TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV Specs and Review 2022

TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV: For many years, all-terrain vehicles have performed a myriad of commercial needs and brought adventurers to trails and areas that are not accessible by a large vehicle.

A number of Chinese businesses saw the possibility and decided to enter the business of making quality ATVs that are much less costly than of the most well-known brands. 

TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV

This model, TaoTao Rhino 250 is among these quads with a wide range of capabilities.

The TaoTao Rhino 250 is an ATV designed for a utility that has four-speed manual transmission, reverse, and molded utility racks as well as an electrical start motor. 

It’s a large-sized machine that is of great value in terms of price as well as power, function, and utility.

Rhino 250 has gained popularity because of a variety of factors. It’s most notable is its large clearance, its wide range of speeds as well as its simple handling. Some people don’t appreciate it for reasons that we’ll discuss within this report. 

All vehicles are not identical, so it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of each before making a decision about the best vehicle for you.

About the TaoTao Rhino 250

About the TaoTao Rhino 250

The TaoTao Rhino 250 is one of the most feature-rich and affordable adult-sized quads that are available. 

This high-output vehicle comes with an automatic transmission that has reverse suspension, double A-arms, and racks that have numerous tie-down points to secure cargo and games.

 It also comes with the ability to limit speed, which gives throttle control as well as hydraulic disc brakes which give the wheeler stopping power. 

Bolstered fenders, as well as sturdy front bumpers, add to the appeal of the ATV more durable and impressive given the price, which starts from $1,769.95 MSRP.

It is simple to start the machine by pressing the electronic start mechanism. While it isn’t water-tight it is able to traverse 4 inches of water crossings. 

Low and high-beam LED headlights offer an excellent view for late-night wheeling. This TaoTao 250 Rhino top speed is 50 mph, not the fastest, but it can get you to where you want to go.

It weighs about the same as the Honda 300 is able to hold 300-400lbs of weight and is available in a variety of colors and style options.

The latest versions of this four-wheeler have been made California legal. legally legal. 

Relevant documents, such as MSO/MCO, don’t immediately ship out However, you can ask that they be sent to you via USPS. It is shipped in a metal container and is only percent assembled.

The owners will need to include parts such as handlebars, tires batteries, the front, and rear racks. 

To aid in the process the quad comes with videos and PDFs with instructions for assembly and maintenance.

TaoTao Rhino 250 Specs

TaoTao Rhino 250 Specs & Features

  • Engine The Rhino 250 uses a four-stroke single-cylinder, air-cooled SOHC engine. The engine’s displacement is approximately 197 cubic centimeters. The mixture of air and fuel is controlled by a PZ26/PZ27 26-mm Keihin carburetor as well as an adjustable 48-mm air filter.
  • The tank’s capacity for fuel of 4.2 Liters/1.11 US gallons. Choose gasoline that is not led with at least a 90 octane rating.
  • Drivetrain Power is transferred through a four-speed manual transmission that has reverse and neutral. Its 530 O-ring chain drive is capable of delivering the max torque of 6.2 Ft-lb (8.5 Nm at 5,000-5,500 RPM) and an advertised maximum velocity of just 40 mph (but it is claimed by users that it can reach as high as 55 speeds). 
  • It has an electric governor that slows the speed to 8 mph to help beginner riders. It is adjustable to 40 mph when the rider gets more comfortable with the.
  • Ignition This Rhino 250 uses an electronic CDI ignition system with an auxiliary pull-start system. The AC-Magneto alternator power up electronic accessories. It requires a battery of 12V 9AH but it can be used with a 12V 12 Ah 155-CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) battery that has dimensions of 5.81 x 2.25 3.50 3.50 inches (142.8 inches x 55.9 and 85.8 millimeters – L W and H).
  • Tires Large tubeless 23 7-10 front tires, as well as rear tires of 23×10-10 with a tread that is textured, are mounted onto steel rims that allow the quad to travel across dunes and mud or snow.
  •  Tire pressure should range within 4 to 8 psi/27.58 or 55.16 KPa (0.27 0.27 to 0.55 kilograms/cm2)).
  • Brakes In contrast to the brake system used on most ATVs, this one can locate Hydraulic disc brakes on the front, and the sealed mechanical drums at the rear. This model has two front drum brakes, as well as an extra-large rear disc brake that is hydraulic.
  • Suspension The Tao Tao Rhino 250 features two independent A-arms that can be used for rear and front suspensions with preload shocks that can be adjusted five ways. The front suspension is 15.7 inches and the rear suspension is 13.4 inches. 5.32 inches of clearance helps in handling rough or irregular terrain.
  • Dimensions The overall dimensions are 69.3 by 42.1 and 43.3 inches (1,760 1.070 x 1,070 millimeters – L x W and H). 
  • The wheelbase of the vehicle measures 43.9 inches. Weight is net 140 Kg/308.65 pounds, and the total weight is 160 Kg/363.76 lbs. Its seat’s height measures 31.89 inches. In spite of the absence of a trailer, the hitch quad has a maximum 364-lb capacity to load.
  • Exterior It is comprised of tubular steel frames and a plastic body material (in blue, burgundy black along with a Tree Camo finish). 
  • The models all have a modern design with front and rear utility racks. Tanks for fuel are situated at the front of the vehicle, beneath the indicators. LED headlights, a shift indicator, and fender guards come as standard on the car.

