TaoTao 110cc ATV Specs and Review 2022

TaoTao 110cc ATV: ATVs made in China such as those of the TaoTao 110cc model have gained popularity over the past 10 years for many reasons. 

They are reasonably priced and are great beginning vehicles for kids as well as those who are preparing for rigorous riding. This article will discuss another of these affordable off-road wheelers.

TaoTao 110cc ATV

ATV TaoTao 110 is a U.S.-manufactured Chinese kid quad by Tao Motor. It has an auto-transmission with a speed limiter, a wireless key fob, the option of shutting off engines, utility racks, and a California Green Sticker. 

This compact machine is a great fit for both experienced and novice children.

The rugged steel frame, complete suspension, and a broad variety of colors are a big success for kids and parents who are looking to connect over exploring the great outdoors. 

Additionally, it makes it an ideal option for a thrilling and safe ride. Can the Chinese ATV really live up to its name? Find out more here.

TaoTao 110cc ATV

Not Just Another Quad

Contrary to what some might believe, TaoTao 110cc ATVs did not make it into the off-roading scene because of their cost point. 

Similar to other Chinese-made quads TaoTao wheelers come with a wealth of features that come with all safety features that kids require when embarking on a trip to off-roading or drag racing.

The big names in the market offer durability, quality, and a sturdy platform to practice on and competition. And the TaoTao ATV does so, as well.

It was first introduced to the general public in the past decade and it was the TaoTao 110cc ATV came in five different models and about 11 trims available on the market. The following are the details:

  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110B
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 B1
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 B3
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 H1
  • TaoTao 110cc ATV – ATA 110 H4

Each model featured an automatic transmission that had reverse as well as full suspension. many colors and a myriad of safety features parents will be thrilled to have. 

The handlebars were reminiscent of bikes and give the child rider excellent control over the quad. 

The rear rack had an 11-pound (5 kg) capacity to carry – ideal for snacks, and also some safety equipment. 

The floorboards were fully padded to ensure feet when riding in wooded trails or on bumpy trails.

TaoTao 110cc ATV Specs & Features Engine

Tao Tao 110 ATV Tao Tao 110 ATV is powered through a four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine. Engine displacement is 107cc3 and the bore-stroke proportion is 52.4 49.5 x 49.5 millimeters (2.06 2.06 x 1.95 millimeters) with the compressive ratio of 9.5:1. 

The air-fuel mixture is controlled by a 19-mm PZ19 carburetor as well as an air filter that is fully adjustable to 35 millimeters. 

The fuel tank’s capacity can be 2.3 Liters/0.60 US gallons. The recommended fuel is the gasoline that is not led with a PON rating of 85+ or the RON rating is more than 91, and the oil is 15W-40 standard motor oil like the Valvoline VV70506-05 premium blue 15W40 motor oil (view at Amazon).


The power is transferred to the wheels through an automatic transmission featuring neutral and reverse as well as a centrifugal clutch. 

The chain drive is operated by the user’s feet and is capable of delivering a maximal torque capacity of 6.5 Ft-lbs (8.8 Nm at 6000 RPM) and a claimed top velocity of 33 mph.

It is equipped with a variable speed limiter that reduces the speed of the machine by rotating the screw counterclockwise and raises the speed by turning it in reverse.


TaoTao 110 is a model of the TaoTao 110 is powered by an electronic CDI ignition, which is paired with an auxiliary pull-start system. An AC-Magneto alternator is the source of power for electronic accessories. 

The wheeler needs an AC 12V 4Ah 70-CCA (Cold the Cranking amps) 5L-BS battery that has assembled dimensions of 4.49 x 4.21 2.76 2.76 inches (114 x 70 mm L x W and H) without the wiring harness and mounting components. This requires either an NST A7RTC or NGK Spark plug CR6HSA with an 0.024 to 0.028-inch (0.06-0.085 millimeters) gap.


Tubeless valved 14.5 7-6 rear and front tires with treads that are textured are mounted onto steel rims that allow the ATV for children to travel over different terrains and are therefore suitable for beginners. The tire pressure is recommended to not exceed 34.47 (kPa) (0.35 kg/cm2 5 PSI).

