Wildcat Offroad Park Kentucky Guide & Review 2022

Wildcat Offroad Park Map Guide & Review 2022 

Wildcat Offroad Park Kentucky: It is located in Southeast Kentucky; Wildcat OffRoad Park is a must-see for everyone in the family, with 220 acres of land where you can cut your teeth offroad and enjoy it with your family and friends as well. 

Wildcat Offroad Park Kentucky

Wildcat’s primary attraction is an offroad park for families that allows you to drive more than 100 kilometers of trails.

You can stay in the campground on-site and have fun throughout the year (it’s not closed except on Christmas Day).

What’s unique? What is special about Wildcat OffRoad Park? What is it, then? It’s a location geared towards all families and allows off-roaders to have a wonderful time in its spacious campground,

which is well-appointed and surrounded by many miles of trails at different levels, and enjoy the most exciting that wild Kentucky offers.

Let’s take a look at the most important facts regarding Wildcat park, making this one of Kentucky’s most popular Offroad Parks in Kentucky, as well as the answers for the questions most often asked regarding it.

Wildcat Offroad Park Kentucky

Essential Info About Wildcat Offroad Park How to get there

It is possible to reach Wildcat quickly, just 2 miles from the I-72 in Kentucky, using exit 49. Address: 7800 N US Highway 25, East Bernstadt, KY 40729-6741.

The park’s office is open throughout the day, beginning at 9 am during the week and until 8 am on weekends, and if it closes at 5 pm, the park will allow you to access the trails until midnight every day of the week.

Prices and entry

Park access is accessible to everyone since it’s a place for families, but a parent or guardian must accompany anyone younger than 18.

There’s an official waiver of park form to sign that you can download and bring along at the time of your visit.

A day pass for adults is just $16, and kids aged 9-12 pay a discount cost of $9. It is possible to purchase five days of pass.

Wildcat Offroad Park Kentucky

Wildcat Offroad park map and trails

The most important thing is the trail! As one of the best ATV trails within KY, Wildcat offers a wide range of trails to explore.

They are mostly wide and hardpacked to ensure that all four-wheelers are at ease. Check on the maps here, and they are marked on the site.

Information on camping

In terms of staying within the park, there is the possibility to book camping spots that are primitive such as RV campsites or even the cabin.

The cabins are all well-appointed and appear stunning with their wood paneling and stunning surrounding. Take a look below.

Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park: Review

Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park

A child-friendly ATV trail, Wildcat does a fantastic job at being inclusive for everyone. The first thing to note is that the trails are perfect for riders of all levels, making it an ideal location for groups with mixed abilities.

It is also possible to rent kayaks and canoes for enjoyment in the water. Additionally, the numerous accommodations and a general store on the site mean you can easily spend some time in this perfect off-road camping spot.

The scenery you’ll see on the trails is varied, from huge rock formations to open views. The scenery is varied enough that you will not get bored.

Furthermore, the trails loop back conveniently, which allows you to know the amount of time you’ll be riding for and the time you’ll arrive back at your camp.

You’ll encounter smooth switchbacks but also rocks and mud should you wish to test your skills more.

Train Tunnel

Wildcat Park can also be the home of bizarre riding experiences one of the unique riding experiences

Wildcat Offroad Park, also known as the Wildcat Offroad Park train tunnel is an abandoned train tunnel you can explore for a truly eerie experience as the guys have created in this video

(the video states it’s located in Wildcat. However, this is just an illustration similar to one that is in the actual park, which isn’t available on the video).

It’s important to know that this tunnel is not in use, and there is no risk of a train coming throughput your life in danger, such as the comments some critics have written on different websites!

Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy the season at this off-road park if you go at the right time.

The fall season is perfect for taking advantage of the changing colors of the leaves. There are games in the park to keep children entertained.

In the Halloween season, you can enjoy a night-time trial at night. In the end, the owners and staff get the coveted “thumbs up” from all users who have visited the park.

You can read all the positive reviews by visiting the park’s Facebook page.

Nearby Parks and Trails

If you’ve been enjoying the off-road experience within Wildcat Park, you can also extend your visit to Kentucky by taking a look at other fantastic trails within Kentucky:

  • Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area is an enormous park that covers 7,700 acres of wildness to explore, spread across 150 miles of trail. It’s only 90 miles from Wildcat Park and features a canopy zipline tour along its numerous off-road trails. Two main trails lead to the park: Evarts (the main entry point) and Putney, which are both near cities, where you can find RV camping, rental houses, as well as other accommodation choices, restaurants, and stores. Putney Trailhead is separate from the park. However, you can purchase an entry permit to use the park’s trails (in addition to the option to stay within the Harlan County Campground and RV Park – conveniently within walking distance of the trails)
  • Dirt Nasty Offroad Park is distinct from Wildcat, focused specifically on the dirt. It is possible to use Jeeps and ATVs and enjoy more than. 600 acres to explore. They have a variety of trails that are marked and graded based on their difficulty. They are only accessible on Saturdays, making it more of a day trip (although camping is listed on their site, and there might be chances to make a weekend of it in this summer). They are located about 112 miles to the north in Wildcat Adventure Park, near Morehead, KY.
  • Hollywood Off-Road Park – close to Red River Gorge, this is a park that is suitable for families of all ages and has more than 2500 acres of valleys and ridges. The beautiful landscape makes it an ideal location to go off-road, and they have two ponds to fish and kayak. Although the park is primarily focused on offroad riding, they’re looking to add mountain biking and horse riding soon. The park is about 60 miles away from Wildcat Park, which means you could easily extend your trip by taking a trip with the entire family after you’ve finished riding at Wildcat.