TaoTao Rhino 250 Pros and Cons

As well as the specifications of the machine we will also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with Tao’s Tao Tao Rhino 250:


  • It’s also very affordable.
  • The assembly of this ATV is simple and doesn’t require long.
  • A kill switch located on the left side of the handlebar allows you to shut down the engine in case of an emergency.
  • It also has an automatic speed limiter to ensure safety.
  • The brakes are simple to apply.
  • The integrated air-cooling system is designed to guard to prevent overheating.
  • Many protective devices extend the durability of the device.
  • Storage racks for the front and back allow for enough luggage and gear.
  • A comfortable footrest and foot protector give you comfort and safety.
  • Recent Tao Rhino 250 ATVs are California-legal.


  • The instructions that come in the box with the unit are a bit incomprehensible.
  • There’s no trailer onboard hitch and the frame isn’t enough strong to withstand the abuse that most people would.
  • It is weak fuel systems that will likely fail very quickly when employed for mudding.
  • The Rhino 250 has been known to have clutch and carburetor problems as well as a frail starter and sprockets.
  • Six inches or more of water get the clutch wet and cause slippage.
  • In the crate, the engine’s power to start is not enough.
  • The parts that are in stock need to be replaced as soon as possible such as Sprockets and LEDs and sprockets spark plugs and starters among others.
  • The chain is always falling off.

Changing the front sprocket’s 15 teeth down to 13 will fix the issue with engine torque and also raise up the tires on the front. 

The current owners would highly suggest replacing their chain since the original one isn’t able to get tighter. 

A MIG welder could make the frame more durable. Also changing the carburetor could increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

For the chain that is loose, this is because of an error in the design of the pivot, which allows the chain to get tighter only when someone is pulling weight onto the quad. 

It is also due to the rear and front sprockets’ weakness. A chain idler tensioner that is automatic solves this problem. Along with new sprockets as well as a new chain, your four-wheeler will run like new.

Learning from experience

Expect wear and tear to be more quickly than other 4 wheelers. If you purchase a vehicle that is this inexpensive it’s reasonable to assume that parts might not be as durable as the ones found on Can-AM, Honda as well as Polaris ATVs.

Here are some points to take note of:

  • The choke lever on the left handlebar control and the cable for the clutch is prone to break.
  • At certain points, the rear shock absorbers are going to cease damping.
  • The headlights and taillights fade after a short time.
  • The support of the rear rack (the portion that holds the welded nut at its bottom) is more likely to crack as well.
  • The battery cannot keep a charge.
  • The pilot jet of the carburetor becomes blocked.

If your pilot jets are clogged, you might need to change the carburetor, particularly when the problem becomes to the point that the carb starts to overflow.

Certain of these issues can be self-inflicted (for example the choke lever is breaking) or a result of being inefficient with fuel costs. 

A blocked carb can be due to the use of non-premium fuel within the quad. In certain instances, problems can occur when we exceed its capacity – for instance, the support for the rear of the rack could fail due to tension created by mounting.

Other Problems

Sometimes the use of aftermarket components and accessories included in the Rhino can cause issues. For instance, if you install a winch, for instance. 

You might think you’ve got a bad battery, only to realize in the future that the electronic winch is consuming power even when in standby mode, thereby the battery is being drained and affecting its capacity to hold a charge.

However, it is the cable that clutches among the components that fail on that the Rhino has. 

The reason it fails is that the barrel end isn’t big enough to fit the hole that is in the lever. 

When the lever pulls, it stretches up and is bent rather than twisting. This is the reason why clutch issues are typical of this model. Rhino 250.