 68.95 KPa (0.70 kg/cm2 10 psi) is the recommended maximum pressure to be used when placing on the beads of your tire. 

When you air down your knobbies, do not lower than 13.79 kPa (0.14 kg/cm2 2.25 psi). Replace the rubber on your stock with The Kenda Scorpion K290 AMTV tires (view at Amazon) in the event of wear and wear and tear.


This four-wheeler has hand-operated front drum brakes that can be operated and hydraulic disc brakes, which is different from the brakes used in the majority of ATVs equipped with hydraulic disc brakes located at the front, and drums that are mechanically sealed in the rear.


The TaoTao 110cc ATV has 10.8-inch front shocks as well as 9.6-inch rear shocks with no rebound damping. 

It is possible that the front suspension is too large for your machine (and excessively stiff to younger riders despite having the softest setting). 

If this is the case, swap the shocks with shorter ones to allow the quad to function properly and keep the shock from hitting the ground or bouncing back to its normal place.

Although there isn’t any information in the manual for service it is possible to determine the length of your shock that is the most optimal you require with some testing. 

Try this with the help of putting the front part of your wheel onto a stand for jacks, and taking one shock off (keep the wheel on). 

Check to see whether there is a bump steer by rotating the wheel upwards and downwards across various ranges (this is the main problem that must be addressed). If so, choose shocks that will allow the wheel to go between up and down, without making a sudden turn to the left or right.


The dimensions of the quad are 45.7 28 33.3 33.3 inches (1,160 711 x 845mm – L x W and H). The dimensions of the carton measure 45.5 x 27.2 24 inches (1,155 690 x 610 mm L x W and H). 

The wheelbase of the vehicle is 31.5 inches (800 millimeters) and the seating height of 24.4 inches (620 millimeters). 

The weight of the vehicle is between 205-225 lbs (93-102 Kg) dependent on the model of ATV. The maximum capacity for loading is 132 pounds (60 kg).


The TaoTao 110cc is a steel tubular frame, as well as the body, is made of plastic (in Pink Camo, Yellow Camo, Green Camo, Black, Burgundy Red, blue, Red Spider, Black Spider, Pink Spider, and Blue Spider). All models have a contemporary design and an 11-lb capacity rear utility rack.

The fuel tank is beneath the seat of the driver. The front brake lever and the throttle lever and speed limiter levers, as well as the parking brake button and the lanyard, are located on the right-hand bar as well as the main switch and the start/stop switch are located on the left.

How Much It Costs

The retail price of the TaoTao 110 ATV is $799 to $1,099 based on the manufacturer, trim, and whether the quad comes fully assembled. 

The price does not typically include the cost of shipping as well as liftgate services, or the warranty for the product – through other reseller sites such as TX Powersports already include shipping costs in the resale price for the four-wheeler. 

Buyers can get even more savings by buying more than one vehicle. Layaway and financing plans are also offered to customers who aren’t able to pay the entire cost of the wheeler in advance.

TaoTao 110cc ATV Starting Issues

Based on the majority (if it’s not the only) of Chinese ATV forums, the most common complaint regarding TaoTao’s Tao Tao 110 ATV has to do with spark, start, or idling issues. Also, TaoTao owners couldn’t agree more. 

Similar to full-sized ATVs issues with kids’ quads usually result from plugged fuel lines or dirty carburetors. It’s not an issue that is commonplace in Chinese wheelers. For buyers of secondhand models, it is a normal thing to expect particularly if the car has been owned by multiple owners.

Because TaoTao ATV TaoTao ATV has a fully automatic transmission, it is possible to bypass checking the choke’s location. 

However, voltage and compression tests, an inspection of the spark plug, and CDI box/wiring diagram inspections are still necessary. 

One of the things you have to check is that exciter coils produce much more voltage and black and white kill wires are grounded using the proper switches. 

Check for a defective circuit or trigger wire CDI device by switching one unit with a functioning unit.

