Where To Put ATV Registration Sticker Florida, Arkansas, etc. 2022

ATV Registration Sticker: ATVs, also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are typically used to enjoy recreational activities. 

They require registration in the majority of areas of the United States. If your place of residence or intended destination is located in Florida Find out the proper place to put the decals on your ATV to ensure you are not in violation of state laws.

ATV Registration Sticker

Title decals alert authorities that you’re the owner of your ATV. If you apply the decal in the wrong spot, it’s enough to warrant police to conduct serious discussions with you. The ATV Registration sticker is to the left of the vehicle, specifically in the quadrant in the rear.

As you can see, in lieu of registration for ATVs, Florida is more focused on the process of titling. Learn the details about it.

ATV Registration Sticker

All-terrain automobiles (ATVs) are usually used for recreation purposes. They are required to be registered across the United States. 

If your place of residence or intended destination is located in Florida Learn about the right place for the decals on your ATV to keep from violating the laws of the state.

Title decals alert authorities that you’re the owner of your ATV. If you put the decal in the wrong spot, it’s enough for police to engage in serious discussions with you. The ATV identification sticker is onto the left and specifically on the back quadrant.

Where do I place where do I put my ATV label in Florida?

First, the only ATVs that require a title are those bought by Floridians who purchased them after July 1st, 2002. 

However, if the ATV was bought before July 1, 2002, and was utilized on Florida’s open zones, a license is essential. 

The public areas are generally administered by either the local or national government.

Then, when it comes to the decal’s position it’s not enough you place it on the right side and in the right quadrant. Be sure to put it on a solid metal or frame made of plastic. You don’t want to set it on something that is temporary. 

Remember to clean the surface and dry it before putting the decal down to ensure it is permanently stuck.

Also, obviously, the sticker must be visible to anyone. The inspector shouldn’t feel the need to bend down in order to find it. This makes things simpler not only for the policeman but also for you.

Where do I put my ATV Registration Sticker?

Florida can definitely not the only state that has laws that pertain to ATV registration, titling, and decals. Take a look at the states with clear regulations regarding ATV ownership:


The position of the sticker is contingent upon whether you’re a citizen of this state, or not. If so the sticker must be located on the upper half of the rear license plate of your ATV. For more precise instructions you can place it on the left side.

If your time in Arizona is just for a short period The location is similar to the one Florida demands- the rear quadrant to the left.


In this case, the decal comes with specific numbers only available to the owner of the ATV after registration. It is used as evidence of license. 

It is required to be displayed on the left of your vehicle. But contrary to Florida or Arizona, Arkansas requires the sticker to be located on the front quadrant, not on the rear.

The agency of the government that is responsible for processing registrations as well as providing stickers is called the Department of Finance and Administration. The director of the department is responsible for distributing the decals.


As you can see, in lieu of registration for ATVs, Florida is more focused on the process of titling. Find out the details about it.


Although Florida and Arkansas offer license and title decals while the California Air Resources Board or CARB has two types of decals.

The green label indicates this ATV has met the requirements for air emissions. The owners are able to use their vehicles on public roads. 

However, the red sticker warns police that the car doesn’t meet the exhaust emission standards. It also prohibits riders to drive during the season of riding.

The most frustrating thing about receiving a red sticker is that it’s impossible to do anything to change it. 

You’re not permitted to modify your ATV in order to comply with CARB standards. If you’d rather utilize your vehicle in the off-road season, you might have to purchase a more eco-friendly ATV model.

For the positioning of the red or green sticker, it’s exactly the same that’s Florida’s requirement- the part that is left of the rear.


Similar to Arkansas, Colorado requires ATV owners to stick their registration plates at the top of the first quadrant. But, they must put the sticker on a greater section in the front to facilitate quick inspection.

There are some suggestions that can make your decal visible. It could be placed on the fenders the tank’s cowling, or even on the tank.



Applying the registration sticker to the fender may be an alternative to do in Colorado However, in Idaho it’s mandatory. The only condition is to place this decal onto the rear of the fender.

For non-residents, there are two choices for evidence of registration. They can use the IDPR sticker they’ve received in their states. You can also take it a step further and apply for the IDPR sticker.

But, if an outsider wants to drive his ATV on the county roads of Idaho it is essential to purchasing a license plate from the state along with IDPR stickers. IDPR sticker.


The exact title of this ATV decal that is available within Illinois is called the OHV Public Access sticker. It is required to be affixed in the center of the vehicle.

In addition, the prerequisites for obtaining a Public Access decal are your ID card or another document as well as evidence of residency. In order to replace it, you’ll require a receipt. Be aware of where you keep it in order to prevent creating more problems.


