Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach Full Review ❤️️ 2022

Xtreme Off-Road Park: Texas is the top state for off-roading. You’ll find great facilities, ATV parks, and Jeep trails throughout Texas. 

Texas offers extreme ATVing at all levels, with many parks available.

Xtreme Off-Road Park

Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach are some of the most popular locations for “Xtreme” ATVs.

It has a lot of trails, a great location not far from Houston, and excellent facilities. There is also a list of events that bring together off-roading enthusiasts every year. 

What makes Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach a great place for off-road ATVs?

Xtreme Offroad Park and Beach, located just south of Crosby in Texas, is a dedicated recreational park for outdoor enthusiasts near Houston. 

The park offers ATV enthusiasts hundreds of acres of offroad trails, as well as beach areas, forest cabins, and fishing. It also has outdoor fun for all ages.

Spend a few days at Xtreme Off-Road Park Beach to explore the trail network and enjoy excellent infrastructure.

Xtreme Off Road Park

Xtreme Park – The Essentials

The Xtreme Off-Road Park is home to approximately 500 acres of wilderness and 5 miles worth of dedicated off-roading trails. 

Although the park is primarily forested, it also features hill climbs, deep-mud bogs, and small lakes. It is one of the most challenging road parks in Texas.

If you don’t own an ATV, you can rent one on-site. It’s also worth noting that the park’s hours of operation are subject to change depending on the weather. 

Although seasonal changes can be made, it is a good idea to call ahead. However, the park is open all year thanks to the favorable weather.

What is Xtreme Park for Off-Roading?

The mud is a key attraction at Xtreme Off-Road Park & Beach. You’ll love the mud on the bogs and trails through the woods.

Deep mud bogs will be found, along with some challenging obstacles that will test your skill.

Another positive about Xtreme park is its versatility. It’s not necessary to just ride the trails, you can also spend time at the lake and take in the beauty of nature. 

You can also try water sports like jet skis or boat ramps. There is also excellent accommodation infrastructure – visit Xtreme marina Camping to find out more about cabins and RV camping.

Xtreme Off-Road Events

The park hosts special events and themed days to attract visitors. Memorial Weekend is always a big draw. There are also other summer days like the Summer Sling in July. 

Offroad Clothing lists them all. You can also visit the Xtreme Off-Road Facebook Page to see the most recent information. There might be a Tug-of-War between ATVs & Jeeps at one point!

Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach

Nearby Parks – Extend Your Adventure

You’re only a short drive from Xtreme Off-Road Park & Beach and other great locations for extreme ATVing. You can also try your hand at other off-road parks nearby.

Dirty South Offroad 2.0

This park is an off-roading area that has just reopened following closure. The “2.0” suffix was added to the name. 

It is also located near Crosby in Texas and has the same scenery and terrain as Xtreme Park. There are 700 acres of forest, hill climbs, muddy bogs, as well as small lakes.

This private property allows primitive camping but does not offer any amenities at the moment (they are upgrading the park infrastructure).

Freedom MX – Motocross park

Freedom MX, which is located just a few minutes away from Xtreme Park and has two main tracks as well as a peewee course, allows you to test out a new vehicle. On weekends, camping is allowed on the site.

Motocross is a popular sport in the Houston area. There are many other parks nearby: Rio Bravo Motocross Park near Houston and Ultimate Motocross Park in Alvin.

Motocross Park

Creekside Edge Offroad Ranch

Creekside Edge is another great park for off-roading in Texas. It has 350 acres of sandy wood trails, mud bogs, and hills, and also offers water crossings. 

They can accommodate primitive camping right up to full RV hookups and are close to Splendora in Texas.

Xtreme ATV Off-Road Park and Beach

Company Number
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5 March 2013 (about 9 years ago)
Company Type
Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Texas (US)
Registered Address
  • 1935 NENTWICH LN
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Alternative Names
  • Xtreme ATV Off-Road Park and Beach, LLC. (trading name, 2013-03-07 – )
Agent Name
Charles Brown, P.C
Agent Address
9111 Katy Freeway, Suite 202, Houston, TX, 77024, USA
Directors / Officers
  • Charles Brown, P.C, agent
  • EDGAR GONZALEZ, member

Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach

Conclusion – Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach – An Ideal Offroading Destination For The Whole Family

Xtreme Offroad Park & Beach offers a wonderful weekend getaway with its strong infrastructure, lots of open space, a wide range of activities, and outstanding facilities. 

You can get your hands dirty on the trails and then relax at the beach by fishing, swimming, or BBQing. This is a great combination that will suit outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

FAQs for Xtreme Off-Road Park & Beach

1.  When will the Xtreme Off-Road Parkland Beach be open?
Although the park is open throughout the year, there may be some seasonal or temporary closures. To ensure you get in, make sure to check their Facebook page and call/email them before you travel. You can be sure to get into the park if you reserve accommodation in advance.

2. How much does it cost to ride in the parks?
Entry fees are $10 per Jeep and $20 for riders. Children under 11 years old pay $5. ATVs don’t require you to pay an additional fee.

There are no camping fees if you stay in the park for a few minutes.

3. Where do I find Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach in? 

The address of the park is 1927 Gulf Pump Road in Crosby, Texas 77532. Turn south on FM-1200 for a mile to Crosby. Then turn left onto US-90/ Beaumont Hwy for 1.3 miles to Gulf Pump Road. The park is located just half a mile to your left.

This map gives you an aerial view and provides excellent information.

4. How can I get in touch with someone at the park?
Xtreme Off-Road Park Beach has a very active Facebook page, where you can find out about events and get news about the park. You can email them or visit their Instagram.

5. How big is Xtreme Off-Road in acres?
The park covers 500 acres and includes trails, forests, lakes, and other amenities.
6. Do you need ID to ride at Xtreme Park?
You will need valid identification to gain entry into the park.

7. What kind of vehicles are allowed at Xtreme park?
You can bring multiple vehicles to Xtreme Off-Road Park or Beach – it’s what makes it such a great place! You can ride dirt bikes and motorcycles in addition to ATVs and Jeeps.

8. Are Xtreme off Road Park and Beach rocky?
Xtreme’s strength is not rock-crawling like other extreme ATV-ing parks. You won’t find many boulders or rocky sections; instead, there will be a lot of mud and water crossings.

9. Is there a jump at Xtreme Park?
It’s not. This park is more designed for a true forest experience. You’ll be riding through dirt, mud, and crossing water to reach the beach. There are no jumps that have been purpose-built or set up.
10. Can Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach host extreme offroading?
Your off-roading RV can be brought to Xtreme Park. You’ll be able to drive closer to the beach, and to some of the more scenic areas in the park. Xtreme has RV camping available on-site but does not have hookups. Houston Leisure RV Resort is 8 miles from you. This RV resort has RV hookups.

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