Yamaha Terrapro Specs and Review 2022

Yamaha Terrapro: The Yamaha Terrapro: is one of the most valuable inventions from the 1980s. 

Unknown to many, this utility quad pioneered the lineup of belt-driven and differential-equipped vehicles we enjoy today. 

Yamaha Terrapro

The mower could be taken off and transformed into an enjoyable, leisure ATV. On workdays, attachments can make the Terrapro back into a utilitarian vehicle to manage large grasses or young plants.

Produced between 1987 and 1988 The Yamaha Terrapro is remembered as the very first and only ATV with the power-take-off (PTO) features. 

It was equipped with a 350cc 4-stroke engine and a hydrostatic transmission as well as a locking rear differential, this quad proved way ahead in its day.

Similar to the Big Wheel 350, Yamaha invented its Terrapro with the best intentions but it was released at the wrong time 30 years too early. 

If it was made in the later years with liquid cooling and 20 horsepower power output the Terrapro would have been a blazer 500-class ATVs thanks to its wide use. However, even with its basic technology and fan-cooling, this riding mower is still regarded as the top machine of its kind. 

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about this four-wheeler from the past.

Yamaha Terrapro

Among Yamaha’s First

The Yamaha Terrapro was 10th in the line of Yamaha off-roaders since the US launch of the Tri-Moto and sixth in the series of four-wheelers manufactured in the 1980s prior to The 1988 Consent Decree fully sealed the ATC ban. 

The Terrapro was sandwiched between the ’87 Big Bear 350 and ’88 Blaster The Terrapro is the first quad to have the power take-off feature. This unique feature allowed the driver to utilize the wide range of Yamaha Terrapro attachments. 

Some of them included rough-/finish-cut lawn tillers, mowers, agriculture sprayers, diggers for post holes, and many more.

Although many people remember the legendary Terrapro for its flexibility, however, what made the Terrapro distinctive was the fact that it was Yamaha’s original utility vehicle. 

The design and the mechanism could be the model of the modern-day Ultramatic V-belt transmission as well as an LS differential. The main reason why this model doesn’t seem to be a hit to many off-roaders is the fact that it was a single-year model. 

Its time on the ATV scene was so brief that people were not aware of the vehicle in certain parts of the US and in other countries. This not only impacted the popularity of the vehicle but also created an issue.

Customer Impressions

Although Yamaha Terrapro parts are pricier and claim that the process of operating the unit is a nightmare numerous enthusiastic supporters and fans confirm and affirm the safety that the quad has. 

The young riders of the 1990s were taught how to cut their lawns with this beast of a quad. Owners claim that they have only replaced the clutch cable, brake pads, and the fuel cutoff valve after buying it new in 1987. 

As with all off-road beasts, the Terrapro is reliable and can last for many years when properly maintained and cared for.

Yamaha Terrapro Specs

Yamaha Terrapro Specs & Features (YFP350U)

  • Engine Terrapro’s HTML0 engine: Terrapro uses an air-cooled four-stroke one-cylinder SOHC engine. The forward-inclined power mill features a bore-stroke ratio of 83 74.5 x 64.5 millimeters.
  • The engine’s displacement is 349cm 3. and a compressive ratio of 8.6:1 and the wet-sump lubrication method. The Mikuni BTM32SH carburetor is responsible for the fuel-air mixture. 
  • The engine is fully covered and has a fan that moves air over the fins to provide cooling. The max power is 14.5 hp/10.81 14.5 kW at 5000 RPM.
  • Drivetrain It is a 5-speed manual hydrostatic transmission with sub-low and high 2WD. It comes with an electronic throttle that can be controlled by thumb, levers that control the gas (like the gas valve on a tractor), as well as the kill switch, which is activated solely when PTO is in use.
  • PTO operates on belts and, depending on the type of attachment, it may need an RT-38 or FM-48 B-15, RC-42, or a version. It also comes with an inner differential lock on the rear which prevents the machine from breaking grass. The lock for the differential is on the left and appears to be on the same stage as the choke that is activated by its ignition button.
  • ignition: The Terrapro is powered through the DC-CDI electronic ignition with a kick-start system. 
  • Also, it has an AC-magneto generator that requires the 220-CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), 12V battery, with dimensions of 5.31 x 3.54 and 6.57 inches (135 90 x 171 millimeters, L x W H). Spark plugs come with NGKD8EA Part# 2120.
  • tires AT22 X 8-10 rear and front tires can be mounted on rims made of cast steel tubeless. Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tires ATV Tires(view at Amazon) are great replacement tires for tire wear. 
  • They are also excellent for increasing acceleration and improving handling as well as cornering when you ditch the mower and get out your four-wheeler for a thrilling ride.
  • Brakes The front right hand-operated drum brakes and an operated right-foot rear drum brake supply the Terrapro brakes for stopping. Yamaha Terrapro parts should be like the Moto-4 YFM350ER and the ProHauler. 
  • Consult your nearest dealer to find the right brake parts that will work with your Quad.
  • Suspension This workman’s, hunting bike was the first bike to have the rear differential lock, as well as an adjustable swingarm for the rear suspension. Keep the rear wheels greased to avoid them getting stuck and making turns more difficult.