About Tao Motor

Tao Motor, a subsidiary of Taotao Vehicles Company Ltd. is a top Chinese motorsports vehicle maker with warehouses located in Indiana, Georgia, California, and Canada. The company has earned a name for producing top-quality ATVs that are affordable for families and is the manufacturer of the TaoTao Rhino 250. 

Since 1985 the company has pushed the tradition of offering families top-quality items that are worth the money to take advantage of the great outdoors. The Chinese firm’s line of products includes dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles scooters, go-karts, go-karts, and electric vehicles.

Conclusion – TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV

Overall Overall, the TaoTao Rhino 250 is an excellent option for both users who are looking for a recreational or utility ride. It’s simple to install and repair, and is a less expensive alternative to brands with higher prices. 

The four-wheeler is equipped with safety features and is a perfect vehicle for hunting, farming racing, or simply having fun outdoors with friends and family. If you’re in search of an affordable and durable quad, you should consider the Rhino!

How fast is a TaoTao 250cc ATV?

TaoTao 250 Rhino’s top speed is 50 miles per hour. It’s not the fastest, but it will get the driver where you want to.

Are Tao ATV good?

Yes, it’s strong and comfortable enough to handle different kinds of riding such as trails, hunting or hauling things around, or just lingering just for fun. The Tao Tao 250 ATV is an ideal utility-style vehicle for adults and children older than 16 years old.

Does anyone make a 250 ATV?

Today, 250cc-class sport quads are thought to be gentle and civilized. In reality, their performance is the same as an ATV before the arrival of 450cc two-strokes, 250cc two-strokes, or four-strokes that are performance. They’re great playing on track tracks of all kinds and capable of awe-inspiring trail adventurers.

Are Yamaha Rhinos any good?

Straight out of the box, The Rhino is extremely competent. It is a decent vehicle with good performance and suspension. If you’re an avid trail rider or you want to cruise down to the market or camp with your friends, then the Rhino is a fantastic vehicle. It’s simple to drive for those who are new; however, it is fast enough for a seasoned rider to enjoy the ride.

Is TaoTao a Chinese brand?

Tao Motor is a well-known brand both in the market, both in the domestic and international markets and has an enviable reputation for manufacturing high-quality automobiles at affordable prices. Our parent business, Taotao Vehicles Company, LTD, has been manufacturing motorsports products and other items for the market in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province of China, since 1985.

Can you tune a four wheeler?

It doesn’t require genius for keeping your ATV on the road. All you need are basic tools for mechanics and basic understanding. Tune-ups on ATVs can be easily accomplished at home or in the garage.

What ATV has the most torque?

Honda has some great ATVs that are 4×4, but the Rincon needs upgrades. This Brute Force has the highest power and torque thanks to its V-twin engine during this shootout. It has the highest displacement of 749cc.

Does anyone make a 250 ATV?

Today, 250cc-class sport quads are regarded as gentle as well as civilized. However, their performance is just the same as any ATV before introducing 450cc two-strokes, 250cc two-strokes, or four-strokes that are performance. They’re fun playing on play tracks of all kinds and are capable of shocking trail enthusiasts.

TaoTao Rhino 250 ATV FAQ

1. What is the best way to obtain the Taotao Rhino 250 service manual?

For the engine, you can download a copy Honda service manual from the factory for any CG125 model since it has the same mechanical components as those of Rhino 250. It’s not easy to locate a complete owner’s manual on the internet. It’s possible to get help through the TaoTao forum or even your mechanic for an alternative.

2. Is Rhino ATVS any good?

It’s a big machine that delivers outstanding value, performance as well as power. This model Rhino 250 has gained popularity due to a variety of reasons. One of them is its wide clearance, wide speed range as well as simple handling. On the other hand, some people don’t enjoy it due to reasons that we’ll explore during this article.

3. Is TaoTao a good ATV?

It’s true, it’s powerful and well-designed to handle different types of riding, such as hunting, trail riding hauling around some items, or just cruising around to enjoy or for fun. The Tao Tao 250 ATV is an appropriate utility-style machine for both adults and children older than 16 years old.

4. Who makes Tao Tao ATV?

Tao Motor – the maker of the TaoTao 110cc ATV is an affiliate that is part of Taotao Vehicles Company Ltd. It is a top Chinese motorsports vehicle manufacturer that makes dirt bikes, all-terrain cars go-karts, and scooters as well as electric vehicles.

5. Who makes Rhino ATV?

The Yamaha Rhino was a cult off-road car manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Company between 2004 and 2012. It was made for passengers and drivers equipped with four-wheel drive or two wheels. It was well-liked by farmers, off-road enthusiasts, along with other property owners who relied on it for recreation as well as lighter utility.

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