Wildcat Offroad Park – Head to One of the Best Offroad Destinations in Kentucky

Suppose you’re in Kentucky and would like to take your ATV in well-maintained areas with on-site accommodation and facilities.

In that case, Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park offers an unforgettable experience from beginning to end.

Its wide range of well-marked groomed trails, its stunning landscape, and numerous activities for the entire family, what makes the Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park apart from others in Kentucky and beyond is its family-friendly layout.

You can bring children of all ages and be provided with a great experience, and there’s more for everyone to delight in.

You’ll also get to meet a lot of other like-minded off-roading enthusiasts in the process. So, go out and enjoy an amazing ride!

Can you take jeeps to Wildcat Offroad Park?

You can bring ATVs and Jeeps here and enjoy more than. 600 acres to enjoy. They have a variety of trails, all marked and graded according to the difficulty.

How many acres is Wildcat Offroad Park?

2,200 acres

Wildcat Adventures Offroad Park. A brand new offroading for families that is a family-friendly experience. It is situated on 220 acres within Beautiful Southeast Kentucky.

How many acres is Wildcat?

An 1100 acre off-road park, it has more than 100 miles worth of trails for all kinds of off-highway vehicles.

Who makes the Wildcat side by side?

Arctic Cat’s

Overview. Arctic Cat’s Wildcat XX continues its tradition of a low-frills, no-frills side-by-side vehicle with 130 horsepower naturally aspirated. Accurate race-inspired trailing arms suspension geometry and a true lockable front differential.

Will there be a 2021 Wildcat XX?

In 2021, the Arctic Cat Wildcat XX will be available in three different kit kits with accessories. The Adventure Kit features a Hard Top, Windshield, Rear Panel and Rearview Mirror.

Why did Arctic Cat stop making the Wildcat Trail?

It’s no surprise that the Wildcat Trail is no exception. It’s not just the Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail fun to talk about, but it’s also exciting side-by-side. However, it was eliminated as Arctic Cat decided to reduce their side-by-side lineup. However, it still has thousands of fans who are hardcore.

Who makes the Wildcat side-by-side?

Arctic Cat’s

Overview. Arctic Cat’s Wildcat XX continues its tradition as a simple sport side-by-side machine with 130 horsepower that is naturally aspirated and an accurate race-inspired trailing arm suspension geometry, as well as a real locked front differential

Why did Arctic Cat stop making the Wildcat Trail?

It’s no surprise that the Wildcat Trail is no exception. The trail is not only Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail fun to talk about but also enjoyable side-by-side. However, it was removed as Arctic Cat decided to reduce their side-by-side lineup; however, the machine is still a favourite for many hardcore fans.

Is Arctic Cat a good brand?

Its cars come with numerous standard features to improve performance, including motorized steering and independent rear suspension. Arctic Cat vehicles are famous for providing all the power and performance of rivals with higher prices but at a lower cost. A few of the adored Arctic Cat models are Alterra 300. Alterra 300.

What year did Arctic Cat make the Wildcat?


Arctic Cat – Snowmobiles created the Wildcat in 1988 to compete against the Indy 650 with a twin-cylinder Suzuki with twin pipes and 38mm Mikuni carbs. Its Wildcat chassis was designed around the AFS front suspension that placed the shocks in the belly pan, which was activated by the upper A-Arm that was inverted.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Wildcat

1. What is the time it will take to complete the entire trial?
The majority of riders report that they have completed the trails within a few days, but you are able to take them multiple times to master certain areas.
2. What is the minimum age you need to be in order to be at Wildcat Park?
A guardian of an adult must accompany anyone who is younger than 18 years older. However, as guests, children of all ages are welcomed at this offroad park that is family-friendly.

3. How do I find Wildcat Adventure Offroad Park?
It’s probably one of the easiest locations for off-road riding! It’s located just two miles off the I-72 and is easy to find.

4. I’m in need of some parts. Are there any parts available from the local park?
The park store is stocked with all the parts you need as well as a convenience store that sells drinks and food.
5. Do I have the ability to build a campfire?
Fire rings are available, and designated areas to light an open fire Yes, indeed.
6. Are there any noise limitations?
Yes, it’s an area that is family-friendly. The park should be kept to a minimum after midnight – therefore, be generous!
7. What types of vehicles can I use on the trails of Wildcat?
The trails are suitable for motorbikes and ATVs.
8. What kinds of events does Wildcat Offroad Park organize?
There are plenty of events to celebrate any major holiday that will inspire you to get into the holiday spirit and to have entertainment and games in addition to the thrill of enjoying their fantastic trails. Stay up to date with the latest news via the Facebook page.

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