There are a few sources that offer complete specifications and information about maintenance on the Yamaha Terrapro for free. 

The results of a search will not contain the dimensions of the entire vehicle. If you have this quad, you should purchase a Yamaha Terrapro Service Manual (view on Amazon). It’s useful for troubleshooting in the first place and ordering repair kits and replacement parts for your quad.

Prices and Expectations for Terrapro

Nada Guides only shows retail prices (and is not what the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is) of the Terrapro Between $375 and $2,700. Auction listings put this classic machine at between $180 and $2,735. 

In general, a Terrapro in good operating condition will have an operating transmission that has hi, Lo, and PTO speeds, as well as accessories such as the seed spreader or brush hog. Sellers typically declare attachments (if there are any). 

Some of the most commonly used is that of FM-48 Mowing Deck (SN: 2035) and the RT-38 Roto-Tiller (SN: 408).

You can expect the ATV to have seen minor repairs to its home and may have broken knobs, worn grips bent cargo carriers, or seat cover that has been ripped, and broken or crusted footpegs. Be prepared to spend an extra few dollars because some of these used vehicles might require hydraulic maintenance. 

Rings from the stock may need to be replaced too. But this shouldn’t be an issue, as rings from any 350cc ATV will work as long that the bore-stroke ratio is in line. It’s not often that you can find an ATV like a Terrapro with glossy plastics and a non-rusting frame and under 1,000 hours.

Yamaha Terrapro Problems

Since the car is nearly 33 years old, it’s normal for owners to encounter a few problems. However, its one-year production, the difficulty of obtaining replacement parts, the difficulty of finding the right Terrapro-certified mechanics and dealers, and the comprehensiveness of the service manual make attempting to resolve the problems complicated – for a novice rider, at the minimum.

Because there are many who are not expert off-roaders, I’ve provided the following some of the most important Terrapro issues that can assist the novice owner:

Differential Locking Not Locking

The most obvious sign of this issue is when the lever switch isn’t functioning properly, and is and the wheels are going at a constant speed. The lever switch can be removed and then resetting it should do the trick. 

Yamaha Terrapro Specs and Review

It’s pretty easy when you know what you are looking for. However, understanding the process in case you’ve never used that lever switch before will be the difficult part.

The difficulty of shifting to reverse

If you completely press the foot brake using all of your weight and then push back the lever will not drop enough or click. It could also be that the clutch does not operate reverse or it may not be disengaged. If these issues occur you should check the spring-pulled cable that is coming out of the brake pedal on the rear, and trace it to the shifter. 

In the majority of cases, there will be a cylindrical end of the cable retracting bent. It happens frequently because the cylinder is prone to get stuck to the housing’s lip, which stops it from moving. 

If this doesn’t appear to be the cause it may be due to the vehicle being left idle for too long.

Rear Brakes Aren’t Working

The most typical reason that your rear brakes don’t function is if they’re bone dry. To remedy this you must apply the correct brake fluid and then flush the brakes. Following these steps will reveal the presence of leaks within your sealed brake system. 

If the first two steps don’t work then you may require adjusting the brakes in order to bring them back within the limits when you add fluid.

Rough Shifting

A few owners struggle with the shifting of the Terrapro. The cable sometimes rips which causes uneven shifting. If you notice this happening you can pull the shift cable free of the casing, and then try the lever to determine whether it can move easily. 

If it does, it could suggest that the issue is related to your cable and shifter. A new cable can fix the issue. A lot of PTO, clutch or throttle cable is up for sale on reseller websites such as eBay or Amazon.

Doesn’t Run in High

There are a variety of scenarios in which your quad might not be able to run at a high speed, for example:

  1. When PTO is in use
  2. With the differential secured
  3. Towing tools

To solve this issue, you must look beyond these scenarios requires you to pinpoint the issue. It usually is traced back to an electrical issue such as an electrical safety cutoff or fuel supply that is not sufficient, or a malfunctioning switch (located close to the two-point hitch located on the back). 

If the problem is an inoperable switch, it could be removed and then shorted by using spade connectors.

Another area worth considering is the speedometer since it comes with an electric reed switch which transmits a signal to the CDI to prevent over-revving of the engine. If that reed switch isn’t functioning and the CDI will incorrectly assume it is still, and it will stop immediately at speeds higher. 

It is possible to test a reed switch by a speedometer’s rotation. In the same way, and implemented safety switch can stop the PTO from activating if there is nothing is connected. Moving the governor throttle forward with no towing device could also cause engine damage.

To bypass switch on safety in Terrapro is among the many methods that have been tested to solve the issue with the vehicle running high temperatures.

About Yamaha

A world-class leader in motorsports such as an off-road vehicles, personal watercraft as well as outboard motors. Yamaha Motor Company Limited was founded as a piano maker in 1887 before expanding into speed boats, automobiles, and all-terrain vehicles. 

