers. They’re warm and comfortable but there is just a handful of them. 

The guests are asked to limit their shower duration to 10 minutes due to the water supply being limited.

Camping at the Tall Pines ATV Park

In campsites, campers are able to get the space you’d like. There are plenty of campers within the area but the campsites are not crowded. 

You can pick a quiet location, or should you want to make friends and have a social gathering, you can put your tent in the middle of other campers. 

Camping fees are just $10 per night per person. Kids aged 10 and younger can camp at the camp at no cost.

The camp’s management has instructed campers to turn off generators between 10:00 p.m. until 9 a.m. to ensure that everyone gets to sleep soundly. 

The staff is professional and polite, however, they do not hesitate to instruct campers to shut off their generators in the event that there are any complaints. If, however, you require your generator to run for the entire night, all you need to do is notify the management prior to deciding on the camping spot. 

They’ll place your camp in a quiet space so that no one else will be disturbed by the noise.

Food and Drink

One of the most enjoyable things to do at Tall Pines is the food from Kate’s Kitchen. There’s a wide selection of food items for breakfast and lunch which are delicious! 

But, Kate’s Kitchen is open only on weekends. It’s open from 9 a.m. until five p.m. on Saturdays and up to four p.m. during the week on Sundays. The grill is closed after 3 p.m.

The ATV park is located adjacent to it. is Kent Farms which is where the newly-opened Kent Brewery is located. Kent Brewery offers four different craft beer varieties made from local ingredients. 

But if you drink, do so responsibly. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drinking under the influence of alcohol can result in you being barred from the premises without reimbursement.

What to Do for Fun at the Tall Pines ATV Park

The proprietors of Tall Pines ATV Park hold regular events throughout the year that guests can take part in. 

The various mud events are enjoyable and thrilling to witness. It is also possible to “come dressy and get messy” when you go out with your partner at the Mud Prom, which they typically hold in July. The corn maze and hayrides are worth a visit.

If you’re looking for a child-friendly sport then the Great Pumpkin Hunt is the one to keep an eye on. The event usually occurs during October, which is close to Halloween. 

There are pumpkins hidden in a variety of locations throughout the trail. If you find one, you can trade them at the barn to receive an award. Participants are encouraged to dress in costumes.

Tall Pines ATV Park Safe Driving Tips

In fun-filled, family-friendly locations such as Tall Pines ATV Park, death isn’t something you consider, but it is possible to die there. In the year 2016, one man tragically died in the Tall Pines during a jump using his ATV.

Fortunately, fatal accidents are uncommon on the Tall Pines and can be avoided if you are cautious and follow security precautions. Here are some safety tips for Tall Pines ATV Park:

  1. Always wear your helmet always. Make sure that the helmet is DOT or Snell approved. If you are loading or unloading, your helmet must be in place when the motor is in operation.
  2. Be aware that road traffic on farms is two-way. There will be cars as well as trucks and huge machinery, so pay attention and be cautious when driving.
  3. Do not go on any closed trail. It’s closed due to a valid reason.
  4. Use an Emergency Number Card in case you encounter any issues on the trails. If you are involved in an accident, you should call 911 first. Remember that your cell phone is locked for around 15 minutes following your 911 call, so make another person call the emergency management on another number and tell them the approximate whereabouts. Make sure you know the is the trail you’re on – it’s vital. There are EMTs on hand to help you 24 hours a day until the ambulance arrives.
  5. Don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not allowed everywhere. The same is true in ATV Park. ATV Park. Violators are reported and removed from the site without a refund.

It is always best to be aware and obey the rules of Tall Pines. It will keep you secure and free of danger. There’s no stopping you from having great fun!

Conclusion – Tall Pines ATV Park NY

Overall, Tall Pines ATV Park is an excellent spot to enjoy a day with family and friends. The park is gorgeous and maintained. 

The campsites and cabins are spotless. The customer service is outstanding The owners, as well as the staff, ensure that everyone enjoys a great time at the campsite. Everyone, including guests, is courteous and accommodating.

This is an excellent location that drivers of all levels. The activities during the season and races are thrilling and enjoyable. Be prepared to get muddied and soaked, because that’s a part of the excitement!

Is it worth the time spent for a few days at Tall Pines ATV Park? 