In some instances, the cover for the stator might require removal to determine if there’s the wire that has been cut in half. Repairing this typically brings the spark back in your quad and helps with any starting issues. 

Sometimes it’s a simple gasket replacement or fuel change will do the job. Many owners do not realize the fact that TaoTao 110cc ATV is somewhat picky when it comes to fuel.

the ethanol-added versions (with sulfur levels) can cause a blocked carb and a negative reaction when used with TaoTao 110cc ATV parts that have aluminum and brass components. 

A fuel stabilizer helps mitigate damaging effects. However, the correct type of fuel is always the best choice.

Other Minor Problems Worth Addressing

The key fob’s wireless connection charges the battery constantly even when the engine is shut off. 

Installing a battery-off switch inside the wheeler will stop the battery from draining even when the vehicle isn’t operating.

Normally the entire right-hand panel and footwell must be removed in order to get access to the engine oil. 

To make it easier, make a hole in the lower portion of the right body panel in order to test the oil without having to cut off the exterior parts.

It’s worth looking at all the bolts and nuts of your ATV as well as applying the Loctite wherever appropriate since some owners complained that they did not have this when they checked the quad. 

This is one of the possible causes for the engine to get sluggish down or cease to function intermittently.

Accelerating the TaoTao 110 ATV

Accelerating the TaoTao 110 ATV

The TaoTao 110cc ATV‘s max speed is miles per hour (53.1 kilometers/h) and can be reduced even further, based on how old the driver is. This speed is perfect for children as well as first-timers. 

However, for those who feel the quad’s top speed unsatisfactory, here are some ways to improve the speed:

Higher Grade Fuel

Many owners who have been through the process recommend moving to a higher rating for fuel in moderation so that you don’t blow up the engine immediately.

The process of gaining one to two fuel-grade points at a time is acceptable such as going between 85-87 instead of jumping right into the AON score of 91. 

In addition, investigating the composition of your fuel is recommended premium versions may contain additives that can harm the ATV.

Fan and Alcohol Injection

These parts are an unconventional method but are certain to boost the speed of your TaoTao 110’s maximum speed. 

The fan creates forced induction, and alcohol injection is a way to increase combustion. Together with the alcohol injection, more combustion and airflow mean more power.

Free-Flowing Exhaust System

The head can be ported, using an adequate intake of cold air, and then taking the exhaust system off are all surefire ways to rev up the engine of your quad. 

The most difficult part about these options is that you might not be able to find any aftermarket components to complete this task since 110cc ATVs were created originally for children or young riders.

Other Upgrades

Eliminating useless or ineffective components from your 4×4 can reduce aerodynamic drag, and can help improve the top speed. 

This is not the case on straight roads however, this is obvious when climbing. Add new shocks to provide more effective bump absorption, and you’ll be faster off the road. 

Complete the set-up with new wheels and tires (these will also enhance the vehicle’s handling) New clutching technology as well as a bigger carburetor as well as a new gearing system – and you’re ready.

About Tao Motor

Tao Motor – the maker of the TaoTao 110cc ATV is an affiliated company to Taotao Vehicles Company Ltd. 

It is a renowned Chinese manufacturer of motorsports vehicles that makes all-terrain vehicles, go-karts, and dirt bikes as well as electric vehicles, and scooters. 

The company has gained the reputation of producing high-quality ATVs that are affordable for families and has warehouses located in Indiana, Georgia, California, and Canada. 

Tao Motor has followed through by committing to give families the chance to enjoy the outdoors with value motorsports vehicles. In the present, Tao Motor continues to improve and develop its range of products and its services.

Conclusion – TaoTao 110cc ATV Review

TaoTao 110cc reviews for ATV are mostly positive, and that’s the best thing about this model. At this price, it really delivers with regards to quality, features, and features.

 It sports a sleek, athletic design, is easy to learn on yet versatile, and it is one of the very few young ATVs to have an official California Green Sticker. It’s great on tracks, trails as well as Dunes.

Repair and installation aren’t so difficult as their counterparts because of their large community and aftermarket assistance. It’s an off-road vehicle that kids can learn from, without putting a dent in their pockets.