Registration stickers for ATVs in Indiana must be put on the front that is on top of the car. The decals indicate the registration number they also display the date of expiration. 

Both kinds of information are essential for authorities to verify that you are legally the owner of the ATV and understand the regulations.

In terms of the renewal process, it is done following an interval of three years. The renewal can be made days prior to the date of expiration in the event that something interferes with the procedure.


This is a variation of the standard design of the decal that is on at the rear of the car. Most people believe the sticker will be more noticeable when it’s located in the back part of the vehicle.

In order to ensure smooth operation in the event of a surprise inspection, it’s recommended that the owner have the registration certificate of their ATV every time. It’s true that sometimes the decal doesn’t suffice to prove registration.



There is more than one sticker available for every vehicle registration within Maine. This is to permit owners to show their registration numbers on both sides of the vehicle, front and rear.

The registration of every ATV is valid for one year. It’s not the same as the long period of time that is offered in Indiana.


It is the Department of Natural Resources in Maryland is also a follower of the one-year period. ATV owners in Maryland are forced to declare their vehicles each year.

In terms of the location of the decal, the decal should be placed in the left-hand corner of the front. This is because many are able to see the sticker even when they’re just a hundred feet away.


Registration stickers aren’t all that is required in Massachusetts. ATV owners also need to bring their registration cards every whenever they take their vehicle out for use. 

Landowners and law enforcement officers are able to block any person from entering their property without the proper identification card or decals.

In Massachusetts In Massachusetts, you’ll need to display the registration sticker on both sides of your ATV’s rear panel. 

The decal that indicates the expiration date should be displayed along with the registration sticker on the left.


It’s not enough to stick the decal onto the ATV’s aluminum or plastic sheet in Minnesota. It must be glued to the registration plate on the rear of the vehicle.

The location is determined by the type of ATV you have purchased, private or public usage. 

If you are using it for public usage, place the decal in the upper left corner of your plate. In the same way for private use, the sticker should be placed in the upper right-hand corner.


The right frame of the ATV or fork is the best spot for registration stickers to be placed in Missouri. This is logical since the sticker will be on the front of the vehicle, and is visible all the time.

In addition to registration decals, ATVs that are registered in this state must include warning flags for safety and spark arrestors.


The rear portion of the rear of the ATV is the area that is required for registration stickers in Montana. The decal is available when you register your vehicle at the Office of the County Treasurer.

However, you can bypass registration if you’re operating your ATV on your personal property.


Insofar as you’re putting the registration sticker in an easily visible location, Nevada authorities are okay with the idea of putting the sticker on the left or rear side. In reality, Nevada is quite unfriendly with registered ATVs of other states. ATVs can be used within the state in up to 15-day intervals.

Make sure you bring evidence of registration in addition to the decal. Law enforcement officers throughout the state are always on the lookout for stolen ATVs as well as fake stickers.

What exactly is an OHV?

If you have a different plan for fun on your ATV, look it up on the internet. There are many beneficial sources available. However, you could be confused when you encounter regulations for registration of OHVs in lieu of ATV registration laws.

The truth is that OHV ATV and OHV ATV are generally identical in the terms of registration. This is due to the fact that ATVs can be considered off-highway vehicles (OHV). They’re not interchangeable, however. They can take their forms as motorcycles as well as Jeeps.

ATV Registration Sticker FAQ

1. Where do you put your ATV sticker?

The decals need to be prominently displayed at both ends of the ATV or UTV and in a position ahead of the user. ATVs or UTVs that are registered as Public Use registration must also have a license plate affixed at the back of the car.

2. What’s the difference between a red sticker and a green sticker?

This Green Sticker allows vehicles to use public land throughout the year. It is the Red Sticker is for motorcycles and ATVs with the model year 2003 or newer which do not comply with the emission standards set in the California Air Resources Board.

3. Do ATVs have to be registered in Florida?

ATVs operating on public roads or on land in Florida have not required registration with the state.

4. Can you ride a 4 wheeler on the road in Florida?

In Florida An ATV can be used on public roads that are not paved and with a posted speed limit of not exceeding 35 m.p.h., during the course of the day. … The law states that you are not allowed to drive an ATV UTV in any public roadway or highway.

5. Are ATVs allowed in Florida state parks?

UTVs, ATVs, and motorcycles are all permitted however not jeeps and Dune buggies. What’s the deal? The park is run through the government of Florida however it is maintained by the Blackwater Forestry Center. There is a tiny training track for children and those under 16 must complete the ATV education course.

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