The prices are affordable. In reality, with the enjoyment and pleasurable experiences, you’ll surely enjoy you’ll be able to enjoy more than you get worth.

How many miles is it trails are at Tall Pines ATV Park?

The farm is a family-owned one. The park has more than 70 miles of trails through woods and mud bogs for ATVs, UTVs or dirt bikes.

How many acres is Tall Pines ATV Park?

1,600 acres

The Tall Pines ATV Park has an area of about 1600 acres. It is home to greater than 70 miles of trails in the woods and the mud bogs you can explore using your ATV.

Can you drive an ATV on the road in NY?

You cannot operate an ATV on a roadway if it is not marked and posted for use by ATV by the local or state authority. Most of the time, only the section of a highway between two off-highway trails is marked for use by ATVs. Contact the local police to confirm.

Can you drive an ATV without a license?

No. The law states that “To drive a quad bike on the road you need to have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997.” However, you do not need permission to drive these bikes “off-road” (e.g. on private land).

Can you ride four wheelers on the street?

ATVs need to be registered and have evidence of ownership. Off-highway vehicles are not permitted on public streets or roads highways in this state unless it is specifically allowed to cross during emergencies or for agricultural use.

How many acres is Busco Beach ATV Park?

The border is to the Neuse River, Busco Beach, and ATV Park is an ATV enthusiast’s paradise. Busco offers an area of more than 1800 acres of riding trails, drag races, youth tracks, tracks for motocross and mud pits. There are also mudholes, mud pits, ATV ponds, and mud races. ATV repairs and rentals are on hand.

How much is Outback ATV Park?

The park is accessible every day of the week, with hours between 8 am and 11 pm. The cost is 5 dollars per day for access, which is added to the $10 for ATVs/bikes.

Can I make my ATV street legal in NY?

The most frequently asked question regarding NY ATV law is whether ATVs are legal for use on the streets within the State in New York. As we said that all vehicles on the road must register at the Department of Motor Vehicles; however, it is not permitted to use ATVs on public roads...

Can you make a UTV street legal in NY?

Additionally, They (UTVs) cannot be registered in another state and employed in New York. They are also not eligible as a vehicle with a slow speed to operate on public roads or be designated as a Farm/Agricultural vehicle, which would permit use within 25 miles of the farm.

Why are ATVs not street legal?

ATVs aren’t legally road-legal on roads in India. In addition, they aren’t registered with the RTO. This means that they can’t be employed on public roads. Off-road vehicles are only permitted in private areas like racetracks or farms; however, they cannot be used on public roads.

Can dirt bikes be street legal?

What is a Street-Legal Dirt Bike Called? Most states will not allow you to ride your dirt bike as they are illegal to use on the streets. However, if you make changes to the dirt bike, obtain registration and title and apply for a permit, there is a possibility that you can take your dirt bike out on the streets.

Do you have to wear a helmet at Busco Beach?

Helmets are required to ride dirt bikes, ATVs and a variety of other vehicles. If you’re riding a utility vehicle (razor rhino, commander. ) or equipment with a roll bar, the use of a helmet is not required. All helmets have to be DOT-approved.

Tall Pines ATV Park NY FAQ

1. Is ATV street legal in NY?

A common and frequently asked question regarding NY ATV laws is whether ATVs are legal for use on the streets within the State in New York. As mentioned above that all vehicles on the road must have registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles, however, it is not permitted to use them on public roads.

2. Do you need a license to drive an ATV in New York?

There is no requirement for a driver’s license to drive an ATV in New York State, however, certain restrictions apply to operators who are under the age of 16.

3. Do you need a license to drive an ATV?

If you plan to drive your car in the open it is necessary to possess the full license for your car or one of the categories B1 licenses when it was issued prior to the month of January 1997. If you plan to transport passengers, make sure you do not exceed the number of seats that are right. Only transport passengers only if the ATV or UTV is secure to carry passengers.

4. Do you have to wear a helmet at Outback ATV Park?

All devices require helmets except for a side-by-side seat belt that is functional.
5. Can you ride dirt bikes in New York?
Many of the motorcycles have been stolen however even if you demonstrate the ownership of your bike, you aren’t allowed to ride a dirt bike within New York City. This is a problem that’s growing throughout the city however, it’s most prevalent located in Manhattan as well as the Bronx as it has caused numerous accidents, even death.

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