The question is do these Chinese ATVs meet their name? I’d say yes, it definitely does!

TaoTao 110cc ATV Specs


engine the four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine
Engine displacement 107 cm3
bore-stroke ratio 52.4 x 49.5 mm (2.06 x 1.95 inches
compression ratio 9.5:1
Fuel tank capacity 2.3 Liters/0.60 US gallons


top speed 33 mph


start system auxiliary pull
battery  12V 4Ah 70-CCA
dimensions  4.49 x 4.21 x 2.76 inches (114 x 107 x 70 mm – L x W x H)
spark plug NGK CR6HSA


front tires  14.5 x 7-6
rear tires  14.5 x 7-6
Tire pressure 34.47 kPa (0.35 kg/cm², 5 psi). 68.95 kPa (0.70 kg/cm², 10 psi)


front brakes  mechanical drum brakes
rear brakes  hydraulic disc brakes


dimensions  45.7 × 28 × 33.3 inches (1,160 x 711 x 845 mm – L x W x H)
carton dimensions 45.5 x 27.2 x 24 inches (1,155 x 690 x 610 mm – L x W x H)
wheelbase  31.5 inches (800 mm)
seat height  24.4 inches (620 mm)
weight  205 and 225 lbs (93-102 Kg)
loading capacity 132 lbs (60 Kg)


frame  steel 
body material  plastic 

How fast does a TaoTao 110cc ATV go?

33 mph

The TaoTao 110cc ATV’s max speed can be 33 miles per hour (53.1 kilometers/h) and could be lower, depending on how old one is.

Are Tao ATV good?

It’s solid and comfortable enough to handle different types of riding such as trails, hunting or hauling stuff around, or just cruising just for fun and so on.

The Tao Tao 250 ATV is an appropriate utility-style machine for youth and adults older than 16.

Is Tao Tao a Chinese brand?

Tao Motor is a well-known brand in both the international and domestic markets and is known for providing high-quality vehicles that are affordable for families. 

Our parent business, Taotao Vehicles Company, LTD, has been manufacturing motorsports products and other items within Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province of China, since 1985.

What is a good size ATV for a 10 year old?

The size of the engine and top speed

The majority of gas-powered ATVs designed for kids aged 10 or older have engines within the range of 90 to 110cc. Some say that the bikes are small, long, and tedious, so they suggest getting a 250cc engine instead.

How fast can a 90cc ATV go?

A standard 90cc ATV can travel around 15-18 miles per hour when equipped with the speed limiter installed and an 80lb rider. The throttle limiter can be adjusted, or taking out the jumper, can boost speeds to 30 or 33 miles per hour.

How many cc’s do I need ATV?

If you’re thinking of using your ATV to ride around your property or easy trails, 550 ccs or less will suffice. If you plan to be engaging in more intense trail riding, more steep hills, or hauling and towing, then you’ll probably need to stay in the 500-700 cc category.

TaoTao 110cc ATV FAQ

1. Are taotao ATVs any good?

It’s true, it’s powerful and well-designed to handle different types of riding such as hunter, trail riding or hauling things around, or just cruising around for fun or for fun. The Tao Tao 250 ATV is an appropriate utility-style machine for youth and adults older than 16 years old.

2. How fast does a Tao Tao 110 ATV go?

Its chain drive is operated by a user’s foot. a maximal torque capacity of 6.5 pounds (8.8 Nm @ 6000 RPM) and a claimed top speed that is 33 miles per hour.

3. Who makes Tao ATVs?

Tao Motor – the maker of the TaoTao ATV 125cc is an affiliate to Taotao Vehicles Company Ltd. and a premier Chinese manufacturer of quads, go-karts and dirt bikes, scooters, as well as other electric vehicles.

4. Does TaoTao make a 4×4 ATV?

TaoTao 50+mph Freelander 4×4 300cc ATV – Fully Automatic – Water Cooled.

5. Is TaoTao a good brand?

TaoTao is among the most renowned brands when it comes to making ATVs that are designed for utility. In addition, it has introduced a number of models through the years to suit different types of kinds of customers, including adults, young or children.

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