It wasn’t until the decade following World War II that the Japanese firm broke away from its parent company in order to focus on manufacturing motorcycles, thus it was renamed Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Since then it is the producer of Yamaha Terrapro been known for creating an ATV market in the 1980s and for introducing revolutionary, life-enhancing products and services that are a reflection of its goal of creating Kando.

Conclusion – Yamaha Terrapro

Despite having a short duration in the ATV market The Yamaha Terrapro was able to leave a lasting impression, not only for adventurers but also particularly with hardworking producers and farmers. 

Its ground clearance is a low and three-point hookup, as well as its bizarrely appealing bodywork and functional fittings are just a few of the characteristics that people can’t ignore. 

The Terrapro was an incredibly remarkable invention, with only one drawback: it was developed at the wrong time and introduced to a market that was not aware of the technology.

The great thing is that people have gained more knowledge about maximizing the capabilities of all-terrain vehicles and taking care of these old machines and using them for their intended purpose. 

It’s been more than three decades since the creation of the first ATV for farms the riding community as well as people, in general, remain hopeful for Yamaha and other major ATV manufacturers to come out the next utility vehicles that are useful, but twice as strong as the Terrapro.

What years did Yamaha make the Terrapro?

From 1987 until 1988 from 1987 to 1988, the Yamaha Terrapro went down in history as the first and only ATV with powered take-off (PTO) capability. With a 350cc four-stroke motor, hydrostatic transmission as well as a locking rear differential, this quad was way ahead of times its own time.

How much is a Yamaha 3 wheeler worth?

Today you can find a used Tri Moto for as low as $225. The highest price of resales for the bike is about $2,919.

How fast is a Yamaha Big Bear 350?

40 miles per hour

Speed of top speed. The highest rate of the standard Yamaha Big Bear 350 is 40 miles per hour. Numerous factors can affect the speed, including the rider’s weight, terrain, and the condition of the vehicle. If you are in the right conditions, for instance, you might be able to reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Where is the year on a Yamaha Big Bear 350?

Check the left side of the vehicle’s frame just behind that front tire. If you don’t see it, you might want to inspect the lower frame rail underneath the engine.

What Licence do I need for a Yamaha niken?

Full motorcycle license

So, despite evident evidence, the law regards the NIKEN as only having two wheels… The users will require a full motorcycle license for it to be operated.

What do you call a motorcycle with two wheels in the front?

Slingshot HTML0 Slingshot is different from a standard motorcycle, featuring two wheels on the front and another at the rear.

What oil does a big bear 350 take?

The ATV Power Synthetic 5W-40 Oil is produced by Motul USA(r). This product is constructed of top-quality components that surpass the strict requirements for quality.

What oil does a Yamaha Big Bear 350 take?

The kit contains Yamalube 10W-40 All-Purpose Performance oil (3 quarter-liters), Yamaha Genuine Oil Filter as well a Yamaha Genuine Drain Bolt gasket, all in one handy package.

Do they still make Yamaha Big Bear?

The quad was true to Yamaha’s tradition of making sturdy and reliable vehicles to the end of time. Even many Yamaha fans were disappointed by the car’s demise in 2012.

What year did they make the Yamaha 350 Big Bear 4×4?

Big Bear 350 Big Bear 350 was Yamaha Motor’s first 4WD ATV model. It was introduced in markets such as Canada, the U.S., and Canada in 1986…

Yamaha Terrapro FAQ

1. What year was Yamaha Terrapro made?

From 1987 until 1988 from 1987 to 1988, the Yamaha Terrapro goes down in history as the one and only ATV that had the power-take-off (PTO) features. With a 350cc four-stroke motor, hydrostatic transmission as well as a locking rear differential, this quad was far ahead in its day.

2. Is the Yamaha Moto 4 a 4 wheel drive?

The Moto 4 YFM200 started out as only a two-wheel-drive model. It was replaced in 1986 by the Yamaha Moto 225 and 250 as well as The Yamaha Moto 4 350 in 1987 Yamaha Moto 4 350 (YFM350R) are four-wheel drive ATVs.

3. What was the last year Yamaha made the Moto 4?

The YFM-350ER is the most popular Moto-4 model, which was available between 1987 and 1995 until it was replaced by several named models, including those called the Warrior, Raptor Big Bear, and various YFM designations.

4. What was the last year Yamaha made the Moto 4?

The YFM-350ER is the most popular Moto-4 model, which was available between 1987 and 1995 until it was replaced by several named models, including those called the Warrior, Raptor Big Bear, and various YFM designations.

5. How can I get a free VIN number for my ATV?

VinCheck.info offers a free ATV VIN check. Just visit their ATV VIN Check webpage, enter the VIN number in the box provided, and then select “Check the VIN.” VinCheck.info has an extensive database of details on registered vehicles throughout all of the United States including ATVs from all manufacturers.

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